“It’s Not Supposed to be This Way” is a best selling book by Lysa TerKeurst.

The book entails the author’s journey through hardships, her questions about God and how she came out stronger on the other side.

Here are some quotes from “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way”:

– You think disappointment is bad, but sometimes it is the only thing your soul needs to encounter God radically.

– There are times when to get your life together, you have to go through the death of what you envisioned your life to be.

– People care about outcomes too much. Outwardly, they may say that they are putting their trust in God, but still they wrack their brains and wok and work to control their outcomes.

–  If your enemy is able to isolate you then he will be able to influence you.

– If you want to have God’s assurances, you will have to trust his processes.

– The reality is that we can only do the action, not control the outcome. We cannot put a time stamp on how or when God’s promises will come to fruition. We cannot wish or the hurt to go away quickly, everything will take its time.

– You feel disappointment when you think that things could be more better than they already are. Better people, better finances, better circumstances, better relationships, better everything.

– The more time we take to confront our feelings, the more the healing process will be delayed. If we bury it or ignore it or numb it then we are only pushing ourselves towards a mental breakdown.

– If you want to heal the pain, then you need to feel the pain.

– There will come a time when your faith and your feelings are in conflict with one another.

– If you are disappointed in an outcome, then it doesn’t mean that God is not providing us with the good things. It can be His way of leading us to where we truly belong.

– All God wants is to help us. All we have to do is to be receptive and to let him grace us.

– If we misunderstand the message of God, then we will most likely form a wrong picture of our current circumstances.

– Fear and disappointment belong to the same family. Both are such deep, harrowing feelings and both leave us numb and paralysed.

– Strive to be true to your most healed, healthy, calm and composed self; just like God intended you to be.

– Being vulnerable is human nature, it requires utmost trust in God. Putting all your trust in God is the most important and the most difficult thing to do.

– One should learn how to help a friend in need by encouraging them and helping them to fight their demons and understand God’s truth.

– If you are facing hard times then do not hurry in concluding that God is unfair. It can be his way of armouring us and protecting us.

– Dust does not mean the end. Sometimes for something new to begin dust is required.

– God loves all of us. He will answer my prayers at the correct time and in a suitable way, not before not after.

– The holy words of God must become the words through which our story is written.

– If you are faced with disappointments then take a moment to gather yourself. Don’t run away from the situation, instead open another door, turn a different way.

– If we make it a habit to be compassionate towards others then our own sorrows and disappointments will not seem that big or will not hurt so much.

– The enemy profanes and curses the truth while God converts it.

– I place my hopes on the constant and never changing promise of God.

– We cannot be perfect because we have so much to learn and unlearn; we are still unfinished.

– The journey of trials and tribulations is not to make the promise not available to you, it is so that you are prepared to appreciate the extent of the promise.

– One must have patience and faith and walk through the path God has laid before him in order to be showered with his promise.

– The news which you hear and the actual truth are rarely the same.

– Whether we stay buried under the pile of hurt and suffering or whether we come out of it and renew our hearts is solely our choice.

– He does not want us to go through difficult situations alone. All he wants is for us to give over the reins to him.  

– Think of it like this: The very worst experiences in your life might be the path leading to the very best experiences you will ever have and you will cherish forever.

– When we are faced with challenges, we become more effective and confident in our ability to overcome adversities.

– Your deepest and most personal desperations can lead to great revelations from God.

– When we put our trust in the Lord and have complete faith in Him, comfort and peace of mind will come easily to us.

– Using your trust in God and God’s teachings to view the situation will not change the circumstances but it will definitely change how you look at the circumstances.

– Our disappointments are a gateway for the enemy to enter.

– Thegreatest punishment is to be separated from God.

– If there are moments when your faith becomes weak, then take those moments and use them to remind yourself how much you need your faith, how important it is.       

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