by Quiana Darden

The content you create is part of a valuable conversation with your audience that builds trust, establishes your industry authority and explains how your products and services can support them. But what do you do when the world is flipped upside down and you’re unsure about how the conversation should go?

Many business owners are struggling with this and are trying to continue the conversation while also maintaining integrity. Now is the time to review your content marketing strategy and make the necessary changes needed to be sensitive to what’s happening in the world while still operating as a business owner.

Here are 4 content marketing strategies to adopt in your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Be Sensitive

Emotions are running high. While you want to speak with your audience via social media, emails, podcasts, Youtube videos and the like, it’s crucial that you remain sensitive to these feelings.

Now is not the time to exploit the situation and play into fears about the future or capitalize on stimulus check disbursement to achieve your business revenue goals. Instead, maintain your integrity. It’s not worth a quick sale to lose the respect and trust of your audience as a whole.


Serve Over Sell

You want to continue showing up for your audience with content, but now is the time to use it to serve your audience over constantly making a hard sell. Yes, you can include a call to action to make a purchase or schedule a call, but ensure that you’re helping them to achieve wins related to what you offer.


Adjust Your Strategy

If you’re like many business owners you create your content strategy in advance and batch create your content so you can stay ahead of the game. This is typically what I recommend, but when catastrophic events happen, like this pandemic, you might find yourself needing to change your strategy.

Consider the following:

– Has your ideal client changed?
– Will you focus on a different content platform?
– Will your content frequency adjust?
– Has your offer changed?
– What content does your audience want/need?


Connect With Your Audience

Developing a human connection with those who follow you, subscribe to your email list and buy your products and services is crucial on any day. But, when the world is struggling as a collective, you want to use this time to connect with your audience even more.

– Ask them what they need right now.

– Ask them what would help.

– Ask them what type of content they want to see.

– Offer your support.

– Offer words of inspiration or encouragement.

Show up as a human, not just a sales machine and you will leave a lasting impression on those who view your content during this time.



Quiana Darden is a content marketing writer and content marketing strategist specializing in helping authors, speakers, content creators and service providers create high quality content so they can increase their visibility and attract better clients. Quiana established her content marketing firm in 2018 and has since supported corporations, industry experts and small businesses alike in creating content that connects, educates and sells.