On Christmas, happiness lasts as long as the snow in winter. This is an unprecedented moment of celebration in the year. There is nothing like a happy Christmas wish to cheer you up and celebrate. These WhatsApp Christmas status selections will help you share the joy of Christmas anytime, anywhere.

Funny WhatsApp Statuses For Christmas

Christmas is really full of miracles. All my savings are gone! This is the magic of Christmas; Merry Christmas! 

Hope your smile is as big as your credit card bill this Christmas! 

I wish you good luck and fun! Merry Christmas! 

Enjoy this Christmas until you find your name on the list of hipster Santas. Good luck. 

Hope Santa will fill our stockings with money instead of gifts and toys. I know you expect the same. 

Christmas is an opportunity to hang out with good people, so don’t forget to spend the whole day with me tomorrow. 

Christmas is mainly for kids, but we adults can enjoy it until the credit card bill arrives!

Remember to smile and enjoy your time. Because when Christmas is over, no one cares if you exist! 

I just want you to know that you really have no chance to make a good Santa list this year. 

I try to convince Santa that you are good all year round. 

My gift was cancelled because I am your friend! 

I pray that Santa Claus will give you wings at Christmas so that you fly away and disappear forever.

You need to feel special about Christmas. 

Hope you drink this Christmas to the point of completely forgetting that you are a loser! 

Important Christmas rule; you can eat any candy, just remember to brush your teeth. 

Santa exists and he must work during the holidays. What a pity! 

Come to the party with me as soon as possible. Merry Christmas! 

Christmas is a magical and mysterious time. 

All your savings will disappear on Christmas, and you will not even know them. Excellent! 

The reason everyone makes Christmas wishes is that no wishes come true! 

Making Christmas wishes is just a habit! Merry Christmas! 

You are too young to go to the club for a drink, too old to expect gifts. 

You are just not used to the joy of Christmas! Come over! Let’s party.

Christmas is not only about prayer and praise. It is more.

 This Christmas let us only drink and play. Merry Christmas! 

I want to turn green this Christmas. Please send lot of money for me. Thank you! 

A holiday full of love and spirit. So let us drink our spirits to feel love.

Why say “Merry Christmas”. Isn’t that Jesus’ birthday? We have to say, “Merry Jesus.” 

I wrapped your Christmas gift in paper with “Happy Birthday” written on it. So I added the word “Jesus”. 

My family has at least six Seven Christmases. Sometimes it’s better than anywhere else.

We start drinking very early. Although everyone only sees one Santa Claus, we will see six or seven.

Christmas reminder: don’t try to borrow money from elves; they are always short! 

Dear Santa, Promise to be a good person and give me everything on my list.

 Hi Santa, please send me gifts to me any BFF. Thank you. 

I said I only want you for Christmas, but I also want to get a new credit card! 

Is Santa Claus too busy to pack his bags? I think you need to shave your beard.

Everyone knows that the most important part of celebrating Christmas is hanging out with you. 

Christmas WhatsApp Status For Your Boyfriend

I am very happy to be with you this Christmas. I can’t wait to spend the day with you.

Take away my love and don’t forget to bring me a gift. Merry Christmas today!

I hope that Santa fills his socks with candies and his wallet with money. 

Happy warm holidays, my love! Merry Christmas! 

You are most beautiful Christmas gift, I can dream of. 

Thank you for making my Christmas so beautiful. 

With someone like you in my life, this Christmas makes me more prepared than ever.

You are my reason to celebrate the joys and miracles of this special period of the year. 

You are my Christmas gift. I love you more than everyone I can express Merry Christmas! 

Our love is more dazzling than the stars on the top of the tree. 

May this Christmas and a great New Year’s Eve be the best time we have spent together! 

Christmas is a time to leave special memories for loved ones. 

I would rather bring back memories of this Christmas than be with you. 

You will know where to find me this Christmas Eve. In your arms.

Hey Love! I’m under the mistletoe and I want to share our Christmas kiss! 

Whether we spend this Christmas far away or close, I will feel at home when we two are together! 

Even if we will be far apart at Christmas, our love will keep our hearts together.

