Hollywood parties are a big deal with all your favorite stars in them. It is a dream for many to be invited to such a big event and share a single frame with many stars. Most Hollywood parties have an abundance of expensive drinks and fancy makeovers! You can bring a similar ambiance with elaborate planning starting with an awesome Hollywoodthemed Party name!

A cool name for a Hollywood-themed party is central to having a larger audience. People seem to get a hint of what it would be like when there’s an innovative Hollywoodthemed party name, increasing the excitement a notch higher!

list of some catchy Hollywood-themed party name:

Dazzling Stars

Sizzling Couch

Oscar Gallery 

Hall of Fame

Gateway of Dreams

Absolute Champagne 

Crackling Choir

Met Gala Event

Revamp your Look


Valley of the Gifted

Darling in the Franx

The Endgame

Avenger’s Age

Revenant’s Delight

Leonardo’s Tribe

Jurassic Park

Seven Deadly Sins

Bubblegum Brigade

Johnny Walker’s Cult

The Masking Thieves

Imposters and Stoners

Late Lounge

Silver Linings Playbook

Bridget Bellas

Havana Blues

Miami Lights 

End Of The Line 

Vegas VIPS

Born for Screens 

Magic In Hamptons 

Hollywood Hills 

Magnifique In Marseilles

Brad’s Pit 

Starling Stars 

Hollywood Soiree 

Seven Little Dwarfs 

Yellow Gems and Sapphire

Soliloquy of the Living

Stanley’s Craig

Alley’s Popstars

Pirates Of Lebanon 

Fall Guys Mischief

Vendetta of The Great

Makeshift Society

Lies and Slander

Scandalous Scums

Wallstreet’s Legacy

Joker’s Rebellion

Star Magnet

Vandals in the Streets

Unholy Debauchery 

Macabre Serenade

Casanova’s Tribe

Zeus on Screen

Tarantino’s Dungeon

Seventh Haven

Colloquial Togue

King Kong’s Cult

Awakening in the West

Bladerunners Party


Sizzle Chase

Spice Mystery 

Saturday Night Fever

Fabulous Fifties

Fall Flurries


Fifties Revival

Frosty Frozen Prom

Golden Age Glamour

The Goth Prom

Second Chance Prom

Shanghai Moon

Sherwood Forest

Shores of Venice

Simply the Best

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Titan’s Rule

Zeus’s Promenade

Space Odyssey 

Grenade of the Darklord

Babylon’s Mystery Banter Nite

Suspicious Sightings 

Silicon Estate Bro Code

Braindance and Unrest

Pavillion’s Hut

Riverside Manchester Darlings

Brooklyn 99 

A Walk in the Clouds

Labyrinth Masquerade Ball     

Walk of Fame

Las Vegas Nights     

We Believe in Magic

Let the Good Times Roll     

What Dreams May Come

Light Up the Night     

When Worlds Collide

Love and Roses

Wonderland estate 

Borderland Toys

Western geeks association

Fidget and Scream

Blasphemous Suits

Zack Snyder’s Justice league 

Appreciated Moments

City Lights

Otherworldly Journey

Dusk Serenade

Highly contrasting Ball

Island Dreams

As Time Goes By

Greek Gala

A Royal Affair

Stroll of Fame

Dance Spectacular

Hanging tight for Tonight

A Black Tie Affair

Hollywood Nights


This Magic Moment

Heartfelt Interlude

A Night with the Stars

A Night of Mystery

Evening in the Park

Gambling club Night  

Running Out of Moonlight

Mysterious Memories

Caribbean Romance

Manhattan Mystique

Twilight Evening

Las Vegas Nights

Caught in a Dream

Evening of Mystery

Saturday Night Fever

Written in the Stars

All throughout the Planet

Folks and Dolls

A Night on the Beach

Hollywood Night of the Oscars

Fall Flurries

What Dreams May Come


Merry go round

Pretty in Pink

Under a Cherry Blossom Moon

Night In Venice

12 PM in Paris

Sherwood Forest

Brilliant, Starry Night

Just the Best

Recollections of Tonight


An Affair to Remember

Hawaiian Paradise

Starlight Fairytale

To the Moon and Back

Denim and Diamonds

Gambling club Royale

Evening glow on the Nile

Allow the Good Times To roll

Shanghai Moon

Tahitian Fantasy Cruise

This evening is the Night

Bedouin Nights

Twilight and Roses

Light Up the Night

A Walk in the Clouds

Oscar Night

12 PM at the Oasis

Twilight Enchantment

Paradise in Your Eyes

Magical Twilight

Cheerful Hearts

Destined to Be Wild

Can’t Fight the Moonlight

Charmed Evening

Paradise on Earth

Comic City Capers

A Red Carpet Affair

A Touch of Class

Dark Blue Destiny

Twilight Rendezvous

Broadway Backstage

Submerged Paradise

Profundities of Love

Vast Prom

Harlem Nights

Retro Romance

One Upon a Time

Heaven Awaits

African Safari

Get back to Copacabana

Hawaiian Night

Privateers of the Caribbean

Whig Party

A Taste of California

It’s a Jungle Out There

Ignoramus Party

Peddlers Ball

Retro Prom

Film industry Bliss

Winter Wonderland

Night in New Orleans  

Lobby of Terror

Everlasting Elegance

No matter what

Twilight Serenade

Sorcery Under the Stars

Evening of the Golden Dragon

Summer Breeze Gala

Bad dream on Main Street

Sentiment in the Park

Charm Under the Sea

Honorary pathway Gala

A Night in the Clouds

Yippee for Hollywood

Music of the Night

Shores of Venice

Brilliant Lights, Big City

A Night on the Town

A Night in Rio

City Nights

Gather Fest

Fifties Revival

Wilderness Allure

Disguise Ball

A Night on Broadway

Brilliant Age Glamor

Evening glow In Paradise

A Night on Treasure Island

A Knight to Remember

Egyptian Allure

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Predetermination Awaits

Putting on the Glitz/Ritz


Springtime in Paris

Caribbean Nights

Tequila Sunrise

Cinderella and Prince Charming

These are the Times

Tropical Paradise

Shades and Swimsuits

Moving by the Starlight


Parisian Romance/Escape

Awesome Fifties

Alice in Wonderland

Midsummer Night’s Dream

In The Still of the Night


Zombie Prom

Occasion Magic


A Night in Vegas

Mystical Masquerade Party


Cupid’s Ball


Speakeasy Bar

Gangster and Moll Bash


Silent Movies

The Charleston 

The Black Bottom 

The Lindy Hop

Prohibition “Bathtub Gin”

The Great Gatsby

Cotton Club 

Ragtime Band

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