Home means the same for everyone- that one perfect place where there are no inhibitions nor judgments! Home means a lot more than just the four letters -it means to respect and security. Here are some of the best Whatsapp status on a home that you can share further- 

Heart touching WhatsApp status for home 

–For me, home is where the heart lives and the only place where I am safe and sound always 

-I live in a place and I call it my home are two different things. Please understand peeps 

-A building can never be called home unless you live in it like you are in a relationship with it 

-Once you build a home, it stays with you forever and after! Loyalty level= Infinity 

-Can anyone replace the home? For me, home is synonymous with mother, she makes the building worth calling “home” 

-There will be a time when home feels like a burden, don’t worry it’s the rebel nature in us, and trust me it is not practical at all

-The comforts in your own home cannot ever be replaced by a homestay per se! 

-Let us take a moment and thank our homes for being with us ever since we were born. We are indeed lucky! 

-Have you ever thanked your home for being the silent security in your life that you never realized? 

-Home gives security to the soul and if you still don’t feel it then you should talk to a homeless guy once 

-The feeling of being happy in your home is a lucky one indeed

-If your life is a novel, the story of it surely begins from the confines of your home 

-It is called a “safe house” for some good reason! 

-Let life take you to any part of the world, the best sleep you would ever get is still in your own bedroom 

-All that glitters isn’t gold and so please understand that your friend’s home or a rented apartment isn’t home!

-You can have the most luxurious and costly car but at the end of the day it your home that shall make you feel comfortable 

-It is the family that makes a home worth living! 

-All that we have achieved in life is nothing when compared to the amazement of owning your dream home 

-The population of homeless people is rising, you still hate that home where you live with your parent’s brother?

-You are a luxurious man if you have a home to sleep in at night! Enjoy and be thankful to life for this

-Out of all the pain in life, the feeling of not having a home is the one that kills from within is extremely disturbing 

-The colors of the sky look better when you gaze at it from your home and not from the streets while laying beside a homeless guy

-Ever lived a nightmare? Imagine what would happen if you didn’t have a home to live! Ok stop now and smile

General WhatsApp statuses for home

-Home for me is not only a place but more like a person to whom I return after a hard toil in the field 

-I have always believed that the comfort in your home is greater than even in a 5-star property 

-What makes a building into home is nothing but emotions and a beautiful family living in it 

-When I close my eyes at night for sleeping, I have a roof to sleep under and I am thankful for that 

-If anything at all bothers me then it is the thoughts of those sleepless people during storms and rain. Life must be so tough without a home

-I talk to my home quite often, it is a part of my family now! 

-If it is a home, then it ain’t just lifeless concrete brother!

-Every home hides some of the darkest secrets of the people living inside it 

-My home has seen me do the worst and now that I am successful, I am giving it a makeover (read renovation)!

-The feeling of being at home hasn’t still been replaced by any other greater and safer feelings on earth 

-My world of fiction begins right from the confines of my home. This home is my character!

-My home is my own little paradise where I dwell with all my thoughts, inhibitions, and dreams 

-The truth is if you are not happy in your home, you probably won’t be happy in any other part of the world 

-Home is like that blanket in winter! You love it and it loves you back harder with all the warmth 

-There is no big home or small home, they are just big and small builders! Every home is the same – a source of inherent security. 

-Home is the single most unit of a wider circle known as society 

-My home is so big and we are such a massive joint family that the building feels like a society at times

-Thank you God for letting me have a beautiful home where I can live when the world outside hates me or shuns me back 

-Home is the ultimate place to fall back on after immense failure or even after a major success 

-It is only your home that won’t treat you differently because of your caste or income or education.

-If your heart doesn’t belong to home, are you even human? 

-Cherish the time you get to spend at your home, not every person is as lucky as you. 

-The relief of having a roof over your head can only be realized when you see a homeless guy struggle on the streets 

-I love my home and I will love this place till the time I turn into ashes! 

-Home has memories of my childhood! I would definitely want my child to have his/her childhood at the same place too!

-If you do not own a home today, do not worry because you will own one tomorrow and the world is gonna see it!

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