What comes to your mind when you hear Apothecary? Magic, potions, and healings perhaps? Many times people think about starting an Apothecary shop as preparing and selling compounds for medicinal purposes is giving huge profits everywhere.

But then they have trouble finding a suitable name for their business. Besides, an interesting Apothecary Business name will make you stand out.

Before one sets up their Apothecary Business, the first thing they need to do is name their company. Very few people realize that the name one chooses has a massive impact on how successful their business will be.

An attractive Apothecary Business name is all you need, but naming a business is no easy task, and that’s why we have you covered.

list of some amazing Apothecary Business Names:

Cottage Apothecary

Herb Basket

Floral Friends

Earthly Remedies

Bewitched Botanicals

Secret Garden Remedies

Potions and Potters

Overjoyed Aromas

Front Porch Apothecary

Totally Botanical

Vintage Apothecary

Parisienne Pharmacy

Medicinal Apothecary

Lifestyle Apothecary

Attic Apothecary

The Pharmacy

Country Apothecary

Aroma Apothecary

Herbal Apothecary

Elixir Works

Lavender Apothecary


Crystal and Curls

Petals and Potions

Wisteria Apothecary

Healing Potions

Herbs and Healing

Charms and Bells

Bluebird Apothecary

Natural Herbal

Shops of Potions

Garden Potions

Apothecary Cabinet

Healing Leaves

Alchemist’s Window

Sweet Scents

Black Raven

Vitamin Store

Meds and Herbs

Daisy Depot

Gertrude’s Garden

Lilac Apothecary

Delicate Therapy

Botanical Drugs

Untamed Garden

Herbs and Sundries

Botanical Bazaar

Botanical Explosion

Herbal Shoppe

Cures and More

Vintage Store

Sage Advice

Brisk Apothecary

The Healing Arts

Healing Hands

Charming Crystals

Urban Garden

Blooming Meadows

Elemental Aromas

Aroma’s Apothecary

Fern Cottage Apot

Elixir of Life

Clark Botanicals

Flourishing Apothecary

Botanical Friends

Herbal Alchemy

Elements Apothecary

Garden Apothecary

Blooms and Prosper

Petal and Pals

Lotion Barn

Bitter Remedy

Herbal Pharmacy

Botanical Distractions

Apothecary Depot

Sage Shop

Organics Hut

Meadow Sanctuary

Apothecary Chantique

Herbal Garden

Flourishing Herbs

Cure Sage

Chaucer Apothecary

Flora Medica

Healing Pot

Herb Source

Aroma Source

Herbal Prodigy

Botanical Bounty

Heavenly Herbs

Medicinal Miracle

Apothecary Depot

Herb Bazaar

Herbal Lifestyle

Botanical Blooms

Thyme Beauty

Miracle Herbs

Charms Cottage

Organic Seedlings

Universal Elements

Herb Pills

Alchemy Emporium

Enchanting Enterprise

Herb Shoppe

Honeysuckle Naturals

Herb to Heart

Herbal Attic

Cheer Herbals

Garden Delights

Urban Gardener

Ritual Crafts

Aroma Dance

Incense Ages

Green Garden

Healing Waves

Magic Blend

Botanical Brews

Chamomile Closet

Culinary Garden

Clover Willow

Sage Moon

Blossoming Blues

Blackberry Botanicals

Sage Compendiums

Minty Maniacs

Alignments Apothecary

Bedlam Herbs

Fresh and Flourish

The Cabinet

Clover Willows

Eden to Eartha

Eden’s Garden

Herbal Hangers

Beachy Botanicals

Meadow Mist

Cures and More

Healing Home

Meadows Maze

Botanical Blossoms

Antidotes Apothecary

Herbal Alchemy

Gifted Souls

Herbal Elixir

Wonders of Herbs

Angels Arrangements

Blooming Buds

Rosemary Garden

Country Apothecary

Spring Farms

Healing Helps

Bountiful Herb

Serenity Shop

Aromatic Herbals

Healing House

Karmic Herbs

Moss Magic

Gifted Gems

Solace Shop

Herbs and Healing

Paradise Herbals

Nature Spring Apothecary

Harmony Herbs

Herbs Boutique

Herbalist Centre

Earthly Essentials

Secret Magician

Healing Hands

Aromatic Apothecary

Empower Apothecary

Botanical Blossoms

Tranquility Trails

Elixir of Life

Lavender Parlor

Oasis Apothecary

Thyme Treatment

The Herbalist

Vintage Vase

Blooms Botanical

Crystal Cuts

Wild and Wisteria 

Herb Stomp

Blue Phoenix

Aroma Therapy

Holly Herbs

Twilight Trades

The Herbella

Cottage Creators

Upsense Herbal

Meadow Mint

Coast Coach

Apothecary Consultants

The Herbalina

The Pharmacy

Twisted Nature

The Greenhouse

Boxed Vitamins

Daily Daisy

Elixir Everyday

House of Herbs

Magic Alchemist

Forest Flex

Trapped Goodness

Petrichor Emporium

Alchemist’s Art

Nature’s Trinkets

Scented Escape

Botanical Distractions

Scented Scenes

Mystic Magic

Herbal Power

Herb Depot

Flores Spices

Pure Magic

Eden Sources

Bottle of wonders

The Herbex

Mystic Apothecary

The Herbalist

Tree Cure

Sweet Serene

Arctic Apothecary

Rosemary Remedies

Natural Bliss

Green Lush

Herbal Pleasure

Sassy Herbs

Effortless Elixirs

Whole Wisdom

Vital Compass

Potion Solution

Magic Potion

Bewitched Sage

Earthly Picks

Herb Bar

Flourish Apothecary

Blending Blossoms

Meadow Sanctuary

Herb Healer

Home Made Fix

Natural Sputnik

The Nutrifarm

Mystic Magic

The Herbrex

Rose Remedies

Wholly Herbs

Herbalist’s Hope

Herb Basket

Handcrafted Herbs

Organic Picks

Bees and Blossoms

Greenhouse Garden

Healing Hope

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