The quality of being a good human is probably the most exciting one but people need to be reminded often about their humane part. Here are some of the best Whatsapp status on humanity for you to put on on your story-

Deep and thoughtful WhatsApp status on humanity

–The soaring tide of inhuman activities have overshadowed the humane side of people 

-If the world was a bit more humane, it would have been the best place to live 

-Nothing is greater than random acts of humanity throughout the day 

-When you are kind and human in your approach, life offers you easier bets and simpler opportunities 

-The reward for humanity is a peaceful life beyond the world of deception and lies 

-It takes less than 5 seconds to be full of humanity and be a better person

-I am a human and being a human is my biggest religion! 

-First, be a good human. Everything else can literally wait until then 

-Random acts of kindness do make you feel good. I tried it today, you all should try it too! 

-I never knew that being a good human being can give pleasure and happiness like none other. Try it today! 

-It never costs to be polite and empathetic towards people who are in need of you

-The new world order should have humanity as the race and love as the religion 

-When the world becomes inhuman, you and I can take the onus to spread the joy of humanity within people

-It costs absolutely nothing to be good, helpful, and humane in nature 

-A warm-hearted and kind person is a direct gift from God and a limited edition too in this modern world!

-You either love people or you judge people, I do the latter because the world is too bug for me to judge

-When I saw a homeless kid smiling and happy because of me, I felt alive. Humanity feels good.

-As we all progress to achieve our personal goals, the rat race is killing humanity beyond repair!

-If I do not act today and be more human than my mates, tomorrow the world would stand against me

-Law doesn’t criminalize inhuman nature but on a random check, heartbreaks killed more people than robberies! 

-I have been a man for too long and now when I tried being kind, I felt alive and kicking!

-A man who is kind is rare and divine! 

-I could feel real happiness from the day I started standing up for others and making others happy 

-Unless I do good for someone, the religion of humanity doesn’t get activated life 

-My heart breaks every time a little when I see people struggling. More power to you, I wish I could help all

-The only aim in life should be to help others fight their battles. Trust me, such humane acts would take you to a big win in life!

-Our acts of taking are a hindrance to the growth of our future generations. Take less, give more, remain sustainable and human!

Emotional WhatsApp statuses on Humanity

-You should not lose hope in humanity because a few dirty elements cannot defeat the cause of humanity

-If the world is behaving badly, why don’t you take the onus of making the world a better place?

-Not every person we meet is the same, while some will break us with cruelty, some will heal you with humanity 

-After all, humanity is the last man standing on crease batting for the world order 

-Humanity is a blessing of God in its truest form, use it more often

-My compassionate and loving self is probably the only reason why humanity is still alive in me 

-After being born as a human, following the principles of humanity is the most basic thing expected out of a person 

-Humanity is a responsibility for life, you have got to understand this!
-If you have the power to make another person smile, why not use it more often?

-Kindness has got no taxes on it. And we are still not using it! How weird of you all! 

-Make it a goal to make at least one unknown person smile throughout your day with your kind deeds 

-The emotional relief you would achieve after being kind to someone cannot be matched with anything else 

-With a display of humanity, you can actually pull out the good from an evil personality! 

-All that it takes is one smile and one act of kindness in a day to make it worth living 

-Every human being is connected to you and hence you need to act wisely and think of others before yourself 

-Life can be challenging but if there is a humane approach to it, then it becomes smoother. 

-I was born human but the people here made me a devil. I need a humanity booster vaccine soon!!!

-If I see only bad things in you, it is probably because you have barely used the quality of humanity 

-The word “humankind” has “kind” in it. And being born as a human, how can we all so ruthless defy that one quality which we were born with?

-A good human being will find everything in place for him in life 

-Your hard work shows you are a good worker but how you conduct yourself with people less powerful than you shows your humanity  

-When you are lost in the service of others, you are on the right path to salvation!

-If you believe in life after death then know that the more kindness you show while living, God will be happier to have you in heaven

-A life without serving the needy is a life that is wasted 

-Hey you! You can be a kinder version of yourself! Try it more often

-Practice your humanity skills more, it is the only skill that matters even after you retire 

-When the darkness engulfs happiness, it is the ray of humanity that lights up the lives of people

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