The fashion scene is diverse, and it comprises several accessories for women! For instance, the hat – has been present for a very long time. The initial usage of the lady’s hats was mainly to provide functionality and security from the harsh sun rays. However, as time passed, women gradually got to know the sartorial relevance of a womens hat styles.

Hence, for many women today, hats are a part of their fashion statement. It can and does add elegance and jazz to any outfit and also adds style to their persona. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you certainly can do it with a hat! This article will discuss a few womens hat stylesthat every woman should have to feel stylish.

1- Beret

The origin of a Beret hat is from Spain and France. Also, these hats are loved by most women. The hats are effortlessly chic and are entirely fuss-free. It is interesting to know that the Beret was initially worn with a military uniform, and today it has made it to the fashion scene. Several celebrities embrace this hat style. These hats are soft and come with a flat and rounded crown.

2- Fedora

If you want a playful and edgy hat that can add a somewhat quirky element to your outfit, opt for a Fedora. Several celebrities have worn this hat along with formal wear and pantsuits. If you want, you can wear this hat with your jumpsuit to add a stylish touch to your casual attire. You can attribute the hat’s name to the famous dramatist Victorien Sardou, who sported this hat during a play. The modern-day Fedoras have a crease at the center and come with a soft brim.

3- Floppy hats

Doing justice to its name, the floppy hats come with a firm brim and take any shape. These hats can assume any shape, and that makes them fluid and give them an ultra-classy look. If you are fond of maxi dresses and Bohemian outfits, then this hat is your best companion. The floppy hats initially got used to protecting the head and face from the sun, but today it’s a popular fashion accessory.

4- Boater

During the 19th century, the boater hat was a famous fashion accessory, and men mostly wore it. And going by the name, the boater hats got worn mainly by men who were into boating and sailing. And as the fashion scene became more gender-neutral, many women started wearing this hat as well. The boater adds a certain amount of sophistication and poise to your look.

5- Bucket hat

As a woman, if you have been a 90s kid, you must have worn or seen a bucket hat! These hats are efficient in securing your hair from the scorching sun’s rays. It’s also your best go-to accessory when you have a bad hair day. The bucket hat makes most women look adorable. Primarily the Irish farmers used it due to their functionality and to stay secure from the rain. But very soon these hats entered the fashion trend and today it’s worn by several celebrities and fashionistas all across the globe.

How to shop for these hats online?

Now that we have discussed the best five hat styles that make women look stylish, it’s important to know how to shop for them. Today, most women shop online because of the ease and comfort it brings. However, if you plan to do so, you need to keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Do your research – You need to choose the best online store to purchase a stylish hat. Hence, for that, you need to conductonline research and select the best website. Make sure you browse through the leading websites, check out their collection, and assess their service and delivery terms.
  • Assess the price – Different websites will present different prices to you. Hence, you need to check the prevalent price in the market for a specific type of hat and pay the correct price. It’s essential to ensure that you don’t pay extra for a particular hat.
  • Check customer reviews – It’s always better to check the customer reviews for the website you intend to choose to buy your hat. Make sure you select a website that has a balanced review by the customers who are happy to purchase from this portal. That way, you can be aware of the generic feedback that the customers have for this site.

Choosing your best hat can take time! If you want to own a hat that will make a difference in your attire, you can select from the hat types mentioned above. And once you follow the guidelines shared, you can choose the best portal to buy the hat from.

Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.