When thinking about financial trading, you might rarely think about the psychology aspect of it. Yet, psychology plays a significant role in trading. It directly affects how a trader thinks. Every decision the trader makes is highly dependent on the individual’s psychological state. Behavioral issues are most likely to appear due to psychological instability. When money is at stake, any mistake can be an expensive one. Thus, you can’t afford to make mistakes in this business. One man, Anmol Singh, has chosen to be part of the solution. He is no ordinary man, he is the leading expert in the trading psychology space.

Anmol Singh has helped hundreds of thousands of traders from all over the world dealing with psychological and behavioral issues to come back to their best selves. He has been able to achieve all that through Live Traders, a trading firm he co-founded with Jared Wesley in 2015. Singh is the CEO and has led the firm to become the #1 Trading Education Firm for three consecutive years. He is also the author of the book, Prepping For Success.

How It All Started

By his twenty-fifth birthday, Singh was already a millionaire. But, the financial trader was not born into a wealthy family. He is actually recognized as a self-made millionaire. All due to trading stocks and forex. The first time Singh gained interest in financial trading was in college as an 18-year-old. He went on to research and study books on everything there was to know about the stock market and currency. With time he knew enough about trading to make him rich. At some point, he wrote research articles for yahoo finance, but by 19 he had already decided to do trading full time.

After that, he met his co-founder Jared Wesley in a summit he attended. Wesley was teaching at a Proprietary firm and Singh would later join him as a co-worker at the same firm. Singh took a job at the proprietary firm trading stocks for a cut of the profits. In no time Singh climbed through the ranks and was offered a job as a teacher by the same firm. That was after he did so well trading they wanted him to start training. After working there for a couple of years the firm fell under new ownership and Singh had to leave. That’s when he came together with Wesley to start Live Traders.

Live Traders

The aim of creating Live Traders was to help other aspiring traders become great. They are a collaboration of professional traders with a vast amount of market knowledge and experience. They offer different strategies and techniques which suit the majority of aspiring traders. They also teach their students about intra-day trading, swing trading, core trading, and options trading. They are not the #1 Trading Education firm by mistake.

By the time Live Traders was coming to life, Singh had already established himself as a trade psychology expert. Through the trading firm, he shows new or struggling traders how to ride the emotional roller coaster trading can be. According to Sigh, such problems arise when high stakes are on the line. Things like fear or overconfidence can lead to the loss of millions. He is determined to show the world what REAL trading looks like. Singh shows you how trades are executed and how to handle the many different scenarios that the stock market might throw your way, without getting emotions involved.

Singh spends most of his days with his students from Live traders while continuing to support them financially. He also does stock market and forex trading, real estate, franchise store, and other business ventures. A couple of students he has worked with in the past are now successfully running money management firms and hedge funds. Most of them are now making a 6 figure or a 7 figure income thanks to Singh’s training. After becoming a thought leader in the trading industry he became a sought after trainer and counselor. He has previously spoken at Brunel University in London UK, their own live events held in New York, Miami, and other podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire. Clearly he knows what he is doing, and others could greatly benefit from the training he offers through Live Traders.