Stadio global is a company that’s disrupting NFT games. This technological company seeks to introduce a new era of assets in sports by providing an ecosystem that has pathways for athletes, fans, and sports agents. 

NFT games have taken the world by storm. With skyrocketing prices and users, NFT is definitely here to stay. Stadio has built a system that enhances the gaming experience by adding value to all those involved. The questions below will help you learn more about Stadio global. 

Who are the founders 

Martin Lazarevic co-founded Stadio global. Martin is a thought leader within the Web 3 space. He is a tech entrepreneur with several successful start-ups and exits. Martin started his own company when he was 23 years old. He always wanted to build up to something successful. Martin and his business partner Ash managed to launch Stadio global through hard work and perseverance. 

What is Stadio all about? 

Stadio global is a technology company that operates in the crypto and web three-space. The company mainly targets athletes by offering them pathways to continuous monetization in the web 3 space. One of the pathways that athletes can utilize is setting up a wallet to create an NFT that they can monetize. Stadio also provides the technology that enables athletes to sell in secondary markets and receive money from crypto. 

How does Stadio benefit athletes? 

As pointed out in the initial question, Stadio Global is a technology company that provides a new way for athletes to empower monetization directly with fans. Stadio’s virtual ecosystem allows athletes to engage directly with fans and sell their personal brands. The athletes can also seek sponsorship or share charities with their fans in the ecosystem. On the other hand, fans can use NFTs to buy merchandise, or they can exchange them for crypto.  

How does Stadio benefit fans? 

Fans stand to gain a lot from the Stadio platform. The company is set to release Stadio Leaguez 3V3, which is an NFT game. The game promises a new and exciting approach to Gaming as fans will be spoilt for choice with rewards. For instance, fans who have accumulated tokens can use them to buy merchandise from their favorite athletes. Fans can also access special watch events like post-match or pre-match interviews of their favorite athletes. The game will also include mission tournaments. 

What is the future for Stadio? 

The founders of Stadio want their clients to make the most out of web 3 and the crypto drive. They plan to expand their virtual ecosystem to include a marketplace of graphic designers, artists, video designers, and 3D renderers. That way, when an athlete wants to create a unique NFT and attach value to it, they will find a team of talented professionals who can help them with that. 

The goal of Stadio global is to help athletes, fans, agents, and coaches get the most out of web three and crypto. The platform is one of the first blockchain projects building dynamic benefits and utilities that lets fans earn tokens that they can redeem for numerous benefits. You can check them out on social media or visit their website to learn more. To stay up to date on NFT drops and the launch of the Stadio Leaguez game follow them on social media;