Let’s face it; whether you’ve been with a guy for two months or two decades, you face a similar level of cluelessness and hesitation when you’re trying to choose the perfect gift for him. The thing with getting men around you gifts is that most of them never show you how they feel about gifts; most of them fail to communicate their loves and hates, likes and dislikes, which end you in a cycle of despair.

 And, even though at one point most partners start to make it about how they don’t need a gift, because you’re the only gift they need, and honestly, that claim makes you want to gift them something that puts a never-ending ear to ear smile on their face. Some occasions still ask for something sweet, thoughtful, and celebrates the love, friendship, respect, or all of them in one.

To solve this problem of yours for  once and  all, we’ve designed a go-to list that you and people around you can refer to when looking for the perfect gift for him. Some of these are sweet, some witty, some are sentimental, for times you just want to celebrate it all. These gifts suit all kinds of people and target different choices and different likes and dislike that your partner may fail to communicate, but it screams them the minute you see them. Remember, you saw it here first!


Vinyl down YOUR song. 

Mostly, there’s a song that you share with your loved one. Maybe the one that you jam together on. It’s no surprise that songs become a love language on their own. Securing, loving, and cherishing some memories through a song, close to both of you, is romantic and the most thoughtful and the cutest gesture.

With Vinyl Records being back because of the love GEN-Z has given it, it will be effortless for you to find shops that deal in it. Choose a song from your relationship’s soundtrack and transform it into something he’ll remember forever. Send the track’s name — the one he played on your first date, the one you first slow danced to, etc. — to these shops that make customizable vinyl records, then choose a record colour and add a personalized greeting to make it far more special for the both of you.


Leather wallets; timeless and classic.

It’s no surprise that most of the men in your life may have wallets that they never think about changing because, at one point, guys get too comfortable with their wallets, and the idea of changing them doesn’t cross their brains. So, be the reason for that much-needed change.

Wallets are timeless, classic, and personal. Suitable for every occasion, especially graduations and job promotions. When giving a wallet as a present, it’s helpful to know how the recipient usually uses their wallet and what style they already have. Do they have a card wallet that isn’t too bulky? A slim card holder fits well in the front trouser pocket and can contain a few cards and folded notes. The bifold wallet is a more classic shape with a full-length notes compartment and eight card slots.

Classic men’s leather wallets and personalized wallets that hide a little message that you want him to see every day are the way to go!


Beard gang? Beard gang. 

Are you looking for different present ideas for men with beards? Then you’re in luck because growing a beard is somewhat of a “thing” these days, and it draws bearded men into a complete lifestyle where beards take on a life of their own.

It can be difficult to find gifts for men who have beards. The problem is that you’re always striving to find the right gift. Because they all have distinct likes and preferences, it’s impossible to say what the best gift is for them. A variety of beard-care products are available on the market. For a long time in the modern world, beards were not allowed in the workplace because a clean shave was deemed ideal. However, they are gradually being allowed back into the world. Rightfully so.

So, if you have men in your life whose life revolves around beards or if you want guys in your life to take care of their beards, a beard set that goes according to their liking is the best way to go. You might have to do a little research of your own!


Save the time, quite literally.

When it comes to gifts for guys, men’s watches boxes are a popular choice. Men are no longer limited to only one or two wristwatches. Designer timepieces have become very popular in recent years, and many people have an extensive collection. The ideal present option would be a watch box so they can keep their watches secure and organized.

 Using these watch boxes can help the man you gift it to protect his pricey watches and other valuables. Various shapes, styles, and designs give these boxes a regal appearance. Choose wisely and timely!


All things movies 

When looking for the perfect gift, most of us are looking for ways to spend time with our loved ones at the same time. So, if you and your partner or the one you’re gifting this to is an avid movie watcher, a set of personalized CDs of his favorite movies or the movies you had wanted to watch for the longest time will suffice.

Not only do these personalized and personally selected movie CDs scream love and romance, but they also scream out the amount of effort that you put in.


End Notes

This list had been specifically created keeping in mind guys who say; I have everything, I want nothing. You know who you are. We are watching you closely!

Lastly, gifts are made precious because of the gesture they hold, the person who gifts them, and the celebration it celebrates. So, while you need to be thoughtful about what you’re gifting, don’t get too lost in the race of getting the “perfect gift.” Your gesture and thought are what make the gift perfect. Own up to both of them, and you’ll have the perfect gift in your hand the next time you’re celebrating a man in your life!