Awards are of great importance when it comes to the students. It is a prize of recognition and respect which everyone desires ro have. If you are a person who is willing to start your own award show or ceremony, then you should have an idea about the award names for students. It will highly be helpful for you.

You need to go through a number of important factors which can help you choose a good name for your award show. You need to understand the importance of a good name too. A good name is the representation of the award that you are giving the students.

So, you need to keep that in mind. Below are some points which will help you understand how to choose a good name for the same. So, check them out below. 

  • When you are choosing a name for an award to be given to the students, analyze the award in the first place. You have to understand what the award is for. Accordingly, you have to pick a good name for the same.
  • The name you pick for the award for the students should be legally available. You should abide by the naming rules and regulations and choose a name which is according to the law.
  • Choose a name which is social media friendly. Picking a social media friendly name will free you from the online listing hassles. So, you need to choose this particular option to choose a name for your award for the students.

Also, you can reach out to the experts if you think you need help from the professionals. These names and the tips above can finally help you pick the best name altogether. So, keep this in mind. 

List of Best Student Award Names

Best Academic Student

Excellence Student Award

Star Of the year

Attainment Award

Artist Award

Creative Student Award

Endeavor Writer

Amazing Skills Award

Classroom Management

Certificate of Procurement

Discipline Student Award

Ethnic Group Award

Fabolous Student Award

Bright mind Student Award

Respectful Award

Communication Award

Aspiring Student Award

Allocating Award

Assignment Award

Rock and Roll Award

Passionate Award

Impressive Effort Award

The Extraordinary Award 

Dynamic Award

Fervent Award

Authority Award

Master of Maths

Mannerfull Award

Improvement Award

Active Student Award

High Performance

Outstanding Speaker 

Reading Star

Shiny Badge

Organization Award

Safe Hands Award

Star of the year

Initiative Award

Good Speaker Award

Best Critic Award

Influencer Award

Best Scientist Award

Harmony Award

TechTeach Award

United Award

Synergy Award

Wizard Of Writing 


Speller Award

History Bee Student

Simley Award

FashionTech Award

Graphic Designer

ArtClub Manager

Assignment Ant Award

Spiritual Award

Peaceful Student Award

Full Attendance Award

Best Sportsperson Award

Writing Bee Award

Spectacular Reader

Best Scorer Award

Most Chaired Student

An Assembled Student

Immaculate Student

Perilous Student

Fearful Student

Innovative Student

The Wizard Award

Excellent Award

Luminous Student Award

Wealthy Student Award

Spacious Award

Intelligent Student Award

Frail Student Award

Indolent Award

Terrified Student Award

Accurate Award

Frequent Student Award

Obedient Student

Sleek Award

Basic Student Award

Timid Student

Transparent Student

Hushed Award

Keen Student

Flawless Student Award

Petrified Student Award

Grave Student

Graceful Student

Gleaming Student Award

Deafening Award

Cautious Student Award

Sluggish Student Award

Exceptional Student Award

Downy Student

Strong Student

Thoughtful Award

Talented Student Award

Villainous Award

Silent Student Award

Cherished Student Award

Brilliant Student Award

Giant Student Award

Apprehensive Student Award

Unyielding Student

Serene Student Award

Meticulous Student Award

Perplexed Student Award

Blissful Student Award

Best Charmed Student

Ecstatic Student Award

Marvelous Student

Gracious Student Award

Likable Student Award

Courteous Student

Admirable Student

Astonishing Student Award

Generous Student Award

Comical Student

Agile Student

Genuine Student

Inventory Student

Humorous Student

Extremely Gleeful

Truly Kindhearted

Stupendous Student

Good Dresser Award

Astonishing Personality

Softspoken student Award

Best Secretary Award

Future Astrologer 

Very Talkative

Athlete of the School

Messy Student

Smarty of the School

Calculator of the School

Compassionate Student

Bookworm Student 

Studious Student Award

Fact Believer

Beauty of the school

Astonishing Handwriting

Caring Student

Very Dependable

Future Computer

ClassBunker Award

Alluring Student

Recognition Award

Blissful Daisy Award

Hardworking Student

Fast Reader 

Science Expert

Problem Solver

Excellent in Mapping

Best Cheerful

Best Singer

Best Spokesperson

Beautiful Smile

Internet lover

Neat and clean

Most Annoying

Creative Artist

Brilliant Thinker

The Foodie

Power Pack



Teacher’s Helper

Online Master

Social Media Bee

Joker of the Class

Notorious Student

Borrower of the School

Selfless Student

Honest Student

Imaginative Student

Optimistic Award

Reliable Student

Polite Student

Sincere Student

Most Energetic Student

Confident Student

Most Observer

Nice Student

The Most Emphatic

Most Supportive

The Forgiving Student

Most Determined Student

Cooperative Student

Always Motivated

Openminded Student

Always Patient

Most Dedicated

Always Positive

The Clever Student

Most Persistent Student

Always Gives Respect

The Thoughtful Student

Most Focused Student

The Adorable Student

Affectionate Student

Most Agreeable Student

Bold Student

Brave Heart

Boastful Student

Most Ambitious

Adventurous Student

Broadminded Student

Most Capable 

Conservative Student

The Most Coolest Student

Most Credible Student

Cultured Student

Most Dashing Student

Dazzling Student

Decent Student

The Delightful Student

The Daredevil

The Devotee

Most Dignified

The Dynamic

The Dominant Student

Easy going Student

Most Efficient

The Eccentric

Most Endurable Student

Emotional Student

The Entertainer

Most Ethical Student

The Eminent Student

Always Excited


Faithful Student

The Feminine

Firm Student

Very Frank Student


The Gentleman

The Tidy Student

Always Eager

Prankster of the Year

The Hyperactive

Most Discreet Student

Praiseworthy Student

Masterful Student

The Beaming Student

Always Satisfied

The Noble Student

The Magnificent Student

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