Best Teeth Whitening Kit GLO Science Vs. SNOW

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Fashion tends may come and go, but one thing that remains constant is the importance of a white smile. Nobody has ever said that “Yellow is the new white.” Everybody loves to flaunt their pearly white teeth, no matter their age. That’s why we put two of the most popular teeth whitening kits to the test!

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Best Teeth Whitening Kit 2021: GLO Science vs. SNOW

Many dentists think that teeth stains are a result of both extrinsic and intrinsic sources. While food or drinks with dark ingredients are responsible for outside sources causing teeth yellowing, certain intrinsic sources such as yellowing of the teeth’ inner layer can also be a cause. Aging and smoking are also major factors of teeth discoloration.

Best Teeth Whitening Kit

No matter the cause, no one likes having yellow teeth and we all want to get back the bright white smile as soon as possible. However, with a wide range of solutions available, people often get confused on which one to pick.

Experts suggest that you need to consider your preferences before starting any treatment. While many people are still nervous about jumping to the bleaching bandwagon, many still want to consider products that would easily fit their lifestyle yet give them fast results.

The results will vary based on certain factors, including your oral hygiene habits, diet, medication, and genetics which also play a pivotal part. So, consult your dental expert before beginning. They can evaluate your sensitivity level to determine if bleach would be the right solution for you or whether you should use some other product.

Although bleaching is an option when it comes to the best teeth whitening kit, we are here to discuss two great options, which will give you whiteer teeth.

Let’s dive into these two miraculous products so that you can have a better understanding of which one to choose.

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GLO Science Teeth Whitening System Review

GLO Science Review Best Teeth Whitening Kit Guaranteed GLO Brilliant

Here are a few simple key aspects of the GLO Science Teeth Whitening System. Read on to know more:

  • It takes nothing more than 8 minutes a day to get that perfect GLO smile
  • GLO Brilliant gives you five shades of brighter teeth in just five days
  • You can use it safely for the veneers, bridges, and crowns
  • Unlike the competitors, it uses heat to produce effective results
  • It is extremely simple and effective to use
  • It is a guaranteed 30-days money-back policy, with free shipping and a 1-year limited warranty

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How is GLO Science different from others?

While many products claim to be the best teeth whitening kit, GLO Science shows why it is different from the rest. It is a scientifically proven solution tried and tested for safety and assurance of results before being launched in the market.

There is a  whole methodology and science behind making GLO what it is. GLO is the acronym for Guided Light Optics. A revolutionary technology that consists of using heat acceleration to whiten teeth quicker and safer than ever before.

The patented design of the GLO technology has been proven effective by the top scientist of New York for its amazing design, invention, and perfection. It has been carefully crafted to fit into your mouth without giving you any trouble or discomfort.

The LED mouthpiece starts warming the gel and activates the hydrogen peroxide fully so that you can easily maximize the whitening process by taking only eight minutes of your precious time.

The entire system is scientifically proven to provide you a five times whiter smile and without any sensitivity in just five days. This is what makes GLO Science one of the best teeth whitening kits available today.

Eight Minute Treatment

GLO Science Review Best Teeth Whitening Kit Guaranteed Today 3

To get a beautiful, white smile, make sure that the treatment is done regularly. However, visiting the dentist every day to spend 8 minutes in their chair is not feasible. GLO gives you the flexibility while providing dental expert results! Such amazing effectiveness has made GLO Science one of the best teeth whitening kits.

GLO Brilliant

The first component GLO Science is the GLO Brilliant that it can be termed as the original device with all the necessary tools incorporated for a do-it-yourself home teeth whitening kit. The different components that form the GLO Brilliant package include:

  • Mouthpiece and storage case
  • GLO control and hands free lanyard
  • Ten teeth whitening GLO Vials can suffice you with around 40 applications
  • The GLO lip treatment
  • The GLO universal power cord and adaptor
  • A sleek travel and storage case
  • Shade guide
  • User manual

How true is the claim of getting five shades whiter teeth in just five days? Well, the GLO intelligent system has proven to provide effective results. All you need to do is use the system for five days through an 8-minute cycle and notice amazing results. Here is all that you need to know about using the system for the best results.

  • Before using GLO brilliant, brush your teeth
  • Apply lip balm
  • Remove the vial cap and apply to your upper and lower teeth
  • Plug the GLO mouthpiece into the battery pack and then insert the piece in your mouth to position it properly
  • The next step involves waiting for 8 minutes until the blue lanyard light goes off. It is only when the light goes off that you would know that your eight minutes are over
  • Perform the cycle three more times by applying another whitening gel layer between each cycle. The total time is about 32 minutes

You have to perform this entire cycle once a day for five days to gain amazing results.


The GLO Lit uses same procedure as it is for GLO brilliant. However, one addition has been made to this system that involves Bluetooth connectivity to ease your teeth whitening processes and bring you more options from the GLO whitening app.

