When it comes to a good night status, the words you read before sleeping leaves a lasting impact on the day that is about to follow. Your Whatsapp status has got to be funny and uplifting! Here’s your inventory for the top WhatsApp statuses! 

Happy Goodnight statuses

I am letting go of my insecurities because it’s time for my snuggly good night’s sleep.

I love my favorite lip balm and a goodnight’s sleep.

I don’t fear the dragons of my maladies when I enter into the world of dreams. 

There’s so much to live and laugh on in the world of my dreams. 

I love the world of my dreams when I meet fairies. 

I love applying nail paints that are sparkly and watch them while I sleep.

Hand embroidered cushion covers are my extra bit of Happiness before going to sleep.

I wish I could kill the sleep demon that is causing my insomnia. 

Why do I feel so happy after entering the world of dreams? 

A nice jade roller and a relaxing head massage is all I need for a great sleep. 

I never miss my Nighttime meditation at any cost. 

Once I reach the coast of my sleep there’s no more time for overthinkers. 

I like putting on soothing music while I sleep.

I dedicate myself poems of love while going to sleep. 

Because I need a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep I keep my phone on flight mode. 

Silence and sleep are all I need during my lifetime. Goodnight peeps. 

It’s time for my mud face pack before I go to my sleep zone. 

Trimming off my worries and pains because it’s time for my sojourn on the island of sleep.

It’s time for some soft rock because I am hitting my bed. 

I love watching the neighborhood lights while sleeping.

Sleeping cures all my headaches from yesterdays.

A goodnight’s sleep is my therapy for dark circles. 

There’s no better way of killing my dark circles than having a good night’s sleep. 

Having a good night’s sleep can feel like a mini spa. 

9 hours of undisturbed sleep is the secret of my glowing skin. 

If I were Cinderella I would have traded those shoes for sleeping happily ever after. 

I wish I had a magic wand that could put me to sleep just with the sleight of my hand. 

Nothing can make me compromise my sleep quality. 

A goodnight’s sleep is what I keep on my priority list. 

I love putting cute alarm clock music on my device just before hopping onto my bed. 

I love tying my hair in a top bun right before hitting the sack. 

For me, self-love comes in the form of cute night dresses. 

I feel so happy putting on comfy dresses for a goodnight’s sleep.

Romantic Good Night Statuses 

My love for you is limitless like the night sky full of stars. Good night. 

Each night is a blessing after having found a lover so dedicated and beautiful like you!

A cozy pillow and a sleep fairy are all I need to keep my nights happy. 

I want to gift everyone a sky full of dazzling stars and a snuggly good night. 

You are like the moon in the sky of my life. Be there as a constant and Good night! 

There’s a bell jar with a rose in my heart. Someday the petals will fall when I find the lady of my dreams. Good night’s dreams are all I have. 

I know I am not perfect but his good night wishes make me feel otherwise.

There’s nothing more beautiful than retiring for the day having received a cute Good Night wish from your beloved.

I am sending you all my love and hugs in a ship that will find you in the land of dreams. Good Night love!  

A snuggle bear like you is all I need for a cozy night. Good night.

Your love keeps my nights toasty. What more I can ask from life? Good Night! 

He is my favorite star amongst all the known and unknown galaxies. Good night. 

His love is my warm pillow after all day of struggle. Thank you, for being there darling. Good night! 

His love for me is spread across the universe like a blanket and that keeps me happy. Good night! 

You are the reason behind my peaceful ‘good nights’. 

His love sparkles like tiny fireflies on a summer night. Good Night! 

Believing that promises were never meant to be broken and land in a world of dreams. Good Night love! 

He is the serenity my soul has been searching for life after life. He is the reason to sleep peacefully at night. 

There is a world where reasons end and ecstasy starts! I am taking a voyage to the world of dreams. Good Night! 

I would never have known what sweet dreams mean if I hadn’t met you. Good Night!

Lovers can step into the world of dreams and steal a little more time from life. Good Night!

Lovers have their own world of romantic pursuits best fulfilled through beautiful dreams. Good Night! 

There’s no feeling greater than loving someone with all my heart and then retiring in his arms after the end of the day. Good night! 

There’s still peace and love in the world that inspires people like us to go to sleep and wake up again. Good night! 

I feel Lovers are star-crossed and everything that happens is by serendipity! Good Night.

Good Night Statuses for fairy tales

To me, dreams are proof that unicorns exist! Good Night! 

Forgetting the wrinkles of the day only to meet my friends Peterpan and Wendy! Good night world! 

There’s a never-never land in my heart whose doors open once I sleep. It’s time for my Neverland adventure! Goodnight world! 

