If there’s one thing that’s always constant is change. The marketing field has experienced a transition as companies like Taco Bell, Marriott, and other popular brands enter the web 3.0 space. 

 Although there’s much hype and media attention on NFTs, few people understand how they will redefine the future of marketing. We talked to NFT expert Andrew Drayton to learn more about this topic. 

About Andrew Drayton 

Andrew has been into tech and film production throughout his adult life. When crypto surged in popularity in 2013, he was among the first people to engage in it. He managed to pay his L.A rent through crypto trading.

Like some entrepreneurs, Andrew was not motivated to join the 9 to 5 category and instead sought to spend most of his adult life doing what he loves. He turned down high-paying job offers in favor of living out his passion as a film producer. He met his co-partner, Jason Trinidad while shooting one of his first videos. The two are the founders of the first sci-fi metaverses that combine digital art with storytelling. 

Andrew has always been quite a nerd in tech and gaming. He followed crypto from the start and always wanted to be part of the niche. Luckily, NFTs followed suit, and Andrew seized the opportunity. 

Andrew has some impressive milestones in the NFT niche. The Vogu Collective, for instance, is one of his projects that he has managed to build from scratch and scale to a multi-million dollar NFT business. Vogu has built its reputation as a brand with powerful lore that forms the basis for its avatars. Andrew has also managed other NFT projects. He has helped clients who’ve reached out to him for help in the Vogu community. 

3-Ways NFT & Web-three will redefine marketing future 

Andrew points out three core ways that NFTs and Web 3.0 will redefine the marketing future. They include:-

  • Web 3.0 will succeed mobile internet:The growing popularity of web 3.0 will, in the future, supersede mobile internet. As a result, marketing brands will have to mint their content for NFT. Marketers will likely link their NFTs with other products and services, enhancing their audience’s experiences. 
  • NFTs also present a unique opportunity for influencer marketing:- Brands can work with influencers to create unique content or a video experience that will only be accessible to those who buy NFTs. 
  • More brand collaborations: NFTs also make it easier for brands to collaborate and develop new content. This content can be monetized, which allows their fans to own a collectible piece. 

NFTs are appealing for several reasons. For instance, their uniqueness and collaborative factor present new opportunities for brands to boost engagement and revenue stream. Through NFTs, customers can access unique content designed by the brands. Brands will also partner with creators to develop unique content that NFT holders will collect. 

To Conclude:

Although there’s much buzz around NFTs and web 3.0, this technological innovation is still in its infancy. But our society is already on the path of the metaverse, and NFTs offers an exciting opportunity for marketers