An Open Mic is a live show at a coffeehouse, nightclub, or comedy club at which audience members who are amateur or professional perform on stage, often for the first time, or they perform occasionally. So, if you ever wished to host one, we hope that some of these awesome Open Mic names will turn it into a great and memorable occasion.

All Open Mics require a great ambiance for the people to open up and showcase their talents. Similarly, you need an attractive Open mic name to make the Open Mic more memorable. Picking a good name is a difficult task.

but if a perfect and unique name is found it can add some spice to your Open Mic and make it unforgettable. 

Here’s a list of some cool Open Mic names:

Beyond The Words

Chasing Perfection

Creative Corner

Dreams Come True

Dream Team

Elegant Outcomes

Fab Functions

Fete And Fiesta

Last Moment 

Lucky Charms

Make It Happen

Make Your Day

Roads to Attainment

Maverick Helpers

Memories Made

Sculpted Talents

Hidden Talents

Seize The Day

You Got Talent

Stress Savers

The Big Bash

The Big Night

The Big Picture

The Magic Touch

Under the Theater

The Stress Factory

The Second City

Ambitious Beings

The Playground Theatre

Let’s Improve Talent

The Gallery Cabaret

The Funny Bone

The Comedy Store

Talent Asylum

Comedy Works

Talent Cellar

Catch a Rising Star

Annoyance Theatre

Straight punchline

Comedy Dive

Laughing Drive

We Bring Bad Comedy

Smile Wonders

Comedy Cookie

Hidden Talents

Fun Unlimited

Smile Factory

Comedy Crossroad

Comedy Zapper

Laughing Wings

Immense Comedy

Comedy Sparkle

Abstract Smiles

Unique Talents

Smile valley

Jokes trails

Vibrant Evening of Talent

Vivid Imaginations as Words

Sing & Smile

Spring Talks

Rare Kinda Music

Urban Discussions

Jokes surf

Your Wish

Clap&Cry @Jokes

Happy Cave

Unsettled Feelings

Dive into Comedy

Urban creativity

Jokes twist

Funny Idiots

Jokes matters

Laugh beats

Jokes thrives

Laughy scales

Happy hands

[email protected]

Smile essence

Laugh bliss

Mad Mix Saga

Urban corner

Laugh Beats

Bright Nest

Urban Mad

Funny Splash

Beyond Happy

Funny Strive

Talent Thrill

Crimson Crew

Secret Square

Dream Fiesta

Smiley Tales

Pop Heads

Comedians Call

Old School Jams

We Talk 

Stories From You 

The Walkman

Music Nerds

Music Waves

Ride Our Waves 

Fueled by Music 

Old School Songs 

Sweet Tunes 

Rundown Rap

Hard Listeners

Clear Crystals Singers

Livewire Singers

Pep Talks

Real Rappers

Universal Talents

Trusted Talents

Synth Musicians

Rad Rappers

Millennial Vibes

Cool Raps

Sweet Sounds 

Real Rap 

Call My Name 

Talented Pool

Wave Rider

Trusted Talk

Talk Takes

Hot Talks 

Talking Trials

Trusted Talk Show

Wave Runners

Listen Up Lessons

Listen Up People

Leisurely Listening

Listen In

Tempted Tune In

Afternoon Jamming

The Wavy Wake Up

Wake Up Calls

Call In Club

Ride The Waves

Catch A Wave

Wild Waves

Rule The Waves

The Morning Loft 

Wakeup Talents

Simple Morning Show

Morning Galaxy

The Sunrise Crew

The Politics Table

The Political Archives

The Loud Lounge

The Gist City

The Music Gallery

The Gist Junkies

The Breakfast Inn

Talk Lengthy

True Words 

The Current Show

Perform OnLive

The Open Box Show

The Party Club

The Press Crew Show

Probe Community

The Bracket Show

Rumpled Papers

Saturday Night Performers

Scrambled Saturday Night

The Discussion Isle

Around The Corner

The Right Hour

The Corner Karaoke

Music Playhouse

Night Truce

Hour Of Wilderness

Talent Matters

Evening With Us

Top of the Night

Night Glory

Laughs and Music

Up and Above

Night Rush

Peak Hours

Get Up Right

Sing With Us

Wake With Us

Rush Hour

Mad Ride

Power Hours

Talented Powerhouse

Sound On

Sounds Good

Sound blasters

Rap Stars

Inside Tracks

Rap Demons

Sound Up

Track Records

Fast Tracks

Wide Receiver

Rap Gods

On The Air

Coming in Your Ears


Let’s Talk

Talk About It

Pep Talk

Sweet Talks

Talent Unleashed

Making Memories

One of a Kind 

Experience Spectacular

Spectacular Sessions

Elevated Crowd

Exceptional Crowd

Start to Finish

Perfected and Polished

Posh and Polished

Perfect Day

Vision to Reality

Realistic Visions

Victorious Visions 

Effortless Beings

Helping Hands

Helping Hosts

Serene Spectators

All Accounted For

The Big Event

Your Big Day

Checklist Conquered

Cool and Collected

Dare to Dream 

Exquisite Exposure

Day Makers

Simply Suited

The Grand Plan

Talent Showtime 

The Clever Countdown

One in a Million 

Perfect Match

Round the clock 

Round table 

Inner Space 

In a Circle

Out of Town 

Positive elements 

Ideas and views 

Key Notes 

Center Podium 

Light beam 

Spotlights on You

Talent Corner 

The Full view

Front Row

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