Is there someone on this earth who doesn’t like September? As the autumn makes a fall in the country, the month of September is much loved and celebrated. Here are some of the whatsApp statuses that you can use for the month- 

Fall autumn September WhatsApp status 

–The season of falling leaves and ripening fruits is here! Welcome September and autumn! 

-Every year, the boulevard looks its best in the month of September 

-The colour of the leaves tell a different story in September. Have you tried reading it yet? 

-Nothing matches the joy of watching dry yellow leaves fly around with the air in September 

-When September arrives, it takes with it all the sadness in form of the fallen leaves

-Life is full of miracle, see september for instance

-The streets look the best in September as autumn arrives with its beauty! 

-September is marked as the first month of autumn. What’s your plan for this September? 

-The shape of every leaf falling off the tree in Autumn is as magical as the month of September itself! 

-I am so happy that I live in a world which has a calendar with the month of September in it! 

-If you love nature like me, September is our thing isn’t it? 

-The romantic hues of the streets covered with leaves in September fall autumn season is enough to make you fall in love again! 

-Can you resist the beauty of September? I definitely cannot! 

-When life gives you autumn, make it into september! 

-The best part of the year begins when it is already September! 

-Life is beautiful in September. The lost leaves make me sad but the sweet fruits make up for the loss

-Not everything can be together in this world. For example- See the September tree and its leaves.. 

-September ripens fruit and this is what makes it special! 

-While Summer turns the apple into cider, Autumn of September turns it into a tasty fruit. Feel the difference? 

-The tree is on fire! Oh wait it is the dry leaves and it is September now..

-Why everything in this world seems so much more beautiful when it is the autumn of September

-September is the fall autumn month! A breath of fresh air amongst the cacophony of extreme weather conditions!

-You love the sun in September and the best part is that the Autumn sun loves you back! 

-When the world is waiting for the New Year, I am happy that September is finally here! 

-Someone asked- Hey! Are you in love? I replied, Yes in relation with the fall autumn of September.

– The kind of joy that September gives you is immense and the colours of the fallen leaves are the reason.

-The evenings in September are special, they are yellow and colour graded right by nature! 

-Have you ever imagined a world full of cobbler crust made of brown sugar? It will look like the september sunset

-It is a kind of relief. The september autumn fall, cup of coffee and endless chattering throughout the evening 

-If anyone ever asks you what real magic is- send them a picture of the autumn boulevard!

-The spring and summer have a lot of grace but they fall flat when autumn rises its face! 

-If you are staying in your home in this autumn sunshine, you are definitely missing out on life! 

-The early september shows how drastic can nature be while shifting from the warmth of summer to the fallen leaves of autumn.

-The transition between the english Summer and the Fall autumn is known as September! 

-There has never been a September that failed to amuse me! Even global lockdowns couldn’t stop autumn from blooming 

-If you ever think that you have seen something extremely beautiful, please check out the autumn boulevard for once! 

-When it is September, you realise it is the time to bring out the cameras for the best pictures in fall autumn

-That moment when you walk down the lane and a yellow leaf falls right on you in fall autumn September- it is called Love.

-The only exciting thing is witnessing the September month in the US! It is totally worth every effort!

-You can listen to the language of the falling leaves, hear closely in the month of September. 

-The shedding of leaves during fall autumn reinforces the fact that September is when you grow back to life once again!

-You can either love winter or summer or spring but those who prefer the September autumn, they get a mix of all the hues! 

-There won’t be a second time that you will have this year’s September autumn. Enjoy today!

-The nature looks like a canvas of God in September!

Birthday in September? Here’s your whatsApp status inventory! 

–This is where September becomes special- It is my birthday month! 

-September babies are organised and better at work than their managers! 

-They say September born are spiritual. Are you? 

-On your birthday, remember that September born are prone to depression and hence never be too hard on yourself! 

-When the calendar enters September, I empty my room for new gifts to arrive for my birthday! 

-I am humorous, funny and romantic and hence born in September! The perfect package they say! 

-Nothing beats the old school charm of celebrating birthdays in the fall autumn September with friends on a road trip! 

-September born people are loyal, I have heard! Is it true? 

-When it is September, I am more excited for my husband’s birthday than the autumn! 

-You cried for the first time in September! Congratulations!  

-Dear September baby, open up the doors of your life and be less secretive! Your birthday treat is still pending! 

-If you are born in September, you are the pioneer of growth! Shed all your unwanted leaves, start afresh and rock it! 

