There is no business if you don’t have customers. It’s just an idea, nothing else.

For any business, the first goal is getting more customers and finding out who can be the potential one for the business.

That’s why sellers invest money in different things, ways, and tools that can help in getting the attention of their targeted customers.

If you are looking for one, here are some of the best tools that can help you get more customer acquisitions for your store online.

Regardless of what type of online store you run, customers are the basic reais why they take any action.

For whom you will launch products online if there is no one to purchase?

However, the customer acquisition process is not that easy. There is a proper science behind it and you can’t get the attention of your potential customer randomly.

To get that, you need to make strategies, and ideas to bring attention to your store, it can be online or offline.

Luckily, there are tons of tools that can help.

Not just these tools are designed by the experts and people who hold the knowledge in the industry.

benefits of customer acquisition tools

These tools can be helpful for converting your customers into potential and then the paying ones.

Well here are the tools you can consider using for the online store.  It includes

top tools for customer acquisition


With the help of Unbounce, you can build, launch and do the testing of your high converting landing pages.

Unbounce is basically a landing page software that provides flexibility and you can also check the sticky bars as well as pop-ups.

Image source: winnerstack

You just require a drag and drop builder. This eliminates the reason to hire the developer which saves time and investment.

Also, you don’t have to learn the code for this either.

Unbounce costs around $79 per month.

2. Drift

 Well if you are looking for a free option that can help in turning conversations into conversions.

Here you don’t have to go to traditional marketing forums, instead of that, your prospect is connected through the chatbot of Drift to your sales representative.

Image source: DriftHelp

And here you get the qualification in question-based on what truly matters to the business.

Well, it can exponentially cut the weeks or days, and your sales representative can connect only with the prospects which are good for the business.

3. OptiMonk

According to the studies, more than 97% of visitors leave the site without placing any purchase.

Well in such a situation you need more ways that can hold the attention of your customer.

Image source: Artzstudio

With this tool, you can solve this by adding an exit intent pop-up tool. This helps in giving the last opportunities to capture the visitors before they leave the site.

OptiMonk expanded their offerings with a different message on site toolkit that helps in boosting sales for you.

Also, this tool can be helpful to get more subscribers, better conversion rate, aggregate feedback, and help in reducing the rate of cart abandonment.

Well, the cost that you might have to pay for this tool can be $29 per month.

4. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy helps you in doing better referral marketing and it’s also a customer acquisition management tool.

Image source: Chargebee

This tool incentivizes the customers for promoting the products and brand of the company within their connection and network.

You are doing word-of-mouth marketing which is also good for promoting better conversations for your online store.

Referral candy cost around $49 per month.

5. GetResponse

If you are looking for something that can be an all-in-one solution for you, well GetResponse is an ideal option for you to consider.

This one is offering a solution marketing platform for online along with features like webinars, marketing automation, and email marketing.

Image source: GaryFox

With this software, you can build your landing page that can be high converting.

Also, you can do the planning for the customer journey and make better experiences for your customer.

This will improve the happy customer rate too which creates more loyal customers for your brand.

Well, GetResponse can cost you around  $15 per month approx

6. MailChimp

Well, this one is a marketing automation platform where you can get the freedom to create, design as well as share your ad champions.

You can target your relevant customers and clients with the targeted ads.

Also with the automation tool from Mailchimp, you can get the data of your potential customers.

Image source: GoogleWorkspace

Here you can do the A/B test campaigns, create your report, and also personalize the marketing.

Well, Mailchimp can cost around $10 per month.

7. HotJar

HotJar helps you in tracking the online behavior of your visitors. You can analyze and get the feedback tools,  not just you can know where your visitors are spending their time when they visit the online store.

But also you can use this for improving the customer journey.

Image source:

Well, you can get the visual representation and click-through rates via their heatmaps, test landing pages,  record visitor behavior, analyze forums, etc.

Apart from this, you get aggravated feedback by creating the surveys, polls and requesting the user testers.

Hotjar can cost around $29 per month.

8. OutGrow

Outgrow can be helping your creative teams in creating content that can be interactive like forums, quizzes, calculators, and quizzes. This helps in boosting lead generation. Also, it increases the chances of going viral.

OutGrow also has features like hyper-targeted sales outreach,  improving the conversion rate, ability for tracking, etc.

Image source: Webhostingsecretrevealed

With this, you can get more understanding and you can do better customer acquisition.

This tool might cost you around $14 per month.

9. Wunderkind

Wunderkind helps in identifying almost 40%  of the anonymous traffic that you are getting on the site. And you can also track the users through what devices and sessions are.

This helps you in getting the data on which you can personalize the customer experience and improve the retention rates.

You can also send triggered emails,  investing in premium ad placement, and creating the targeted ads.

However, this tool can be expensive as it costs approx $ 3995 per month.

10. Live Chat

If you are looking for the tool that can connect salesperson and marketers with the leads which have potential to become loyal and paying customers.

Also, you can get the feature for sending the details to CRM, accepting payment, and managing the orders.

Image source: WHMCSmarketplace

This makes it much easier for you, and you can save time on scheduling phone calls and writing emails.

Livechat costs around $19 per month.

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