After the frigid winters, February seems like a respite.  February is also regarded as the month of love and celebrations. If you are seeking expressions to give a voice to your thoughts on February here are 201+ WhatsApp statuses for you.

Assorted WhatsApp statuses for February

– Hoping that February will bring some freshness to my life!

– Going with the flow is my resolution for February. 

– I need more outfits with floral prints for a fabulous February. 

– For me, February is a month of taking things easy and slow. 

– I love how spring flowers bloom in February. 

– The breezy air of February is my solution for several problems. 

– I love how the renewing spirit of February after the winter. 

– Bidding bye-bye to winters because February is knocking on the door. 

– Saving time for a little more fun because it’s February already. 

– For me, February is the month of listening to old songs. 

– I am forever in awe of the aura of February. 

– Oh dear February, my love for you is profound. 

– I have a hunch something beautiful will happen this February. 

– If I were a poet I would have composed an ode to February. 

– I love how February brings so much love with it. 

– I love mauve nail paints and the spirit of February. 

– I love how butterflies dance in the air of February. 

– I am tapping into the spirit of budding flowers of February.

– For reasons inexplicable, February is my favorite month. 

– February is the perfect month for reconnecting with my old friends.

– February casts a beautiful spell upon me every year. 

– The spirit of February is unmistakable. Isn’t it? 

-I am exploring my unknown side this February! What are your plans? 

– I love to see bees buzzing over the freshly bloomed flowers of February. 

– A garden tea party with my closed ones can make my February special. 

– February is a month so serene and complacent that my moods are always right. 

– February is a month of bird watching for me. 

– I so love whiling away time singing along the melodies of February. 

– I am challenging my comfort zone this February.

– A flowery yellow dress is what I need this February. 

– There’s no better way than celebrating my February with family get-togethers. 

– Lots of fruits and plenty of water are my mantras for February. 

– It’s so beautiful to watch dragonflies sway in the February wind. 

– I wish I could spend my February on a treehouse. 

– I love to see wildflowers grow in February. 

– I am made with a lot of tenderness and the spirit akin to February. 

– My January is all about shivering in cold, hence I start my year from February. 

– I love filling the pages of my diary with songs of love in February. 

– The mellow sunlight of February can kiss away all my agonies. 

– Dear February, please obliterate the painful memories from my mind. 

– I love how soft my hair feels in the weather of February.

– I feel, February loves the idea of love. 

– February like a swing of happiness for my moods. 

– I still cherish the February of my childhood.

– I am buying more neon nail paints for a colorful February. 

– Staying put and watching what February brings along its way. 

– I love sauntering alone in the February breeze. 

– I wish I found a new love story this February. 

– My hope gets renewed seeing the clear skies of February.

– Choco-almond cookies are my staples in February. 

– I wish I could spend my February watching the waves from a lighthouse. 

– I feel February strikes the keynote for the songs of spring. 

– I bought a clownfish for my aquarium this February. 

– Something is enthralling about the sunsets of February. 

– I remember how I used to solve jigsaw puzzles in our attic in February. 

– Wondering in what language does February communicates with my soul!

– My heart wants to bloom like a fresh lily in February.

– Pondering over my dreams and contemplating on the beauty of February. 

– February is going to be my month of self-worth. 

– I am allowing myself to be a little whimsical this February. 

– February seems like a destination for my immigrant soul. 

– I am taking refuge in my garden which enjoying the sparks of February. 

– February takes me deep into the dungeon of my mind.

Poetic WhatsApp  statuses of February 

– February is my month of mellow dreams and tiny sparkling hopes. 

– I would have dedicated my February to reveries. 

– I feel like a lost snowflake in the new warmth of February. 

– I love spending time blithely under the moonlight of February. 

– February is striking me with a spate of creativity. 

– February looks like a painting born from the deep cavern of my mind. 

– I am spotting new glimmers of hope this February. 

– The winter is gone, and it feels happy to stand unfazed under the Sunlight of February. 

– February is an adjective for anything beautiful for me. 

– Zipping things up for extra fun in February.

– I love pink and purple paintings and the charms of February. 

– I am setting my soul free as a butterfly this February. 

– Fretting about unfixable things is forbidden for me in February! 

– There’s a rose in a bell jar in my heart, and it blooms every February. 