-Never should you believe that your birth month paves your personality! Be it September or August, you become who you want to be! 

-Specially made people are born in the month of September! Limited edition package

-September is surreal due to its natural beauty! Coupled with your birthday, this becomes the best month ever! 

-September babies are advised to stop regretting their lives! Enjoy and celebrate your month like never before! 

-An old legend says that the better and bigger you celebrate the birthday, the better year you will have following it!

-Birthday in September and a road trip on the birthday. Still a dream for many! 

-What rules the heart is a wish for the friend who has his birthday in September! Brother, you’re so lucky! 

Funny WhatsApp status for September 

I don’t know but September is so soothing that it makes me fall sleepy all day! 

The colours of the street look amazing with leaves in September. The government contractors should get creative now

I wish I was a fallen leave of a tree in September’s autumn so that a pretty girl would pick me up and keep me on her instagram

All that looks yellow or orange is definitely September! The best month of the year for a reason! 

What happens to be a 30 day month, feels like a 30 hour day! The beauty of September is self indulging! 

Someday I won’t have my annoying friend beside me on this blissful evening of September. And I am waiting for that someday!

What is the best fashion in September? Wearing the clothes that still fit! 

Now that it is September, should we start planning for Christmas already? 

Dear peeps, the 9th month of the calendar is here ! Has anyone got a baby yet?

The last of the happiness is when your friend leaves behind the last piece of Pizza in a September evening party!  

The worst time to fall sick is in September. You really do not want to miss out on the great scenes outside! 

Wisdom lies in sipping beer all alone on the beaches during the month of September! The lonelier, the happier! 

Great things happen in September and hence I was born in September

Getting along with your crush is the second most important thing. The first still remains enjoying the fall autumn beauty! 

What have you earned in September? Earned great photographs but lost all my salary for traveling 

If there is an option between September evening and my soul mate, I would choose peace

Nature makes even ugly look good in September. Take my best friend’s dp for example!

General whatsApp status for September 

1..2..3..4! 4 months to go for the New Years’ and the Christmas holiday! Yayy!

Anything in the orange hue of the sky in September looks mesmerizing! 

If we start dating in September, can I propose marriage in the same month? The air breathes romance now! 

When love strikes you hard, even the most troubling months might seem as beautiful as September! 

Do you have a camera? Click as many pictures of the September sky as possible! Show it to all!

Let us all come together, pay homage and remember this month where the disastrous 9/11 took over the fate of America.

The heritage of the country was at stake on this day. 9/11 cannot be forgotten! 

September can be the most beautiful month but 9/11 has scarred it forever in the hearts of fellow Americans 

Let there be peace this September! America has seen the worst side of September in 9/11 and we don’t want it ever again! 

True joy and beauty of September was persistent as long as 9/11 didn’t happen.

Be it the great fire of London or the infamous 9/11, September has seen the worst side of humanity! 

The most colorful and pleasing fall autumn month of September has seen the worst bloodshed of history in the US

Finally September is here, I can play cricket all day long without worrying about the rain!

The month of September is different. It speaks to our soul and earns the delight that cannot be purchased by money

All that glitters, ain’t September autumn sun my brother! 

When it is September, the temperature is nice and hence it’s the best time for some cool ice! 

The barbecue party season is here! Welcome, September in full swing! 

September marks the end of summer and hence it feels good and bad at the same time as we meet summer after a year-long break! 

It is the month of September that drives us throughout the year. 

Perfect pictures and Instagram worthy photos and a bag full of memories of the vacation. That’s my September for you! 

September gives hope that the next year is just 4 months away so put your feet to the gas and accelerate to your goal! 

It is September already so have you met your new year’s resolution yet? Or not? 

Promises are meant to be broken but the promise of September giving us a view of the orange sky has never failed. I repeat, never! 

It was 1776 and it was September when the United States came into existence! Love thy nation.

If we step back in history, every day in the calendar of September would have some major event or the other!

The September sky looks like my lover’s eyes. Everytime I see them, I lose myself and fall in love all over again. 

Enjoy this September to the fullest as the coming months promise nothing but the autumn ending and a lot of chill.

September is also known as the month of beers! The 16-day long festival only for beer, INSANE! 

Last year in September you never realized someone close to you would be missing this year. Stay strong!

We lost our beloved to the pandemic. The September sky never looks the same again because I miss them. 

The moment when a leaf leaves the tree. Is it liberation or damnation? Happy Autumn fall season, September is here! 

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