This step was taken for the convenience of the consumers to easily access the different helpful tips and videos and a built-in scheduler that will keep you reminded of the time you need to conduct the process of teeth whitening and track the overall results easily. GLO Lit has a few differently designed accessories that give the users a more on-the-go style.

However, both the products have a few common components, including:

  • One year of limited warranty on the components and devices
  • A 30-days’ money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping

GLO Science Reviews

If our claim seems crazy to you, you can check out GLO Science reviews who have used the system and got the same amazing results.

  • Allure had reviewed GLO Science to be the most impressive teeth whitening kit for a set of dazzling and impressive white teeth.
  • Insider Magazine has said that this whitening device that combines blue LED light, hydrogen peroxide, and heat can still whiten the teeth without giving any pain for burning sensation to the user.
  • Bazaar has also given its approval by conclusively saying that this hydrogen peroxide kit is invented by a dentist and not just approved by him. They have also loved the incorporation of lip balm for conducting the process in a light and efficient manner, along with the use of LED lights.
  • Another user Lisa has complimented that GLO has brightened their teeth so fast that it put other teeth whiteners in the dust. The products she had been using before had left her teeth throbbing in pain, and she could not complete the treatment. So every time she used a teeth whitening before GLO, she was always disappointed.

After seeing these incredible results and rave reviews on GLO Science, we can say that GLO Science is one of the best teeth whitening kits our there. Being extremely safe for the veneers, bridges, and crowns, it can be used by one and all.

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SNOW Teeth Whitening System

SNOW Review Whiten Your Teeth Quickly and Easily Featured

Up next in terms of the best teeth whitening kit is the SNOW Teeth Whitening System that is also proven to be quick and easy on your teeth by giving it a natural white luster.

While the world is now moving from social distancing and getting closer to each other once again, the last thing that you would want to have is yellow teeth. How amazing it would have been if you could create that perfect impression at first glance with a bright white and shining smile. This is what whiter teeth do.

However, nobody wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for multiple visits to the dentist to get that perfectly dazzling smile. It would be a dream to get professional service within the comfort of their home.

What if we said that you could get this and much more in just 10 minutes of a day would you believe us? This is what the SNOW teeth whitening system does for you. If you do not believe us read on to know why it is still called one of the best teeth whitening kits.

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Whiten your teeth in just 9 minutes with SNOW

If you are one of the people skeptical as we were, we used the SNOW teeth whitening system for four weeks to understand whether there was any truth behind those huge claims.

Ease of Use

SNOW Review How You Can Whiten Your Teeth Quickly and Easily

There is a reason why many people have claimed the SNOW teeth whitening system as the best teeth whitening kit. First of all, this whitening kit has everything you need inside the package, from the quick user manual to the other essential components that will help complete the process and get swift results. Here’s the simplified procedure:

  1. Open the package and make a mark on the teeth color guide to understand your current level of white
  2. Brush your teeth
  3. After you have completed brushing your teeth, you need to apply the teeth whitening serum properly to the entire area. You can choose either the normal or the one with max strength
  4. Once you are done applying the serum, you need to insert the LED mouthpiece and plug it into your device that comes with various connectors to fit in any phone
  5. Then set the timer and keep the mouthpiece in for around 9 to 30 minutes, depending upon your desired result
  6. Once the timer is up, it is time for removing and rinsing the mouthpiece and the solution from your mouth properly
  7. You need to perform the task every day if you want to see quick results. However, you have to understand the level of sensitivity your teeth have so that no harm occurs

Using the SNOW teeth whitening system is one of the quickest and simplest solutions to get the perfect shine for your teeth.

SNOW Reviews

“I love this product! I have only used it 3 times easy to use and no sensitivity… I even forgot to use the after product for the gums the first 2 times!” – Lauren Pruden

“Bought this feeling very skeptical. It really works and they stay that way for quite a while. Love it!!! Best money I have spent on an iffy product. Finally, something that really lives up to its claims!” – Candance Flood

“Zero sensitivity. I have been shy to show my teeth for so long. Snow is the only thing that worked for me.” – Barry S, verified purchase

“Love my teeth even more! Nonstop compliments from strangers asking what I use.” – Andrea A., verified purchase

“Huge difference after one session. Continues to improve. No sensitivity. Snow is the only thing that worked on my veneers.” – Meghan M., verified customer

Get yours now: Save 25% on SNOW HERE use code: SMILE


We have used both the GLO and SNOW Teeth Whitening kits, we can successfully say that both are great for offering quick, affordable results that will help whiten your teeth and provide results.

One aspect that left us stunned was that both of the devices prove their efficacy in being a best teeth whitening kit by providing safe yet fast results.

We will leave it up to you to use the best teeth whitening kit according to your requirement and budget. Good luck, and keep smiling!

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Best Teeth Whitening Kit: GLO Science Vs. SNOW