The simple Guide to Learning Spanish | The best and most powerful resource for mastering the language from home!

The complete guide to learning the Spanish language, there is no doubt that the Spanish language is one of the most beautiful and sought-after languages ​​in the world. The huge increase in the number of learners of this language during the past years pushes us to place it at the top of the list of languages ​​that we want to learn.

Today, let’s get acquainted with the best resources for learning the fourth most spoken language in the world, and the fourth most learned language in the world! Castellano language or Spanish language.
The best and most trusted resources for learning and mastering the Spanish language (The Complete Guide to Learning Spanish):

Through this article, my friends, we will not talk about techniques that can be followed to learn the Spanish language, because we have simply published a set of previous articles, whether on the secrets of learning languages, mistakes in learning languages, techniques for acquiring a large number of vocabulary in any language or techniques of pronunciation and speaking in any language such as the original speaker.

Therefore, today we will focus on the most important sources that can be relied upon to learn the Spanish language in the right ways.

The Spanish language, for the person who speaks Arabic, is considered a medium difficult language, meaning it cannot be said that it is easy, but at the same time it is not difficult at all.

Therefore, we will point out some points that can be used during the period of learning this language:

  • The Spanish language is one of the Romance languages ​​family, so your knowledge of one of these languages ​​such as Italian, Portuguese or French, makes it much easier for you to learn Spanish. And vice versa, meaning that mastering the Spanish language makes it very easy for you to learn one of these previous languages.
  • According to my personal experience, if you are fluent in English, this will help you a lot in learning vocabulary in Spanish. In terms of grammar, there is no clear similarity between Spanish and English. But in terms of vocabulary you will find this similarity.
  • The most difficult stage in learning the Spanish language, it is not learning the pronunciation (especially for Arabic speakers), it is not the vocabulary acquisition stage, or even the reading stage in the language. Rather, it is the stage of learning the rules of this language. If we compare it with the English language, for example, we find that the grammar in the Spanish language is more complicated, especially the so-called Subjuntivo. We won’t go into more detail but focus heavily on it.

The best way to get ahead and speak the Spanish language well is to listen to it and try to speak it as much as possible. Starting to learn the language by practicing grammar is a big mistake. More clearly, a person usually masters the grammar of the Spanish language and when he starts speaking it he needs a long time to construct a specific sentence. The reason is the large number of tenses that can be used to conjugate verbs in the language. Therefore, the most important step, literally the most important, is to listen to the language a lot so that you can speak it spontaneously!

The Best Sites to Learn Spanish (The Complete Guide to Learning Spanish):

We start with the best free resource available is the University of Texas course. Why is it considered one of the best sources?

The answer is clear, that is, we are talking about a university course, that is, more clearly, a fully coordinated work divided into organized lessons. The most important feature of it is that it targets all levels, from beginner to advanced. You will notice that each section covers all skills, you will find educational videos, a section on grammar, vocabulary, sentences, and the most important is the podcast section, which we will talk about in a later section of this article.

As other sources, in fact there are many options, for example the website of the US Foreign Services Institute provides many free lessons to learn Spanish for more than one level (from beginner to advanced).

Or we have the learn practical spanish online site, which is also featured and can be easily browsed, and finally we add the Spanish profe de ele site, a rich information site in which you will find everything you are looking for. And

Learn Spanish with the Podcast:

I think podcast is familiar to everyone, as it is practically a series of audio recordings (it could be said similar to radio).

More clearly, suppose you and a group of friends talk about a specific topic, and at the same time you make an audio recording of the conversation. If you make a series of recordings and publish them online, you have your own Podcast. Here is a simple example. Note that there are fully educational podcast channels, news channels, and so on.

It should be noted here that many people underestimate the importance of podcasts in the language learning stage. In fact, it is one of the best sources for listening to the language spoken on a daily basis by native speakers. Especially when the podcast is attached with the text mentioned in it.

In this article we will mention examples of a podcast for learning Spanish. So we can find a series of recordings designed as curated loops to help you with language learning. website:

For starters, it can be used by all levels. If you are just beginning to learn Spanish, I recommend starting with the Spanish 101 section. It is a series of podcast recordings for beginners. You will find a large number of curated rings within it.

If your language level is intermediate or advanced. I recommend starting with CÓMO APRENDER ESPAÑOL ?. The first episode includes about 18 minutes, and it can be seen that the text mentioned in the recording is attached to the page with the episode, and by moving down you can move to the second episode! And so on.

There is a very important tip here, you can use the Burning Vocabulary plugin that we talked about in previous articles. Download it to Google Chrome and you will notice that only by pointing to the word, you will see the translation. An amazing addition. Also, all the vocabulary that you refer to is saved in the special Dashboard, and you can return to it later and practice it using the awesome Flashcards technology.

This amazing Burning Vocabulary plugin can only be used for $ 39 for an entire year! Also, if you follow our site, you can access this link and get a discount using this code [KBYL0K3].

The last section of the previous website Lecciones de español is a collection of educational YouTube videos that are also very useful for learning Spanish and are arranged in episodes.

In fact, I mean, there are many sources for listening to the Podcast, and these are the most important of them.

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