– How exhilarating it is to start things anew from the threshold of February. 

– I want to get scattered like a thousand fireflies under a moon-blanched February night. 

– I feel February is an exquisite chorus of beauty and new beginnings. 

– I love how nature puts up an ostensible display of colors in February. 

– And, I glowed up with a gesture of sudden illuminating satisfaction in February.

– My soul feels elated traversing the deeps of February.

– Wishes for surprises in February which would keep me raving about.

– I love to ensemble little things that can make my February ecstatic. 

– Incredulous tales might come true for me this February. 

– My spirits are fluttering with painted wings on this cherry February. 

– February never fails to renew my spirit. 

– I feel February is the greatest poem composed by Nature. 

– February knows how to deal with my inordinate desire for staring at things beautiful. 

– There’s something breathtakingly beautiful about the aura of February.

– The salubrious air of February ignites the poet in me. 

– I would love to dedicate my February to mighty yodels and daydreaming. 

– The creative flame in my soul burns really high in February.

– I am starting my saga for self-perfection and bliss this February. 

– Composing poems to how silhouettes are spread against the sky of February. 

– Purple and coral clouds are painting the sky of my February. 

– Releasing all the heartaches from the bygone days in the February breeze. 

– Dreams, dreams, and more dreams are all I have for February. 

– Of February! Why do you haste away? 

– I want to wander and get lost in a lush green valley this February. 

– I wish I could spread my time relaxing on a cinnamon island in February. 

– February is like holding onto the chaos of things and still finding it worthy. Isn’t it?

Happy WhatsApp Statuses for February 

– My happiness flows like a stream in February. 

– How beautiful it is to trust in the magic of February. 

– Elegant dresses and dinners are things I want this February. 

– I am feeling a sudden influx of happiness with the arrival of February! 

– February is already knocking at my door with mini surprises.

– The mood induced by February is a gift in itself. 

– Laughing more and taking things easy are my resolutions for a happy February. 

– Beyond this veil is the inner child of mine who loves February. 

– February calls for a boat ride! I am on!

– Adding more colors to my February by painting my nails. 

– The arrival of February after the winter of death is a boon for my life. 

– Spending more time cooking savory dishes is my motto for February. 

– Embracing my odds to have a Flawless February. 

– I just purchased a blue laptop to match up with the tranquillity of February.

– A glass of blue lagoon on a February evening sounds perfect for me. 

– I love wearing skirts with vibrant prints for February. 

– I Love how my Echeveria plant has bloomed with orange flowers this February. 

– The pleasant weather of February nullifies a lot of unpleasant things. 

– February has her own aroma, and that makes me rapture with joy. 

– Grilled chicken and mashed potatoes are my kind of February. 

– I am hell-bent on giving myself a no-drama February. 

– February is a delight for my weary soul.

– I wish I could take a break from everything and enjoy my February in solitude. 

– I am thinking of resuming my hobbies for a happy February.

– February is going to be a month devoid of anxiety. 

– Shooing away all my fears to enjoy a daring February.

– I love watching the honeysuckles during February. 

– I wish I could talk to the cool winds of February. 

– Dear February, I am requesting you to be fabulous. 

– Oh February, you are my bowl of popcorn. 

– I am doing away with my laziness because it’s February already. 

– Colourful days and sweet times are the rewards February is giving me. 

– I trust myself more this February. 

– I wish Santa could visit us in February too. 

– Fairy lights and February go along well. 

– My favorite part of February lies in growing beautiful flowering plants. 

– My glass is brimming full of happiness in February. 

– Taking note of things can make my life better in February. 

– I am forever in the awe of this transcendental February. 

– I am working on my virtue of Forgiveness this February. 

– Smiling wide and welcoming a Fantabulous February.

– Floral perfumes make my mood for February.

– I decorate my room beautifully to sync my life with February. 

– Come what may, but I am all set for a happy February.

– I am transgression my self created limitations this February. 

– Sky is what I am aiming for this February. 

– February holds my key to exuberance. 

– February is my elixir for life. 

– Acrylic paint and some flowering pots are what I need for a creative February. 

– Laughing a little more is my goal for February.

– I love the aroma of February.

-I feel February is sweeter than cotton candy. 

– I gifted myself a pair of red shoes to strike the mood for February. 

– Sweet memories float like clouds and hang in my mind in February. 