Everything at once. I can’t wait to be together again. 

Meeting you is the brightest event of my year. I can’t wait to spend Christmas together.

Merry Christmas and Best New Year, my love!

As a little girl, I dream of meeting this special person and spending Christmas together

When you appear in my life, Christmas becomes even more magical. 

I look forward to the happy holidays and quiet and romantic moments with you. 

I will prepare something special for us this season. 

If you look at me with sparkling eyes, I will feel the warmth from head to toe.

Christmas is a time to celebrate God’s gifts with our loved ones.

When Santa is riding a horse-drawn sleigh or having a bonfire party with hot chocolate, Christmas is here.

I am grateful that we can create magical memories of this Christmas party together.

I made a Christmas list for Santa Claus that contained all the gifts I want for you.

Thank you, my love, you show me your dedication and love every day.

Christmas is the time to give. Therefore, today I give you my love, affection, attention and appreciation. 

Thank you for being more like a man than I thought.

Thank you for picking me up perfectly. Merry Christmas!

You are perfect for me. Honey, have a wonderful Christmas!

We will kiss under the mistletoe, hug by the fire or open gifts on the Christmas tree.

We will create eternal Christmas memories. Spend a special season with you!

This Christmas lets us celebrate the incredible love we share. I love you!

I don’t need fancy Christmas tree gifts. As long as there is you, this is the best Christmas. 

Christmas WhatsApp Status For Lovers

-Honey, it’s time to wish you happiness, love, and peace. Merry Christmas!

-Dear husband, I hope to spend the holidays with you.

-Dear husband, This Christmas we enjoy the fire together, I send warm greetings and sweaters.

– Dear husband, I ask Santa Claus to bring you everything you expect for this Christmas.

– My goal for Christmas is to warm your heart and fill it with songs, dear husband.

– This Christmas, my husband’s warm hug is all I need! 

– I wish you a magical and beautiful holiday.

– Merry Christmas, my dear ones! 

– “Dear husband, let this Christmas be a wonderful and blessed time. 

– “Dear husband, I hope you have wonderful memories this Christmas

-Dear husband, let us turn this Christmas into a memory! 

-This family is very happy that your Christmas is magical, my good husband.

– Thanks to you, the winter is warmer, my dear. Merry Christmas.

– I hope my Christmas kiss will light up your heart, dear husband.

-Man, let’s relax and enjoy this season. Merry Christmas!

-At Christmas and forever, I am grateful for people like you.

– Christmas is a gathering of gifts, food, surprises, and laughter. 

– Let us enjoy this day with our loved ones.

– Let’s relax like eating gingerbread and molasses and have a nice holiday, dear.

– My dear, let’s start Christmas with hot chocolate, and then we can warm up under the blanket.

– Oh, with you it’s great to have Christmas, dear.

-Husband, you are my beloved Santa Claus. Love Merry Christmas!

– When you appear on my mischievous list, I like it, dear. Merry Christmas.

-Hey boy, let’s start the season with Christmas music and some slow dancing.

-Husband, you will make it this Christmas and throughout the year. My heart is itching.

-We are going to the beach this Christmas, you can be my “Sandy” Claus!

-Man, you are full of courage, keenness and Special skills.

– I can’t wait to use you to fill the stockings. 

– The beautiful night of Christmas reminds me why you are the right person.

-Jingle, jingle, fun; enjoy the kisses around the holly tree. Merry Christmas, good husband!

-Santa Claus brought your favorite gift, starting from his wife’s kiss!

-Joy, joy, joy all the way; you are my dear boy. Merry Christmas!

– Have fun, honey. Merry Christmas dear ones.

-Wow, let’s start the season with a real Christmas handle

-May the sparks, love and joy of Christmas fill the heart of my beloved boy

-My Christmas will shine, because I am grateful that you are mine.

– At Christmas and throughout the year, every time when I see this person, my eyes are full of surprise.

-Husband, I send you a wave of Merry Christmas wishes.

WhatApp Christmas Status For Colleagues 

-May additionally this Christmas convey pleasure and blessings into your existence.

-Coworkers like you do work a lot simpler and the place of the job a lot friendlier. 

