We have seen men who blaze in their passion and determination, working hard to make millions, for influence, recognition, and being brave for others. However, a part of their life is not always blissful as they focus too much on business, and their relationships and mental health get affected. They focus on business; their marriages fail; they focus on money and experience stress. Most of them don’t recognise the damage they are putting on themselves as they think it’s for the best of everyone close to them. The vice versa is also a concern where one could focus too much on relationships and their finances plunder. A robust work and life balance is the solution.

An entrepreneur, life and business coach, public speaker and the owner of Embrace the Lion, Cody Jefferson has gone out of the ordinary to create a safe space for men. He coaches business owners and CEOs to help them scale their businesses, grow their influence and have an active professional and personal life to boost their success. According to research by Small Business Trends, 66% of US full-time employees do not firmly believe they have a work-life balance and especially among men. Cody created Lion: Elite, a brotherhood community to aid men to get off the imposter syndrome of being perceived as men, and have an all-round existence from mental health, success, and great relationships. Cody Jefferson’s work is remarkable, realising that even men need support to living a flourishing life. Here are three reasons why you need to establish a healthy work-life balance.

To maintain your mental health

Mental health should never be foregone, as it is a crucial foundation for your existence and undertakings. Unfortunately, not everyone places enough importance on their mental health. If you feel stressed continuously from work or acting out, it is necessary to look into your mental health. It could lead to severe dangers like burnouts and depression, which are part of chronic stress. It is thus essential to balance your work and personal relationships. Set time for contacts and bonding to unleash pressure from work, allowing you to be productive after that.

Cody Jefferson in Lion: Elite, says that you cannot have a healthy balance, rationality, by putting your emotional, physical, spiritual self-care on the back burner. He also questions the significance of concentrating more on careers if one sacrifices their soul on the altar of success. Mental health goes along with physical health, that come by from regular exercises and nutrition.

It increases productivity

Success comes from your capabilities. Every organisation needs productivity, and you can only achieve success if you are mentally or physically okay, and where there is room in you to work. When distress overshadows you, lack of comfort and peace, it clouds your abilities to perform. 

Studies reveal that those who maintain a healthy work-life balance are more productive than those who don’t. A positive way of living leads to great results. Once you allow yourself to bond and experience life, you are taking a break from work pressures, and it will enable you to share with your loved ones as your mind gets ready to work again.

It will help you become more rounded

There are other positive dimensions in life that would make you attractive to your subordinates and colleagues. Experiencing life has a way of creating open-mindedness, that is an asset to productivity. 

Having an interest in other activities will improve your skills, making you an interesting person and a well-rounded person. Engaging in other attractions will also give you ideas to implement in your business. According to Jefferson, with his program, you will experience a collapse of time. You will combine with the right environment, mindset, men, frameworks, all at the right time. You will also learn to increase your capacity to be what you want systematically.


As Cody Jefferson had created an environment to help others achieve the above and more benefits, you should invest in a stable work-life relationship. It’s all for your wellbeing; living a productive and happy life. Life is not to be full of anger and distress. It has too many complications but outliving such situations is very useful. Connect with Cody Jefferson to get more insights on being all-rounded and living a healthy life by following these accounts. 

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