[UPDATE: This Promotion Has Ended.]

The Deal



Key Terms

  • Must invest a minimum of $5 for a minimum of 30 days to qualify for the promotion
  • Must invest by 1/31/18 to qualify for this promotion
  • Link to full referral bonus terms


Quick Overview

Acorns is an automated investing platform that allows you to invest in stocks in 4 different ways:

  • Making a one-time deposit into your Acorns account
  • Automating weekly/monthly set-amount deposits
  • Rounding up the change from your purchases via linked credit/debit cards (ex: You spend $20.54 and Acorns automatically withdraws $0.46 from your linked checking account to invest)
  • “Found money”, which has 2 methods — a traditional shopping portal where you click on the Acorns link to earn cashback that is invested, but some partners work similarly to other credit card-linked programs (like in-store cash back, Nordstrom, Sams Club, etc) and award cash back when you use your linked card at those retailers


Sign up is pretty simple, though keep in mind that you will need to enter your Social Security Number since you are signing up for an investment account, which counts as income. The nice thing is that after the Equifax hack, I’m ironically a bit less paranoid about it now that I my information is out there anyway and it’s much safer (and I’ve followed our tips on How to Survive the Equifax hack).

While you’re signing up, you’ll have the ability to fill out some profile information and determine what kind of investment portfolio you would like.


You can expand further for “more info” on what each selection means:



★ Unfortunately, you can not adjust the sliders as you see fit — you can only choose your preferred level of aggression and then accept the layout. You will also need to link a bank account if you plan to auto-invest, either via rounding up or recurring investments. Once you have invested money, you can see your performance, invest more, withdraw, etc. Note that per the terms, in order to qualify for the referral promotion, the friends you refer much invest at least $5 and keep it there for 30 days.




Found Money Can Be a Win

The “found money” feature can add to the deal. We recently signed up up for a Sam’s Club membership with the deal we posted (a great deal on its own as you can get $25 back from an Amex Offer and an additional $20 Sam’s Club e-gift card by using the referral link in that post, bringing your net cost down to $0 if you value the Sam’s Club gift cards at face value). That deal got even better when we later got an email via Acorns saying that he received $10 in “found money” for signing up for a membership. That membership became a money-maker for him.



Where To Get Your Code

I’m not sure whether or not a brand new account will qualify for the $1,000 referral code, but you can find your referral link under the “Invite Friends” button in the top right when you log in. My link shows the $1,000 bonus when I click “Invite Friends” as shown below:

Where To Share Your Code

Our spam filter automatically blocks comments with URLs or hyperlinks. If you would like to share your referral link with others, we recommend searching on Facebook for opportunity facebook groups and start there. Be sure to post on your social media as well as Instagram stories (our favorite)

I think this one might also be an easy enough one to share with friends and family as it’s a pretty simple investing platform. The ability to auto-invest as little as $5 per week will probably make this one appeal to many people who would normally be daunted by spending $3,000 for a credit card signup bonus and by the task of setting up their own investment portfolio.



Bottom Line

This is an easy thousand dollars to be made if you can find ten people interested in investing five bucks. Note that your thousand dollars will be paid out in shares according to your investment portfolio — so you’ll have to withdraw it if you’re looking for cash. Personally, I invest toward retirement but had been needing a kick to do some further investing on my own. While this deal will ultimately push me to look a bit further into other types of ETF accounts, in the meantime it will get my investing on a more regular basis.


Get your account right here and get started! Comment below and let us know if you have any questions!