Seasons change because of Tinkerbell and other fairies and I am going to meet them in my dreams!

It’s time for me to meet some blue mermaids in Dreamland. Goodnight world! 

There’s a beautiful magic garden I visit every day in my dreams and spend every minute with bliss. Goodnight peeps! 

Fairies spot me and fix my problems when I sleep at night. 

Mermaids are fantastical creatures and they sail in the ocean of my dreams. Goodnight! 

I wish I could send you all a dream soaked world of phantasmagoria. Goodnight! 

Perhaps my “happily ever after only exists in dreams”. Goodnight! 

I wish I could choose the theme of my dreams while sleeping. Well, I just need a magic carpet!


Could somebody bring me that invisible cloak from Harry Potter, even in my dreams? Oh yes, Goodnight! 

Shape-shifting is the superpower I need, even in my dreams. Goodnight! 

I want to dream about the world described by Shakespeare in his Midsummer night’s Dream! Wish me Goodnight and sweet dreams? 

Bye world, all I need is a pair of blue wings and magic want in my dreams. Goodnight! 

I Sprinkle pixie dust in my dreams to sleep well. Fairy tale nights for everyone. 

I want to go to the world of sleep and see the world as a mermaid watching sailors from afar. Goodnight! 

In my dream world, I beat the dragons of agony! Goodnight! 

If you ever meet Rapunzel in your dreams just ask her what’s the secret behind her long hair, Cause I really want to know! Goodnight! 

There will always be a child inside us who never ceases to believe in fairy tales. Goodnight! 

I am closing my eyes to meet some amazing fairies in my dreams. Goodnight!

Good Night Statuses for Rainy days

Incessant rains and adventurous dreams are all I need for a good night’s sleep. 

I love the sound of rains which dozing off the night. Good Night. 

The melody of rain instills good dreams in me. 

Distant thunder and drizzles make my nights more worthy. Good night! 

Rains can bring that extra calmness to my sleep. Good night. 

Rain is a piece of heavenly music that assures me to sleep more peacefully at night. 

The sound of rain can kill a lot of niggling worries and escort me to sleep. Good night. 

If it rains while I sleep it’s already a tiny wish fulfilled. Good night. 

Rain tranquilizes my moods instantly and takes me to the world of dreams. Good night. 

Heavy rains and a good book are all I need for bedtime. 

There’s something special about sleeping at night on rainy days. 

Rains on a summer night can be a blessing for my sleep.

I love to spread my hands across the window and feel the tiny little droplets of rain on my palm just before going to bed. 

Rains make me ponder over so many memories which then create beautiful dreams. 

Do you love watching rain from your windows at night and sleep? Yeah me too.!Good Night. 

My nights are more beautiful when tiny droplets fall from the sky and kiss the world..

General Goodnight Statuses 

I wish I forget about the word “Tomorrow” and go to sleep peacefully. 

Trying to find answers to what actually gives me a peaceful sleep

If I can hop into my bed and sleep peacefully all at once I am doing great. Goodnight! 

Putting all my exasperating thoughts at bay and resting in the arms of sleep. Good Night world!

A warm bubble bath along with some essential oils is all I need for a great night’s sleep. 

Chamomile tea and a romantic novel can put me to sleep real quick. 

My new colorful bed sheet is making my dreams more vibrant. Goodnight!

Well, we all must dream, no matter if we are awake or sleeping. Goodnight. 

Dreams open portals of self-expression for me. I so love dreaming. 

Fairy lights add a pinch of magic to my mellow nights. Goodnight. 

A nice smoothie helps me with my good night’s sleep. 

A hot chocolate drink at the end of the day is my intimate secret for a good night’s sleep. 

Tiny bits of chocolates can make my dreams extra sweet. Sweet dreams. 

Candies are like nibbles of sweetness that can make my nights sweeter. Goodnight. 

Writing a page of the journal gives me clarity about my life and decisions. So I always write a page before I go to sleep. 

I still meet my childhood friends in my world of dreams.

I take a minute every day at night to reflect upon all the things that made me grateful. Good Night! 

I don’t like to think about drab things at night and spoil my dreams. Aren’t there already so many grey shades in our lives? 

Curtains have a huge influence on my moods at night. I choose my curtains carefully for giving me the best of nights of sleep at night. Goodnight. 

I feel there’s something magical about windy nights.

A glass of orange juice is all I need before hitting the bed. 

6 mins of meditation before bed is my secret to undisturbed sleep. Goodnight!

I like wearing cute sleeping masks in bed. They are my favorite accessories! Goodnight peeps! 

