No matter what your favourite October event is when you make your fall wish list, you should spend time capturing your favourite seasonal moments, whether it’s outdoors or in the kitchen, slicing turkey for Thanksgiving. We make it easy for you to share the best state of WhatsApp with friends and family.

Cute October WhatsApp Status For Your Loved Ones

I am in love with you. 

Stay calm and comfortable. 

The most beautiful pumpkin in the garden. 

Pumpkin spice and all good things. 

Sweater time! 

Meet me under the fallen leaves. 

Wish you all a happy autumn! Apple cake. 

I like pumpkins. 

In the autumn sky, everything is fine.

It’s time for cider donuts! 

Sweets such as pumpkin pie. 

It’s never too late to play with your hands. 

Tea season and fur socks. 

You are the apple (cake) in my eyes. 

The leaves fall, and autumn is calling. 

Autumn leaves are my favourite colour. 

Hello pumpkin. 

I cannot be the one you belong to me completely. 

Oh my pumpkin, look at these leaves!

Fall in love. 

Please use autumn leaves and pumpkins. 

Sweaters. The weather is better. 

The most colourful season is here. 

Prepare to season with pumpkin! 

Sweaters make life better. 

I only need sheets, flannel and football. 

Autumn sky and pumpkin pie. 

The view is delicious. 

Pick the best. Yep, that’s me

Keep Calm and carry on. 

I especially like autumn. 

Pumpkin kiss, harvest request.

October is the trees, they hide their colours throughout the year. People also have October. 

When autumn gets colder, life starts again. 

I am very happy to live in an October world. 

I am an autumn person. 

On a cool autumn day, give me a quiet and comfortable place to simply look at the beautiful trees with colourful leaves. 

There are many leaves in the air. 

You are my pumpkin pie. 

I decided to ask for a pumpkin-to add interest to our room. 

You fall more and more times every day.

My favourite month is October. 

The most beautiful pumpkin in the garden has grown. Let celebrate fall. 

Warm night in October. You walked up to hug me by your side. 

We are too cute to be afraid. 

I wish you all a happy autumn. 

Changes like leaves. 

We decided to come back for more information.

Flickering lights and bonfire night. 

An apple on my cake. 

There are gimmicks and goodies here. 

Every day is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us. Seasoned Latte

Funny WhatsApp October Fall Statuses 

I only have sweet apple pies only for you. 

My weekend plan includes lighting all autumn candles. 

Aim at all flannels. 

# SquashPumpkinGoals 

Everyone likes pumpkin flavour. It is the Football season! 

Seasoning, autumn seasoning baby. 

Go to the big house or pumpkin house. 

Decide to step on any brittle leaves.

Pumpkin photos may not happen. 

May the forest be with you. 

Don’t worry, everyone here is like a pumpkin! 

Be blessed and possessed by a pumpkin. 

The photography season starts on the pumpkin bed. 

Orange is the new black. 

You are my pumpkin cake this fall season. 

Don’t even say that you love autumn more than me. 

It’s like pumpkin pie.

You ate my pumpkin spice. 

There is a child, there is a child, yes! 

Pitfalls? You mean football season! 

Orange, are you glad it fell? 

If money really grows on a tree, when is everyone’s favourite time?

If you drop a pumpkin, what will you get? Pumpkin. 

When is the best time of the year? Fall. 

Did you hear the joke about the tree? It will make you laugh! 

Why did the Scarecrow win the prize? He has performed well in his field.

What did one piece of paper say to another? I am in love with you. 

What vest to wear in autumn? Harvest! 

Why do birds fly south in autumn? Too far. 

Falling is a way of life. 

Patch the heart shape with pumpkin slices. 

I cannot answer, I am eating cake. Open a new page. 

I am hot tea. 

Buy a pumpkin. I never made you feel creepy.

Really crawl. 

Can leaves be left in this weather? 

The reason for the season is pumpkin spice

I feel great on this October morning 

Wait until I get the latte. 

I like coffee with milk.

All pumpkins in total. 

The sweatshirt season is finally here. 

Pumpkin October thrill and other useful things. 

Autumn is strong, Mama wants to wake me up. 

The only thing that lights up this weekend is my autumn candle. 

Now, my blood type is pumpkin spice. 

I want to see you again. 

If you throw it far enough, you won’t be able to eat an apple in a day.

I have never seen a pumpkin I don’t like. 

Autumn is an excuse for all my pumpkins. 

Stressed, blessed, and addicted to pumpkins. 


If you don’t like falling, just leave me alone with my pumpkin spice latte. 

Squash a goal. 

Burn like my scented candle.

Feel Good October WhatsApp Statuses For Your Friends

Autumn leaves do not fall, they fly. You spend time wandering in this only opportunity to fly. 

