A Luau is a fun Hawaiian party with kebabs, music, and fun games. It’s something that you and your pals need if you’re are tired of your everyday lives. And if you are all set to have one, all you need is an appealing Luau Party name to add a bit more shine to it.

A fun party means a lot of happy moments. From dancing to singing, jumping around enjoying the night.You, your friends, good food and what not! But all of this would be nothing to remember if it didn’t have a name to it. Therefore we need an attractive Luau Party name.

Here are some innovative Luau Party Names:

Pau Hana Party

Wiki Wiki Luau

Hawaiianstyle Barbecue

Poolside luau

Totally Tiki

Tiki Party

Sheltering Palms

Loco Moco Luau

Neon Paradise

City Luau

BBQ and Drinks 

Luau Fest

Luau Fiesta

Coconut party

Luau cocktail party

Summer Party

Luau in home

Lawn Luau

Luau Bash 

Crash By Beach Nights 

Living room Luau 

Palm Trees Luau 

Tiki Torches Night

Pina Coladas Fest

Hawaiian barbeque

Bright Shirt Party

Grass Skirts Night

Tropical Party

Luau Tropico.

Tropical extravaganza

Hawaiian Hideaway

 Hawaiian Hoedown

 Hawaiian Bash 

 Hawaiian Luau


Party Elevate

Names Avid

Beach Dandy

Theme Path

Beach Habit

Beach Deem

Party Wonderland

Beach Posh

Names Wise

Theme Majestic

Party Stella

Theme Spike

Theme Novus

Theme Grove

Names Electric

Names Genesis

Party Pixel

Beach Aviator

Beach Forest

Beach River

Beach Key

Theme Fiber

Beach Amethyst

Theme Circle

Theme Bloom

Names Sourced

Beach Aristocrat

Party Arctic

Party Eclipse

Theme Zephyr

Beach Micro

Beach Void

Beach Nip

Theme Genesis

Theme Pixel

Beach Spring

Theme VIP luau

Party Fame

Names Wind Luau

Beach Primed


Rick’s Novus

Theme Pasha

Beach ALine

Party Bear

Beach Affinity Party 

Tropical Bash

Party Serendipity

Party Mecha

Theme Opulent

Beach Rain

Party Incubator

Beach Zoo

Theme Byte

Party Porcelain

Beach Swank

Beach Cabana

Beach Collusion

Party Sprout


Beach Sprout

Themelia Beach Nights

Names Slender

Beach Laced


Beach Intuition


Catwalk Luau

Namjet Luau

Beach Platinum

 Hyper Luau

Luau Compact nights


Party Wood

Luau Allure

Beach Illuminati

Toes in the Sand

Shells and shoes

Beach Crowd


Take me to the Ocean

Life in a swimsuit

Names Array


Ride and Tide

Beach and bliss

Namooze Luau


The summer surf

Life is a beach

Alex’s Nomad Luau

Fine wine with tan lines

Sun and Sand, drinks in my hand

Theme Cave

Beach Opulent

Boose and breeze

Reach the beach

Luau Hack


Footprints in the sand

Fun under the Sun

Josh’s Nectar

Partyster’s  Luau

Seas the day

Splash and Sand

Beach Deem

Names Wonderland

Shorts at the shore

Pool and some drool

Theme Abstract

Beach Superb

Sand, Swimsuits , Saltwater, and Champagne

Ben’s Beryl

Theme Lioness

Party Flora

Alex’s Luau Domain

The Luau Dreamland  

Prominent Luau

Toretto’s Luau Titan

Bing’s Applique Luau

Luau Party Giga

Rosss’ LuauEnvision

Beach Swank

Beach Digital

Luxury Luau

The Luau Tec

Luau Cypher

LuauParty Check

Ben’s ALine Luau

Tropical Roll

Party Baron

Luau Collusion

Digi’s Luau Parade

Fishy Luau Party

Luau Programmatic

Luau Splendour

Ben’s Lavish Luau

T Desk

Luau Robe

Luau Protect


Luau Aces

Zack’s Zephyr’s Luau

 Sultana’s Tropical 

Fest Luau Aces

Hawaiian party by the lake

Party Form

Party Bee

Beach Orzo

Luau Party Terrain

Names Class

Beach Snug

Limbo Luau

Luau Sunday

Pineapple and Papaya Nights

Barefoot Luau

Lehua Blossoms and Luau

Luau Collective

Lanakila Luau

The Wipe Out’s Luau

Inspired in Hawaiian Attire

Tropical Luau Storms

Luau Sandcastles

The Coconut Crew

Aloha AllAround

A Triumphant Luau

The Aloha Spirit’s Tropical barbeque

Limbo and Luau

Grilled Tropical Party

Tropical Horizon 

Beer By the Fireplace

Tropical Tandoor

Mocktails and Tropic nights

Residente Luau

Homemade Luau fest

 Prawns by the Beach

Crabs by the pool

Someone give a Hawaiian shirt

Luau Entered the Chat

Dragon Eats Night

Fish Cheeks Luau Party

 Sea Spice Luau Night

Big Sheep Luau Ball

Luau Jungsik

Luau Piccola Cucina

Tropical Brunch

Mercado Tropicano 

Scarpetta Fest

Seafood Showdown


Luau Chill

Geared up Luau

L’Appart Luau

Harleys for Luau Hawaii

Peaches in a Tropical Fest

Coconut Smashing Party

Hawaiian Plate Party

AllNatural Shave Icecream Party

Luau de Saimin

Farm Chips Party

Poke Creations Party

Luau Stew Ball

Mochi Nights

Cow and Pig Bun Nights

Rainbow Platter Party

The Op Luau

Luau Effects

Coco Puffs Luau Party

Acai Nights

Croisadda Party

Beach Pasteles Fest

Leoda Pie Party

Mac N Cheese Fest

Haupia Ball

Mana pua Fest

Loco Moco Nights

Happy Death at Luau

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