A quirky sleeping mask and a lip balm can make my nights ten times better. Goodnight! 

There’s something magical about a pink pillow with white polka dots! Goodnight. 

My teddy bear is the reason I sleep pleasantly at night. Sweet dreams. 

I have special cuddle pillows that assist me with my night’s sleep. 

I am a night owl, all they do is stay awake at night and listen to music while the rest of the world sleeps. 

I am my own guardian angel, I try to forget about the world and anything that bothered me. My nights should be peaceful after all. 

The quality of my sleep determines my next day. Therefore I never compromise with my sleep at night. Goodnight beautiful souls. 

I feel so grateful to be surrounded by angelic souls around me throughout the day. They are the reason behind my unruffled sleep. 

I feel that my family is the reason behind my sleeping with a sense of protection at night. They are my reasons for sweet dreams. 

Receiving a cute goodnight text is all I ever wished for at night. 

Let me just count a few stars and lapse into the world of dreams. Goodnight!

Embracing the world of colorful dreams for making your nights even better. 

Dreamy goodnight Statuses

Letting myself dream about everything beautiful and shiny and rest in the lap of sleep. Goodnight! 

Dreaming about this beautiful ocean full of oysters and pearls and entering into the realm of sleep. Goodnight! 

Just thinking of confetti getting scattered in the wind and I am falling asleep. Goodnight! 

I am planning to get lost in a forest with tiny little fairies and fall asleep. Goodnight! 

May I all dream about beautiful sunsets and starry skies as I enter into the world of sleep. Goodnight. 

There’s a place in my dreams where wishes get fulfilled and hopes are never lost.

I am entering into that world of possibilities in our dreams. Goodnight! 

Just imagining jumping off a parachute for an airplane and landing into the oasis of my dreams. May this be the beautiful theme of my dreams. 

Yesterday is nothing more than a memory, So I am going to sleep and embrace a fresh beginning. Goodnight! 

I so love the sound of the piano while I sleep. Goodnight. 

The tune to which my wind charms sing and dance is the same time I like to fall asleep too. Goodnight. 

I would love to color my dream world with shades of pink and purple. So goodbye and goodnight world. 

I wish I could become a silvery fish and sail through the Mediterranean waves in my dreams. Goodnight! 

Dreams sails like clouds in the sky of my hope. Goodnight! 

I love to sail paper boats in my sleep and remember everything that once made me happy. 

I wish I could dance with a spirit of sparkling firefly tonight and forget all my woes while I sleep. Goodnight to my weary head. 

I wish I meet a thousand colorful butterflies in the world of my dreams. Goodnight. 

I wish I had a pair of golden wings so that I could flutter throughout the day in my garden of dreams. Goodnight. 

Trusting in my dreams, they are the visitations from the divine assuring that my success is near. Goodnight. 

Unicorns are fantastical creatures, but I only see them in my dreams. 

I need a bow and arrow to shoot all the worry demons of my sleep.

Let me think a little about my future aspirations and then go to sleep only to wake up stronger. Goodnight! 

No coffee, no sleepless nights for me! 

Lemon water is detoxifying the extra worries in me so that I can sleep peacefully. Happy dreams to self. 

Sometimes letting so is the solution to unsolvable problems. I am just letting so of everything to embrace the world of my dreams. 

Dreams are like tiny drops of happiness that land on my palm and I don’t know what to do with them. 

Forever and ever to the world of my dreams. Goodnight. 

Just thinking of this lovely river with boats entering the world of my dreams. Goodnight. 

May I enter a world full of bluebirds and yellow butterflies while I sleep? Goodnight.

I love ice-cream latte so much that I dream of it often. So yeah, ice-cream latte dreams to me. 

When I fail to reach destinations in my dreams, this world seems kinder! Goodnight! 

Let me take a deep breath and enter into the soporific world of sleep. Goodnight! 

Stars are sending me a beautiful lullaby so that I rest in the arms of Dream. Goodnight. 

May my stressful thoughts fall off like autumn leaves as you sleep. 

I love dreaming, something is enchanting about getting lost in the world of dreams, knowing that eventually, you will find your way back soon. 

I have you seen purple roses bloom in the valley of my dreams.

Dream has a language through which I often express myself!

Goodnight Statuses for weekends

It’s time for my cozy nights because it’s already weekend. 

I love the sensation of hitting my bed at night on Fridays. 

I find my bed extra cute on weekends.

I love my pillow a little more on Friday nights. Goodnight world. 

Finally, there’s no office and I can peacefully wake up tomorrow. 

Office is over and now it’s time to enter my lovely world of dreams.

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