There is a special noon sun, which only appears in autumn. 

I am very happy to live in a world with October. 

At the end of summer, sometimes the air is filled with autumn maturity, and the weather is calm and mild. 

The leaves change colour and the herbs wither; animals feel that the long and hungry season is approaching. 

When autumn gets colder, life starts again. 

All our lives and all lives are full of trees and changing leaves. 

Each leaf represents luck and applause on the autumn tree

The sun goes down, the leaves fall asleep, and wake up in autumn. 

How beautiful the leaves are aging. How colourful his last days are. 

Wild-the music of the mid-autumn breeze in the withered forest. 

If the year is hidden in the clock, autumn will be a magical moment. 

Autumn is the second spring.

Autumn is the most difficult time of the year. 

The leaves fell and fell again, as if falling in love with the earth. 

I am resurrected in the fall. 

Hey! Remember the night of October 21st? 

In autumn, enter the woods with a serenade. 

But I am not alone, and it is not cold in autumn. 

We can slip away, I have nothing to say, and isn’t it better for you to wear an autumn sweater? 

The green leaves turn brown and wither in the wind, and shatter in your hands. 

Autumn in New York is here, and I am glad to see it again. 

But when October comes and goes in a hurry and there is no more time. 

Feel the cold of early autumn.

The harvest season in this town is here, it’s time to bring it back. 

Let me reach into the hole in my sweater. 

Autumn leaves fall to pieces. 

Wake me Up When October Ends. 

When I have a cold, I will smell the freshly cut grass. 

Welcome October WhatsApp Statuses For All

First of all, October is a rare month for children. 

This tree must fall on me. As soon as I sat down under it, the leaves fell. 

Oh sweet October! 

I am very happy to live with October. 

Autumn challenges the green summer with multiple colours. 

October is a fallen leaf, but it is also a wider field of vision, more clearly visible. 

There are no better days throughout the year than a good October. 

October brings great opportunities. 

The suffocating summer heat remains in distant memories, and the golden leaves herald a wonderful world of adventure. 

October makes you believe in miracles.

October has always been the least reliable month…full of ghosts and shadows. 

Today’s trees are in the beauty of autumn. 

In the evening of October, the forest path dries up, and the calm sky is reflected in the water. 

A sweet October, full of praise, magnificent, like your day, the feelings of every poet. 

In October, a maple tree in front of the window illuminates your room like a big lamp. 

Bittersweet October. 

The soft, messy rest on the leaves perfectly brings out the different adversities in summer and winter. 

No time in the year can light up such a pleasant and sunny place like this October, and affect the senses so pleasantly. 

The end of summer is not the end of the world. October is coming.

The bright sunshine in October makes the scenery shining brightly. 

October is cool day and night. 

Today is the time to snuggle in the dancing flames and immerse yourself in a good book.

October is a symphony of eternity and change. 

Poplar trees in October burn with torches, illuminating the road in winter. 

October is the opal month of the year. 

This is a glorious and mature month. 

My bag and a thousand pumpkins outline a smile… Happy October! 

Start the day slowly. Make your day shorter. 

In October, I am younger than any spring month. 

October is the true autumn centre.

In October, a maple tree in front of the window illuminates your room like a big lamp. 

Even on a cloudy day, your presence can help drive away the darkness. 

There is no better day in the four seasons of the year than a good October. 

October is a beautiful time of the year in the United States. 

A good time to start something. 

October is a good time to start something. 

The leaves in October turn yellow due to the cold. 

I am very happy to live in the October world.

Pleasant October WhatsApp Statuses For All

How beautiful the leaves are aging. How colourful his last days are. 

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let go. 

There are two times in a year: football season and football waiting season. 

Autumn is the mildest season. We lose more flowers than fruits. 

My favourite colour is October. 

Autumn has more gold than any other season. 

A fallen leaf is nothing but a wave of summer farewell.

I am very happy to live in the October world. 

When autumn gets colder, life starts again. 

Autumn is the second spring, and every leaf is a flower. 

Eat hot chocolate in the morning and fried marshmallows in the afternoon. 

The most important thing about October is to jump into the leaves! 

I am very happy to live in the October world. 

October is a fallen leaf, but it is also a broader horizon and clearer. 

There is no more pleasant day of the year than beautiful October. 

The beautiful trees and forest trails dry up in autumn. 

October evening, water, we sit down and enjoy the weather.

I put the chocolate bar in my pocket and carved a smile out of a thousand pumpkins. Happy October! 

My ultimate goal is to be a home that provides quality sweets. 

The best day in autumn? Discounts in the aisles the day after Halloween. 

You will never be too old to get good tricks or hospitality. (At least I don’t think so.)

Yes, I am the one who wears Halloween decorations all year round.

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