From the time of that mysterious culture springing up along the Indus River Valley and the farming communities that soon sprung up along the Southern areas, India has truly been a captivating land with a tremendous amount of history. If you own some property in this country, then you are truly privileged indeed. However, if the property is brand new to you, then you probably are wondering how you would go about making mortgage payments if you don’t live in India.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to do this. Consider some of the following options:


If your mortgage company is located in India, then it is highly likely that they will accept online payments. Many Indian businesses are warming up to using PayPal to accept mortgage payments. Of course, if you want to pay online through PayPal, you will need to make sure that your mortgage company has the ability to accept that type of payment and that they are aware that you want to make payments that way in the first place. Give them a call in order to find out.

Of course, once you’ve determined whether the bank in question accepts PayPal or not, you also need to keep in mind that doing an overseas payment via PayPal can take several days longer to arrive at an international bank than a domestic bank. Ideally, you should consider making the advance at least seven days in advance. Additionally, you also need to weigh out not only the cost of the PayPal fees but also the cost of the exchange rates as well.

Bank Wire Transfer

One of the best ways to send a large amount of money (at least $10,000 USD or more) would be through a bank wire transfer. One of the main benefits of paying for your overseas mortgage in this manner is that it is much less worrisome than just sending a check drawn on your domestic bank. Simply put, with a wire transfer, you don’t have to worry about the check getting lost in the mail. Of course, there are a few security rules in place and both you and the recipient must agree to these before a wire transfer can be accomplished. At the very minimum, you need to have a bank account, along with a residential address and proof of your identity.

Western Union

Finally, one of the best ways to send money to India would be through the old standby, that of Western Union. If you know your mortgage lender’s bank account, you can easily send them money through this method. You should also be aware that you can send money using this medium with the option of three different methods: in-person, mobile app, or online. Indeed, the best thing about Western Union and paying a mortgage is that you can often skip the bank altogether and simply just pay for the transaction with cash.

Sending your mortgage payment to an international location is definitely easier than it used to be. Financial institutions and services that transfer money continue to work together to help you send money in a safe and prompt manner even during these trying times.