– Experience Christmas with all your family, buddies, and masses of love!

-I feel lucky to work with such a high-quality and beneficial character like you. 

– Revel in your holiday. May additionally God constantly bless you.

– I wish you a colorful Christmas season. Live blessed!

-May you have the maximum memorable and valuable Christmas together with your circle of relatives and pals.

– Have a great excursion, expensive. Stay safe, live jolly.

-Your steering and pointers will usually help me do the significant aspect at work.

-Have a glad and safe vacation. You’ll be overlooked so dearly throughout this excursion season.

– Permit this Christmas to carry desirable vibes for you and your own family. Merry Christmas.

-It feels superb to have the privilege to work with you.

– You are aware of lots but remains so down to earth all of the time. Merry Christmas!

-Work mates like you are making the place of business a secure and friendly region.

– I wish all my colleagues a pleasant and quiet Christmas with all of your family.

-I’m thankful for the assist and motivation you provide me. 

– The kind of power you convey into the workplace is priceless. Merry Christmas.

-It isn’t easy to digest that you could discover a buddy in your coworker. 

– I simply made a pal from my work. Happy Christmas, work buddy!

-We may have a healthy competition between us. You are great.

– We work together that does not stop us from being friends. 

– May this Christmas give you all which you desire for!

– You’ve guided me loads in my career. Merry Christmas and a superb New Year!

– You have been a mentor for me. Merry Christmas.

– I try to observe your footsteps in every work I do. Merry Christmas.

– This Christmas may bring you prosperity, peace and fulfillment!

– Sharing the same workspace with you continually offers me significant delight.

– Wishing you plenty of amusing and happy recollections. Merry Christmas!

– May the miracles of this Christmas usher your life with 1000 shades of happiness. 

– Wishing you a spectacularly lovely Christmas, work mate.

– Wish you a heartwarming and comfy Christmas 

– May you spend it with your family and relatives

– Allow us to help each other always and spread positivity at the workplace. 

– Have a blessed Christmas with your family and colleagues 

-Thank you for being the most straightforward and helping corporate, but first a genuine human. 

– Live blessed this season—lots of affection.

-Happy Christmas to my friend at work. You make work-life easy.

– Without you, it’d had been hard to survive office; thank you. I wish you a great Christmas.

– Christmas’s spirit brings success and love to your life and may you get what you want and do best in life. 

– I indeed thank you for all of the guide and efforts that you have invested in me throughout the year!

-I experience nothing but happiness to have a co-employee like you. Have a great Christmas.

– We have so many things alike. There may be nothing I indeed dislike about you. Thank you for being there.

-Christmas is an occasion to look again at the past 12 months and apprehend its achievements. Merry Christmas.

-May you get abundance of peace, wish you a perfect year. I’m fortunate that I have a co-employee such as you.

– It was tough to continue to exist in the office without you. 

– I am sending you all my heart wishes for this celebration season, mate. You have helped me a lot.

– It is an honor to work with this kind of proficient individual such as you. 

– I hope you experience the vacation season to its fullest.

-May also your vacations be packed with great pleasure, sweet reminiscences, and memorable encounters. 

– I wish you a blissfully excellent Christmas season this year!

– I wish you a pressure-unfastened, laugh-stuffed, glad Christmas!

– May also your Christmas party be filled with pleasure, happiness, opportunities, warmth, and love.

– Thanks for constantly inspiring us to strive our level best. You are our guide. Have a blessed celebration.

– I hope this Christmas finds you secure and sound. Enjoy the holiday season gracefully.

– May additionally this holiday be merrier than ever. Thank you for all the support.

– Might also this Christmas season help you get drunk sufficient to get distracted from the imminent workload.

– I am surprised even though you’re a troublemaker, you by no means compromise on your commitment. Keep it up.

-With co-people like you, it’s far tough to have a bad day within the workplace.

– We share a good bond; we share a perfect vibe. So, have fun this Christmas with a brand new jibe.

– I’m hoping Santa Clause will deliver you some affords even though you were now not usually nicely behaved this year!

– Coworkers sincerely are priced assets, and a fantastic coworker like you is, in reality, a blessing.

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