Countries are imposing lockdown measures that aim to slow down the transmission of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In most states, there are restrictions in movement, and authorities highly encourage everyone to abide by the stay-at-home policy. Community quarantine measures have also forced many businesses to suspend operations, but the prolonged lockdown has led to the permanent closure of companies and a massive layoff of workers.

Entrepreneur Ben Zogby, the founder of the 7-Figure Blueprint, remarked that the pandemic opened a new avenue to earn a living. Zogby said that stay-at-home policy has resulted in higher demand for online learning, which, in turn, offers a beacon of hope for people who were greatly affected by the health crisis. “Everyone should realize that the ongoing pandemic is the best opportunity to start teaching an online course. The reason is simple. All your potential customers are working from home. Most people are at home and have a lot of time to learn. It is much easier to market an online course these days because everyone is online,” Zogby explained. He urges everyone to use their time during the quarantine to build an online course-based business.

The Future Of Learning Is Online 

Zogby said that the pandemic has made people realize that students do not have to assemble in one place to learn. Now, people are more often learning online. Zogby noted that the demand for online courses continues to rise since the past few years. Estimates revealed that selling online courses will generate more than $30 billion in the next ten years. “Figures show that an online course is the best business type right now that you could ever start. It is both easy to build and, if you take the right steps, will be highly profitable in the long-term,” he added.

Online courses are a massive business, and the good thing about it is it is not yet saturated. It will continue to grow and generate more profit as more people shift online to learn a new skill. “You only need to create one product. It could be a life skill tutorial or a professional course. Once you have created that product, everything gets easier. You can sell it and market it to as many individuals that you want. If you could sell a course on a topic that people are interested in, you are going to make a lot of money,” Zogby said. He added that there is a high demand for online courses since everyone is flocking to online learning, especially during the lockdown.

Humble Beginnings

“I was an ordinary worker before. I used to work in a 9-to-5 job as most of you are doing. But I only used that day job as stepping stones to get to where I wanted — to have my own business,” Zogby said. Zogby shared that it helped me save up some money to start my business. “At that time, I am still trying to figure out how to make money through stock trading. But when I consistently made money from trading, I left my day job and focused on building my wealth through trading,” he added.

Zogby’s trading business is successful and has generated millions in revenue. In just 18 months, he turned HighStrike Trading into a $2.7-million business, and what made it more astounding is that Zogby built it from scratch. By the age of 24, Zogby is one of the youngest millionaires in the country. 

A Business That Help Others

After Zogby’s success in trading, he established another company which he named the 7-Figure Blueprint. As the name suggests, the business aims to provide a blueprint for entrepreneurs to make seven-figure revenue by sharing their online skills.

Zogby revealed that he wants to help others make their first million-dollar revenue. “I want to see the joy in their eyes when they make their first million-dollar. I felt the same delightfulness when I made my first seven-figure revenue,” Zogby said. 

7-Figure Blueprint teaches entrepreneurs how to make money by creating online courses and selling them online. “The next big thing in learning is online courses. Everyone should realize that it could provide continuous profit for a long time,” Zogby explained. He is urging everyone to enroll at 7-Figure Blueprint and start their journey in the online learning industry.

The 7-Figure Blueprint helps entrepreneurs create, launch, sell, and scale their online course business. Zogby guides them in building a profitable online course-based business. Through his work, Zogby teaches them how to get their page started, how to find the customers to sell their course, and how to get reviews as well as guide them in picking the best niche for them.

The program shares the three-step course-building blueprint that has made many millionaires. The first step is providing the students with courses to build a foundation of needed skills. “I will help you create the best course in your chosen niche and build your brand,” Zogby explained, and further added, “Next, there will be a group chat wherein students, and I will exchange ideas on how to crush sales. Lastly, there will be a live help which is a team-wide video meeting with me every week.”

Enroll Now!

Zogby said that he is aiming to turn 100 course-sellers into millionaires. That is why he urges everyone to enroll at 7-Figure Blueprint and learn how to become a millionaire with online courses. “I want to help them to build a business that could provide them passive income for a very long time,” Zogby added.

“Everyone of us has a skill that he can share with the world. Why not turn that skill into a profitable business,” Zogby said. Interested individuals enroll at Also, please follow Ben Zogby on Instagram at @benzogby and @sevenfigureblueprint. You can also drop him a message at