Your sister should be one of the most influential people in your life. Let your sister know how much you care about her. Through the WhatsApp status of these sisters, whether today is their birthday, a special day for them, or just want to tell their loved ones.

She chooses your favorite state in a unique way and makes your sister smile. Below are some statuses that you can use to make your sister feel special.

Emotional WhatsApp statuses for sisters

– A brother is a friend from heaven

– Yes, I am pampered because my brother has mollycoddled me enough

– I love my sister more than anyone else in the whole wide world

– Sister, you are one in a million

– You are my true friend, my sister

– My sister deserves all the love and happiness in her life

– My sister is like a rose of our family garden

– I don’t know what I would do without you

– She may be impulsive, emotional, and irrational at times, but she is the best sister one could have

– Let’s meet and binge-watch our favorite series together

– I miss our makeup sessions

– I miss chilling on Sundays sipping coffee with my sister

– Jonesing for times when used to do shitty stuff together

– I miss you and love you loads

– You are like a cherry on top of our family cake

– Sisterhood is the best of all relations

– I miss our Maggie breaks with my sister

– Sundays are no fun without you

– We fight a thousand times, but we always find our way together

– You are the apple of my eye, my cute, little, naughty sister

– She is the minion version of me

– ONLY some of the memories are blurred with you. If you know what I mean

– You bring out my weirdest quirks

– I never understood your rebel yells. But I miss them now

– You know the secrets I could never tell

– When I’m quiet, you break through my shell

– You keep my feet on the ground

– I never get angry when you change my plans. Why? Because I love you

– When I’m sad, you talk with me into the night

– My sister pulls me aside when something isn’t right. Is she an angel?

– Somehow, you are never out of second chances

– I don’ know what I did to deserve you. May God bless you!

– You may have many friends, but I have only you

– I can’t even possibly know that from how many pitfalls you have saved me

– People may come and go, but sisters are there forever

– My sister may be miles and miles away, but she is as vivid as the time ever

– I love how our relationship grew bigger and better with time

– May God shower you all the love and prosperity to my sister

– I miss my sister hugs and kisses

– You make my life easy, sister. I miss you a ton

– Meet me soon, sister. I have so many secrets to tell you

– I am indebted for a lifetime for your sacrifices for me, sister. I pray for your long and a healthy life

– I know our relationship graph has its ups and lows, but you were always there for me

– I appreciate all the things my sister has done for me

– How can I ever pay my sister back for the things she has done for me

– My sister can escalate my mood in minutes

– Been on a rollercoaster of life with my sister. Shout out to her for sticking with me

– Let’s talk about everything, sister. I want to know what is up with you nowadays

– Thank you for making my life incredibly easy, sister

– My sister is like the moonbeam of my life

– Sisters are the glitter of the family

Funny WhatsApp statuses for sisters

– You have become taller than me now, but you are still my brother.

– We fight like Tom & Jerry, but we are always together like Tom & Jerry

– You are that one liability that I always want on my balance sheet of life 

– You have used enough of my makeup. Can I cancel your subscription of being my sister?

– Can you stop being so annoying my little sister?

– Seeing your capacity for insanity, I think maybe our parents adopted you

– I love bullying you around, sister

– Do you remember when you got thrashing by mother because you were annoying me? 

– Congratulations sister, for getting the best sister in the world.

– Waiting for my sister to gift me with all the luxuries on my birthday

– I love you the most when you are on silent mode

– What you call ‘Love’ is what I have for my sister

– I will always admire the fashion sense you got from me

– FYI, you got half of your clothes from my closet

– I think my sister is a psychic. She knows what I’m doing

– Hey, do you want to hear a joke? (Insert your sister’s name)

– You can tell me what you really want for your birthday, but I’m not going to gift you that anyway

– My sister is so cool, but I’m hot

– No wonder we can’t lose weight…we are such a couch potato

– Sometimes I sit alone and laugh thinking about all your poor decisions

– I still remember all our countless inside jokes

– We may don’t get along as Coke and Mentos, but it is fun to watch when it blows up

– Of course, I am not perfect because I am your sister

– You make me red from laughing at your silly jokes

 – I love you so much that I miss your poor jokes too

– Can we make some plan to meet? It’s been a while we got into an altercation

[email protected]@!#%^*&%^^%. Didn’t you get that? It is just like my sister. Nobody gets her

– I have the best sister in the world. No wait, she got the best sister in the world

– I am sorry to borrow all your makeup and never returning it. Because obviously, you need more

– My sister is cool but is an emotional fool

– Did you call my sister stupid? No. She is a lunatic

– No matter, my sister drove me crazy. She’s adopted

– My sister is pretty……mad

– My sister is cool because I trained her

– I don’t let anyone insult my sister. It is ONLY my right

– Who tries to be cool but comes off as a fool? My sister

– My sister is like beauty without brains

– By the way, who gave permission to my sister to be my sister?

– My sister and I never felt the need to visit the zoo. I have a monkey at my house

 – Can you speak a little loid, sister? I am ignoring you purposely

General WhatsApp statuses for sisters

– Brother: Guiding light

– Brother: Father figure

– Brothers: Heroes who don’t wear capes

– Happiness is when my brother acts like my personal bodyguard.

– Brother: Superhero in disguise

– Sisters: Angels to protect you from the world

– Sisters have an ocean depth heart full of love

– My sister is my best friend with whom I share everything

– You are the peanut butter to my jelly

– My sister is the apple to my pie

– My sister is my partner in crime

– I have a place reserved in my heart forever for my sister

– My sister is my life’s greatest gift

– A box of heart-shaped chocolates and red roses for my sister

– Looking forward to doing the things on the bucket list we made together, my sister

– My sister is like a dash of spice in my life

– Shopping is such enjoyment with you

– We make buttercup and bubbles jealous

– Are we not sister goals?

