Back to School Party is a fun way to start a new year at your school. They are amazing and are a nice way to mark the end of the summer holidays. It is often hosted at your own homes or the backyard, and for an extra charm, you need to decide on a fashionable for your back-to-school party name.

You can have a super awesome Back to School Party name, which will create quite an impression among your peers or kids. A name will eventually make your party sound more amazing. It will also make your theme memorable and exciting.

marvelous Back to School Party names :

School is Back

Back to the Class

Homework is Done

Bag is Set

Nerds Night Out

Here Comes the Homework

Shining Nerds

Sweet Kindergarten Meet

Meeting Classmates

Fresh and New

All Set for Studies

Meeting New Classmates

Starting the Freshmen Year

Back to School

Pen & Party

Coloring Imagination

Colors & Fun

A Drop of Knowledge

Ocean of Books

Buzzy Bees

Intelligent Readers

Dramatic Painters

Schoolholics Meet Out

Stuff Some Pens

Chill Learners

Beat the Studies

Back to Studies

Growing Together

Learning is Fun

A Cute GetTogether

Lovely Learners

A School Prom

Naïve Learners

Preparing for School

Friends Meet

Graceful Students

Nerds Party

1, 2, 3 Let’s Learn

 School Come Again

Book Bandits

Book Band

Bandits of School

Books from Persia

Let’s Learn Even After We Earn

School Bash

School Swap Party

Bashing the School

Pens & Books

Papers to Do

Copies to Fill

Welcome Back to School

Hunters of Knowledge

Crazy Students

Catch the Books

Books are Exciting

New Year, New Knowledge

Learning is Cool

Now We Are Seniors

Seniors Welcome Night

Partying with Books

Bookish Pool

Yes to Studies

Freshmen Year Party

20’s School Party

90’s Back to School

Just School Days

Way to Learn

Committed with Knowledge

Knowledge is Power

Alphabets & Numbers

School, Here I come

Celebrating the New Day

Casablanca High School Day

Quick Learners

Feel the Physics

Fun with Math

Learning is Special

Literary Art Fest

Be a Scholar

Learning Magic

The Aura of School

Stepping Knowledge

Upturn the Stones

Stairs of a New Year

Drink the Books

Books & Booze

A Little Nerdy Dance

Happy Sophomore Year

Special New Year at School

Wish you a Great Year

Let’s Celebrate School

Dance with Books

The 60s Scholars

Study till You Die

Nerd Dance

It’s a Nerdy Party

Books Up

Pencils, Quills, and Knowledge

Just Read

Classes and Pens

Darling Students

Girly Scholars

Senior Year!

This Year will be Awesome

Wish you a Fantastic Year

Back to School Costume Party

Great Year Ahead

Tables for Nerds

Nerds & Foods

Bookish Cupcake Party

Booze with Knowledge

Blooming Wisdom

Garden of Kiddies

The Blooming Knowledge

A Garden of Buds

Digging Books

New Class Meeting

Friends Meet

A Sweet Little Garden

Flowers to Learn

A Sweet Meet

Best Friends Hang Out

Chilling with Mates

Dignified Scholars

Cool & Nerdish

Nerdy Night Out

Book Balls

Favorite Novel Ball

Let’s Dance

Nerds Ball

Book Club

Study Together

History Hunters

Reading Forever

Discovery Physics

Knowing Science

Kiddies who love School

Vacation about to End

Newbie Year

Living Paradise

Decent Disco

Jingling Bookaholics

Get a Book

Enjoy the Holiday

Tomorrow’s School

Reading Roamers

Katie’s Back to School

Dynamic but Decent

Hangout with Books

Bourbon & Books

Books Night Out

Nerdy Sleepover

Study Hangover

Child’s Play

Growing Buddies

School Warming Party

School Party

Last Year of School

Binging Book

Knorflix Night

Knights of Science

Learning Spells

New Syllabus On

Learning Maniacs

Here You Read

Creative Pencils

Cravings Subjects

Missed School

Rolling School

Find your Niche

Group Celebration

Last Night of Fun

No Binge from Tomorrow

Cracking Studies

Royalties of School

Book Ramp

A Night to Enjoy

Beginning to Learn

Coloring Choir

Painting Patrons

The Funny Painters

Deadly Decorators

Fairy Night

Disneyland in School

Naïve Niche

TVD Back to School

Lovely Children

Garden of Christ

Eager Learners

Learn Hub

Inspirational Granger

Wicked Teens

Just School Celebration

Witches Grimoire

Charming Learners

Last Year in School

Senior Ramp

Artist of Appalachians

Student Fable

Summer Celebrations

Summer Wonderland

Mystical School Celebration

High School Fun

Let’s Celebrate Togetherness

Wishing A New Academic Year

Academic Meet

Round Table Discussion

Studious Picnic

Friends Hangover

Bookish World

Bunch of Readers

Sweet Buds

Garden of Brains

Beauty & Brains

Witty Wizards/Witches

Hogwarts Night

Heavenly Fun

A Night with Books

Deal with Knowledge

A Coffee with Friends

Stupid Geeks

Innovative Geeks

Computer Freaks

Coders Carnival

Team Robotics

Cool Coders

Lovely Library

B to S Party

Jenna’s First Year

School Life

Calls for Friendship

Enjoying Last Holiday

Awesome Kiddies

School Bugs

Programming School

Study Better

Pencils on Me


Last Year Blast Year

Sinking in Knowledge

Wisdom is Here

Owls Meet

Treat to Library

Bookland Ride

Memorable Readers

Readers of Persia

School Assembly

Books with Geeks

Owls Orchestra

Lake to Schooladise

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