Within our daily lives, we all have situations that challenge our principles and our ability to be honest.


Simple examples are hearing crude sexist or discriminatory jokes, suspecting a co-worker is stealing or suspecting a friend’s spouse is having an affair with someone. Perhaps you hear mention of your best friend’s teenager dressing inappropriately at parties or that your neighbor’s kid is being a bully. We are often confronted with challenges directly or indirectly that are in conflict with our principles or sense of ethics.

While we all admire those who courageously speak up or act in the face of danger, it is also important to consider why most people don’t speak up regardless of their values.

How To Tell Somebody Something Anonymously

Most of us don’t want to be singled out or put on the spot.

Others fear authority figures and recrimination. Often we are not sure about what we hear or suspect so the slightest thread of doubt wins out. Surprisingly, many researchers report that neither religious beliefs nor higher education increases the likelihood of people speaking out or acting on their principles. We also fear that other people may misunderstand our good intentions, which is often the case.

Employers have been known to fire, demote or transfer employees offering unsolicited feedback for no apparent reason. Whistle-blowers at companies are usually fired or face ugly lawsuits. Often our best intentions in communication can mean losing friends or alienating family members. The risks of expressing your principles can honestly have disastrous results.

Anonymous communication offered through AnonymousExpressions.com helps well-intentioned people have the courage to face and speak up regarding the moral challenges they encounter. Like Donna, who had heard that her best friend’s husband was having an extra-marital affair. She was torn between telling her friend the truth, not wanting to get involved and not being sure if what she heard from several sources was actually true. She didn’t want her dear friend to be embarrassed because she was the last one to know either! Her anonymous message as follows mitigated all of these problems for her and helped her to be true to her friend, her principles and to act courageously.

“Dear Pam, We don’t know if it is true or not but several people say your husband is having an affair. We trust you would want to know this and that if he is, that you wouldn’t want to be the last one to know. We advise you of this because we care.”

Regardless of your moral dilemma and the possible consequences of being a whistleblower in any area of your life, Anonymous Expressions.com protects your identity as all correspondence is mailed directly from their service. They offer unique awards and personal letter delivery by first class mail. Some of their sassy awards or (wake up call awards)  include: Mindless Moocher, Rebel Without a Clue, Drama Queen of the Universe, Judgmental Jackass and Dastardly Dirty Old Man (just to name a few!) Awards both honoring and uplifting and sassy are all customized and mailed for only $13. This important service offers you the freedom to express yourself honestly and safely. They offer a variety of examples of truth-telling regarding many challenging areas of one’s life. You will also enjoy exploring the abundance of awards, poems, prayers, and articles available for inspiration. All products include Free first class mailing or are free downloads.

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Remember,  “Giving just for the sake of giving, without the need for recognition and honoring those we respect, are universal family values we think everyone benefits from.” The Watson Family, Santa Fe N.M.