Romantic WhatsApp  statuses for February

– February is the month of love for my little heart. 

– I love to surprise my love with tokens every February. 

– I wait for Valentine’s week in February every year. 

– February is like an expression of all the love my heart has been holding since eternity. 

– Surprising him with a box of tiny heart-shaped chocolate is my story for February.

– I remember how you expressed your love for me on Valentine’s week of February. 

– Hugs day in February holds a special place in my heart. 

– Handwritten greeting cards are the best gift I receive every February. 

– Since when did you start believing in the magic of love? This February! 

– February is like a “promise month” for me and my lover. 

– Wearing a red dress on V-day is what I wait for in February. 

– Falling asleep in his arms is my kind of February. 

– Holding his hand and then drawing crazy patterns in the stars is my kind of February. 

– February is a scene cut out of a romantic movie. 

– Heart knows no bounds, love knows no, my February knows no bounds. 

– Your name makes up my rosary of love. 

– Gazing at your eyes feels like watching a resplendent garden in February.

– You are my reason for celebrating the love week of February. 

– Celebrating the love week in February isn’t mushy, I feel it’s a secret promise. 

– February makes me to emotional every year. 

– A love-soaked February is what my heart searches for the entire year. 

– My heart flutters in the language of love in February. 

– February has romantic vibes that I find particularly amazing. 

– February is like seventh heaven for me and my lover. 

– February is the month of cooking dinner and sleepovers for us. 

– It’s no wonder why February is my favorite month. 

– Our February is all about celebrating the love week by strumming up a musical retreat.

-There’s something special about receiving flowers in the love week of February. 

– I so love pink roses and the spirit of February. 

– Walking in a boulevard with my honey and talking about sweet nothings are my deals for February. 

– Something is intoxicating about the moonlight of February. 

– I am celebrating the love week of February with my lover. 

– He is the reason for my peppy moods of February. 

– Gazing at stars together from our balcony is my definition of a perfect February evening. 

– I am thankful to February for visiting us every year. 

– I still remember my first kiss under the lamp post on a February evening.

– A huge teddy bear is all I have in this lovey-dovey February.

WhatsApp statuses for booklover’s February

– Jane Austen novels and ginger tea are all I need for an awesome February.

– I don’t mind being a couch potato and cling to a good book in February. 

– My plans for February include reading at least ten books. 

– I am making space for new books in my library because February is book lover’s month.

– I am getting my copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ because February is a good month for reading romantic novels. 

– Cozy February evenings and Sherlock Holmes make a quirky combination. 

– Reading classics in February is my highlight for the year. 

– I make sure to have ample time for reading in February. 

– February and self-help books can bring out the best in me. 

– Strong cappuccino and mystery novels are what I long for in February. 

– February is a great month for following the trails left behind my mystery novels. Isn’t it? 

– Making a nook for myself so that I can comfortably read this February.

– Books are my best companion in February. 

– Books and February bring so many new perspectives to my life. 

– Bought a dozen of books for my bookish February. 

– I am laying my hands on comic novels this February. 

– May more books fill the void inside me this February.

– I am diving deep into Elizabethan dramas this February.

– I love how my February is filled with Fantasy novels. 

– A good book and an open window are all I need on a February evening.

– I love hopping onto my bed with a good for in February nights. 

– The smell of new books fused with the air of February feels like heaven. 

– I would like to address my existential angst with a few books this February. 

– I would love to peep into the world of the Victorian era with a few great novels this February. 

– I love when people send books as a gift for February. 

– Reading more often is my checklist for this February. 

– I have chosen comedies from the restoration era to alleviate my stress in the month of February.

– I am making a toasty reading corner this February. 

– Colourful coffee mugs and romantic novels can fill my February with sheer delight. 

– Books are going to be my source of pleasures this February. 

– I count on books for a euphoric February.

– A poetry book and some fresh air is what I need this February. 

– Reading books and being a night owl is my aim in February.

– I wish I could spend time reading out children’s classics this February. 

– I am adding new books to my mini library this February. 

– February and books give me a merry-go-round ride. 

– I am landing on cloud 9 in February with my romance novels. 

– February is a bookish month for me.

– February is my month of being a bookworm. 

– Lots of books and cheese sandwiches are my staples for February. 

– February being the shortest month deserves my attention and a lot of books.

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