– You have been a true inspiration to me, sister

– The biggest religion is the sisterhood

– Your flakiness makes you unique

– Can’t wait to meet you and pop the champagne

– My sister is such a live- for- the- weekend

– My sister and I prove that ‘Sibling- cum- Best friend’ is not a myth

– In rain or shine, you’ve stood by me, sister, and I appreciate it all my life

– My sister is sweeter than watermelon sugar

– I may get a sugar crash due to the sweetness of my sister

– My sister is like condiments on the pizza. She enhances the flavor of our family

– My sister is multi-talented. I love her so much

– Sisters before misters

– I really miss checking out boys with my sister

– My sister is like a ganache on my brownie

– I want to be my sister when I grow up

– Can my sister stop being so cute?

– Looking forward to more manicure and pedicure sessions with my sister

Web series WhatsApp statuses for sisters

– My brother is Charlie to my Alan

– My brother is Chandler to my Joey

– My brother protects me like Stefan protects Damon

– My sister supports as Alex supports Caroline

– My sister is Rachel to my Monica

– Can you be ANYMORE stupid?

– I think my sister and I are on a break

– We are the next Charli and Dixie

– I love my sister 3000

– If you hurt my sister, I will hunt you down and kick your ass

– You are my sister’s lobster

– My sister will never leave me, same as Pumbaa never left Simba

– Can’t wait to perform the routine with you

– Why are you such a Monica? You spilled all my beans in front of mom

– In search of Chandler for my sister, Monica

– You crush my plans like Ross crushed Monica’s hand

– Can’t wait for you to get home to wrestle for supremacy like Ross and Monica

– I really wished our family organized “Insert your surname Cup” like the Geller’s Cup in Friends

– Let’s make Francia and Selena jealous

– My sister more beautiful when she’s angry

– My sister shines bright like a diamond

– I have got my sister’s back. We will survive

– When it is raining more than ever, just know you can stand under my umbrella

– My sister is for infinity till eternity

– I took an oath. I will stick with my sister forever

– If the hand is hard, together I will mend my sister’s heart

– In adverse times, You can count on me

– Do not be afraid to catch feels. I am here to protect my sister

– Sister, I got you; if the rain is pouring hard

– Can I just chant Alohomora and unlock my sister’s unused wisdom?

– It would be great if things come to me on chanting Accio. My sister would be the happiest

– I constantly use Confundo charm on my sister without even chanting it

– I will use Crucio charm on the person who tries to hurt my little sister

– Only if I could use Diffindo charm to severe eatables into two equal parts for my sister and me

– My sister is like a Lumos charm in my life

– My sister uses Sonorus charm when she is angry with me

– My sister has a permanent subscription to Wingardium Leviosa charm as she is always on the ninth cloud

– Casting a Cheering Charm on my sister for forever

– May God cast a Colloportus charm on my door when my sister plans to steal my stuff

– May god vest his power in me to cast an Expecto Patronum charm on my sister to protect her from any kind of danger

– May the conversion between my sister and me is protected by Muffliato charm

– Why don’t you believe me when I tell you that my sister and I are wizards and are graduated from Hogwarts?

– Will use Revelio charm on my sister when the chocolate has vanished from the refrigerator

– Nobody can stop me from casting a Rictusempra charm on my sister

– My sister and I would not worry if we could use the Scourgify charm

– If only I were able to cast a Silencio cast on my sister once a day

– My sister and I have taken an unbreakable vow to be together till the end of time

– Would use Surgito charm on every bo who tries to woo my sister

Birthday WhatsApp statuses for sister

– I wish my sister lives for 1000 years. A very happy birthday to you!

– I wish for prosperity and good health on my sister’s birthday

– Wishing my all-time gossip partner, my sister, a very happy birthday!

– On your special day, I wish my sister all the smile and joy in her life

– I am delighted to see you grow so much. Happiest Birthday, my sister!

– More power to my sister on her birthday. Party hard!

– Hugs and kisses to my sister on her birthday. Have a blast on your birthday

– Life is mundane with you, sister. I wish you long and healthy life on your birthday

– Can you try to be less cute, little sister? Kidding, happy birthday, kiddo! Cheers!

– Kudos on getting the 18th sister. Have a blast. Party hard!

– May my sister shine with every year passing, and she reaches the acme of her potential

– I have undoubtedly got the best sister in the world. Happy birthday and kudos to her

– No matter my sister is 18 or 20. Cheers to never growing up

– I wish you rekindle the child in you with each passing year. Happy Birthday, sister

– I snatch and steal my sister’s things. So, on your birthday I’m returning those. Happy Birthday! Where is my return gift?

– Can’t wait to meet my sister and party together

– Party hard and safe, sister. Loads of blessings for you on your special day

– You are growing older with each passing birthday, but why are you losing your wisdom, sister?

– Happy Birthday to my elder sister. She is like a mother figure to me

– Happy Birthday, sister. Thank you for always protecting me

– India’s richest person data is wrong. I am the wealthiest person because I have a sister like you. Happy birthday

– Sending you coupons for spa and massage. Have fun. Happiest Birthday, sister!

– We could have blown the roof on your birthday, sister, if we were together

– Seeing my little sister growing and maturing with time gives me immense happiness

– HBD to most annoying yet very cool elder sister. I love you a lot

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