So you’re all set to play games with your office pals on Zoom?  Or maybe you are just giving it a thought, after all, it has been a while. 

It is good that you want to strengthen your bonds with your co-workers or office friends. 

You might be looking for some Zoom games for your team to play on the celebration event of completing the recent milestone. 

Or it can be just a celebration or fun evening you and your co-employees are planning. 

No matter what the reason is, or the event is, there is always a way to have fun if you are really keen on it. 

exciting games play on zoom

And here we are glad to help by listing the best and most engaging fun games you can play on Zoom or actually other video communication platforms as well. 

So start writing down or making plans. Maybe put your office friend on the call to discuss these! 

Guess Who? 

Do you remember those famously known Christmas Day games where you need to put celebrity names on post-it notes, stick it on someone’s head? 

Then other guys have to guess who the celebrity is? 

That  “Guess Who” game or as we popularly know it “Name in the bag” game wasn’t only fun for Christmas. 

If you and your remote team members have just made the plan for the Zoom milestone celebration call or maybe even Friday night hangout online, this is a totally fun game to play. 

On Zoom, to play this game you have to give a celebrity to a particular player. Don’t allow this player to see which celebrity you have chosen for him or her. 

They have to keep making guesses. You can definitely make this more interesting and exciting by adding some fun rules, like some punishment for not guessing. 

It is a perfect game for making people comfortable with each other as well. 

Lightning Scavenger Hunts 

So here’s how you play Lightning Scavenger Hunts! 

You make a list of all the items or characteristics and challenge your co-workers on a Zoom call to collect all those items and show them on the screen to others. 

Every time they get successful to cross off things on these lists, they will get a point. 

Image Source: Youtube

The person who gathered the item also has to share the stories about the item, anything related to it, and how he or she managed to do it. 

This is actually a pretty creative and fun game that can go where you can take it. 

These items, characters, or tasks can be like this : 

  • Show a photo of your furry friend
  • Your favorite Mug
  • A book you didn’t enjoy at all 
  • Show something weird 
  • Show what’s in your pockets right now 
  • Get the oldest photograph of yourself 
  • Show outside of your house

It completely depends upon you and your team how crazy they want to go with this game. 

Don’t hesitate to discuss earlier things with all of your colleagues and get to the fact of how you want to go with the game. 

The more weird, obscure, and crazy the objects will be, the better the game will get to play and even funny stories about it. 

Never Have I Ever 

It is so unlikely that you haven’t heard about this classic drinking game played at parties and gatherings. 

Well, this can be also played on Zoom making it a Zoom Happy Hour with your colleagues. 

Every participant gets their turns to say “ Never Have I ever” and then say something they have never done before. 

So if other participants have done this, they will have to take a sip of their drink. 

The game gets more fun and crazy as its progress, and lets you know about the other team players and about each other so much. 

It is also a great bonding game to break the ice between the team members, especially if they are new or something. 

You can also play the non-drinking version of the game by just simply using your hand gesture or use other non-alcohol drinks if that is preferred. 

The Trip 

The famous 100 Point Challenge is behind the creation of this fascinating puzzle game that is already quite popular amongst remote working team cultures. 

It starts from this one master puzzle and then leads to further ten different smaller tricky problems to solve. 

There are all sorts of visual problems, riddles, number games, problem-solving stuff and word puzzles. 

The mix is so great that you won’t be bored! This is the perfect way to test your co-workers who often boast about how smart they are. 

The Trip already offers their facilitated game known for the virtual work events and meetings run by external facilitators. 

They also help you with the game on how to play this and take care of the rest of the boring stuff regarding it. 

This game can include 6 to 200 people at one time using different facilitators. 

There you can also get a self-facilitated version of the game where someone from your group or office needs to take the charge. 

Virtual Escape Room Challenge 

This is really exciting! And one of the most fun games you can play online with your office co-workers and friends. 

Image Soure: TSA

The game challenges your team to get out of a virtual house in under 60 minutes, preferably play on Zoom conference call. 

If you know about Escape room challenges, you would be really excited about this. The situations created in the games feel quite real and challenging. 

You need to find a prison escape or get some clue from a room or even recover a stolen painting while you are on this adventure. 

Image Source: TSA

So, mind that, this escape room tour is real, not pictures or animated games. In fact, it is in real-time as one of their guides will be present at the escape room with a live camera. 

You’all will be playing the game through his/her camera’s perspective. 

You will decide a particular time slot on the game website where your team and the guide both will start this adventure. 

Guess the movie 

This will be even more fun if you got movie buffs in your office. Totally crushing game for nerds and movie snobs. 

To begin this game, you have to curate a playlist on Youtube with all the different movie scenes.

Use these clips to play those movie scenes without revealing the name of the visual, just the sound, and let participants guess the name of the movie. 

You can ask the participants to guess the movie name in the chat option. Whosoever guesses the right name first will win the round. 

Play as many rounds as you want and at the end of the game, the person with the highest points will win. 

Karaoke Nights 

This might not be a usual game played on a Zoom call but it can be extremely fun, especially if you have too many bathroom singers in your office team. 

All you have to do is go to Youtube where you can find hundreds of Karaoke songs, get a Bluetooth mic and start the battle. 

This can be a great musical celebration to make for milestone success, birthday celebration, or any other fun gatherings. 


Psych is a highly interactive, fun, and engaging game for you and your co-workers. It is basically a mobile application developed by The Ellen show. 

And it is described as “ where you make up fake answers to real trivia”. This game is even more fun with your co-workers, especially if you know each other well. 

It needs to include a minimum of 3 people, and is actually meant to be an in-person game but definitely can be played over a Zoom conference call as well. 

