What If You Never Took Another Selfie Again?

What if you never took another selfie again? That’s the question I want you to ponder right now. We all take selfies because that’s what we were told to do, and that’s exactly why we need to question this habitual flaw that we’re now indulging in.





Don’t Pitch Straight Away: Show Value And Build Rapport First.

Whether you like it or not, your existence on this planet is made up of a series of pitches. You pitch to get into school. You pitch to get a girlfriend. You pitch to get a job or start a business. You pitch to get married. You pitch to have kids etc. So, what are many people doing wrong? In this article, we will cover that exactly.

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Rise of The Young Podcast Episode 38 with Myke Metzger

The Current State of Digital Marketing 2018

Rise of The Young Podcast Episode 38 with Myke Metzger

In this Rise of the Young Podcast Episode Casey talks with Myke Metzger about his journey, and how he got started with digital marketing. Myke is the CEO of a digital marketing company in Richmond, Virginia known as RVA Social.

The 4 Step Process to Making More Effective Daily Decisions

While there are tons of successful people in the world, the self-made comeback stories are the ones that tend to be the most compelling. Stories like Tony Robbins, Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger. A newer version of this story is Lewis Howes — a top 100 Podcaster, best-selling author, and ex-professional football player.

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9 Successful Characteristics of Olympic Athletes That You Need to Replicate

Successful athletes, just like any successful entrepreneur, have common characteristics that have helped them on their path in becoming the best version of themselves within their chosen discipline. Through my experience coaching talented athletes across the world in a range of sports, I have put together the top personal characteristics which we can learn from the most successful athletes.

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The Massive Benefits Of Giving Up Lying

I used to be someone that would lie. Let’s face it, many of us lie every day and think nothing of it. The truth I’ve learned is that lying will kill your success. Lying is like putting up a giant sign that says “I’m messed up, please don’t talk to me or listen to me.”

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Best Essential Oils for Colds, Flu & Beyond

With all of the viruses and ailments circulating this winter, it’s no wonder people are searching for the best essential oils for colds. And the flu. And dry skin and sore throats. Cooler months bring a unique set of health challenges. When this time of year sets in, I like to use essential oils as part of my first line of defense.

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