Instagram’s platform is blowing up, and here are 3 ways you can start making money on Instagram now.


There’s more engagement that happens on Instagram every single day than on Facebook and all other social media sites and lots of ways to make money on Instagram.

People are becoming aware of all the eyeballs focused on Instagram. So, if you can understand these three ways to make money on Instagram, you can create an additional source of income really quickly, or even help sell more of your products and services if you are an entrepreneur already.

Now, the reason you should listen to me on this is because, even though I don’t have that big of a following (I have around 54K followers at the time of writing this – you can find me at @adamwenig), is because we’ve been able to post single pictures on our Instagram that have made us as much as $28,000.


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I know there’s a lot of these people that have these huge massive followings, but they have no idea how to make any money from Instagram and a lot of these people are just broke. They have these huge accounts but they don’t know what to do with it.


So, that’s not going to be you. Right?

We’re going to talk about the top three ways to make money on Instagram. Two of the ways require you to actually build a following yourself, and the last way actually doesn’t matter if you have a following or not, so it’s a really quick way to get up and going.

Now, most of the time when you’re going to make money on Instagram, you’re building a brand, right? People that are following you around so you can just sell whether it is your own or even other people’s products, and make money that way. Following?


The first way is by selling ‘Affiliate Products’.

I bet you see it all the time. There are these girls that have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and they’re promoting something such as a fitted tee or they’re promoting protein powder or whatever it is and essentially all they’re doing is they’re driving traffic. Somebody’s already created the product, and a lot of the times in affiliate marketing, the way that it works is the vendor of the product, the creator, takes 50% and the person that drives the traffic to it gets 50%.

So, you do have to grow a following and have an audience to do this method. The best tool that I recommend that you use to grow your following is this tool that we created called Buzzfollow. You can get a free trial for 14 days at

  • So, that’s number one, affiliate marketing. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to just be in the fitness niche, it can be in any niche, such as the dating niche or whatever market you’re in, the same concept applies. You’re growing a following and driving people to products that are in that niche.



The second way to make money on Instagram is by actually creating and selling your own product.

Some of you guys may have your own products, maybe you don’t but probably the best way to get into your own product is actually creating information products.

Take whatever you’re really good at or whatever you can help people at and take that system and wrap it into an information product. It could be a book, it could be an online course, it could be some sort of coaching program and then sell it. Again, you have all this traffic on Instagram, then you’re sending them to your product. A lot of times, we get people to comment “yes” in the comments if they want it so it drives the algorithm up and more people see the post.

  • That’s the second way to make money on Instagram. Selling your own product.



The third way is pretty cool because it doesn’t actually require you to have an Instagram following and pretty much anyone can do this.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are open to the idea and they understand that they need to be on

Instagram. And so, what you can do is simply provide a done for you service, to help people grow their Instagram and you can charge them anywhere from $100-$500 a month depending on the account, to simply help them grow their Instagram account.

Because most of these business owners are busy, they don’t want to do that and they don’t know how to, but what you could do is use Buzzfollow which I mentioned earlier. There are other tools out there but none of them are as good as this one. A lot of them are just fake bots and fake followers in other countries, but if you want to get your clients actual real results and real followers, I recommend using Buzzfollow. Again, it’s a tool that we created for this specific reason.

Make Money On Instagram


Essentially the entire business model is to help other people grow their followings by plugging their account into the software. It’ll start growing their following for them and you upcharge a little bit for brokering and for knowing how to do this and that’s a fast way to make money on Instagram.

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