Image Source: GP

This can turn into a laugh riot on your zoom calls with your office friends and co-workers. 

The app throws a statement that is related to one member for which you and other members will create an answer privately. 

For Example, You can get questions like “What is the most annoying habit of ‘John Peterson’?”

Beware, this game is definitely not for sensitive people. You have to get into the zone and not get offended because that will spoil it.  

So you can say this game is for teams who already have a great connection between them, like friends. 

Mystery Singer 

Do you know the game called ‘ The Masked Singer’? If you do, this is quite similar to that game. 

To play this game on Zoom, all the participants have to turn off their video along with putting an alias as their name. 

Each of the game participants gets to cover one minute of a song. At the end of each round, audience members get to vote for their favorite singer using the Zoom polling feature. 

The last in the row will be eliminated from the game. 

Then, you can ask the audience to guess who is the singer that survived the last round. 

Pub Zoom Quiz 

This is a fun office game for quizmasters where teams can play weekly virtual pub quizzes on Zoom conference video calls. 

It is known as one of the most popular games played on Zoom as it is quite easy to arrange and start. 

You can create different questions under different rounds that include quizzes on all kinds of topics. 

  Image Source: FR

It can be general knowledge or current affairs. One of the most fun to do is emoji spells based on films where one has to guess the name using the emoji spellings. 

Quiz also can be about identifying close-up photos of celebrities, tell the difference between pictures, guess the music intros and so much more. 

You can take the game to another level by using the whiteboard functionality that Zoom offers for the picture-style rounds. 

There are multiple quiz packs and ideas on the internet you can get or buy as well for your teams. 

What is suggested is to print out all the answers to the quiz in advance if you are hosting the game. 

Zoom Charades 

Charades is already one of the most commonly played and popular games played at parties and gatherings. 

That works on Zoom video calls too, and very well actually! 

You can use different random charades generators to find a word every time to act upon in front of the camera. 

Since you have the Zoom features to mute a person and Charades need the acting participant not to use spoken words, it goes even better. 

You just have to mute the participant whose turn is to act out the word and others need to guess. 

You can split all the players into two different teams. More right guesses on any side will make the team win over others. 


Jackbox games make remote gaming and fun activities on steroids. They have all kinds of games packed into one box with everything all set to go with. 

Image Source: TSA

The best part is to get variety in gaming for the Zoom so you and your office pals won’t have to play one game too long. 

They have all sorts of fun games such as drawing games, bluffing games, sound effects, trivia games, quizzes, fill in the blank and so much more. 

These games are also specifically designed for office parties or such gatherings. One of their top games that you can play on Zoom is Fibbage. 

It is quite like Pysch! Here a person has to secretly share the truth to a particular answer whereas others create believable lies. 

Image Source: TSA

Whosoever finds the truth by fooling others will get points and more bonus points for making others laugh. 

Then, there are other games such as Quiplash where it will throw a statement and players have to reply with a witty answer. 

The answers that get the most votes win points.

Desert Island Intelligences 

Now, this is something exciting and quite new to play along with your office mates on a Zoom video call. 

You might have heard about the theory of multiple intelligences from Gardner. It speaks about people having these different strengths and abilities known as ‘intelligence.

So here are eight bits of intelligence Gardner states : 

  1. Linguistic-verbal
  2. Logical-mathematical
  3. Musical 
  4. Visual-spatial 
  5. Intrapersonal 
  6. Interpersonal
  7. Body-kinetic
  8. Naturalistic 

This game online called Desert Island Intellegnces adapt this theory turning into one of the highly interactive team-building fun games for office players. 

Here eight different individuals representing eight different bits of intelligence are pitted against a desert island to survive in limited resources. 

Players in the game have to vote one intelligence at every particular situation depending upon how useful one will be at the moment. 

So this ‘usefulness is quite a vague term to decide and that creates a discussion amongst the team members 

This game actually develops more connections between the teams and helps them build stronger bonds as well. 

Tagvenue Virtual Social 

Tagvenue Virtual Social is a game where you get a pro host to take care of the event where you and your team will enjoy the festivities and gathering. 

You and your team can just sit back, enjoy the drink and unwind with your coworkers on Zoom video call. 

This is a perfect game for participants from 2 to even more than 30 people where the prices for their plan differ. 

Here you can hang out with your team members, play some online games, and just talk over drinks and do all the available activities and games in the package.

Online Office Games 

This is a series of all the competitive, engaging and fun games, challenges, and activities that can be played on Zoom. 

So basically, you are getting all the online games made for teams and office employees in one place. 

You can get this event registered for your team which goes for 90 minutes facialized by world-class hosts. 

All the games are handpicked and optimized to achieve a higher level of engagement, fun, and team-building amongst the players. 

Since you don’t have to prepare for the game or host it, it makes so much to just get a date for the event and meet for the day to have some fun. 

Some Zoom Tips To Make Your Experience Better 

  • Send everyone the invite link of the Zoom meeting video conference and make sure they have received it. 
  • It is always better to keep the audio off unless one is speaking. 
  • Keeping audio off when you are not speaking, at least for a while, prevents others from listening to natural bodily noise like sniffing, gulping drinks, etc.
  • You can use the ‘chat’ to get a column in your window where you can type anything public to the group or privately to the person.
  • Use the ‘choose virtual background’ option to create a custom virtual background behind you to make your video calls more fun.
  • If you wish to leave the meeting for some time or just temporarily, you can hit the ‘stop’ video button next to the audio and join again later.
  • Use the ‘share screen’ option to remotely share your screen with the group. It can be to show anything to the team or see something funny.
  • Make sure you have a paid version of Zoom if you want to continue the interaction for more than 40 minutes. 

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