Brian Goldstein of RX Unlimited Pharmacy shares his advice on all the buzz and attention that personal health has been getting recently.


You’d think health was an extraordinarily complicated matter but it’s actually not. As a matter of a fact, what science knows to contribute to health is a handful of things: We should exercise, eat well, sleep plenty, avoid toxins, and take care of our mental health.


All the advice usually falls into these categories. There are some things that are outside of our control, like genetics and autoimmune diseases but other things we do have control over.

Brian Goldstein shares in this article the things we do have control over, such as our behaviors that define our health – which isn’t all that complicated.

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Brian Goldstein, founder of Rx Unlimited Pharmacy, and a tycoon in health and in healthcare shares his advice with us in these three categories.


You see, experts like Brain and others are so frustrated with all the extraneous and overly complicated information floating around because there is so much fake health news that everyone openly accepts it. People may be following advice that isn’t true at all, worst case scenario is that people might be hurting themselves. Some to most don’t even think about health until it’s absolutely necessary.

But if you want to avoid that here’s his three pieces of advice:


1. Brian Goldstein Emphasizes Working Out Your Body

Most people are aware that great exercise is beneficial for them, but some are not clear on exactly why what is. It’s not just a well-known method for staying thin or getting fit—where exercise is extremely powerful is in its effects on the risk of chronic disease.

Exercise has been shown to impact the health of a heart in a number of ways, from things like helping reduce high blood pressure to affecting the vasculature in our own bodies to helping well maintain our cholesterol balance, and then increasing insulin sensitivity.

Regular exercise also significantly benefits the immune system, by reducing inflammatory markers like CRP, which are well-known to be associated with painful chronic disease. Exercise is also known to reduce cancer risk, for many types of cancer.


2. Eating a Plant-Based Diet

Again and again, epidemiological studies have shown, individuals who eat a heavily plant-based diet are less prone to disease and live longer than individuals who eat other types — you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan or constantly cut calories, but a diet that’s based largely on plants is critical. Research has shown that a plant-based diet reduces the risk of heart disease, dementia, cancer, metabolic disease, overweight and obesity, and diabetes.


3. Always Getting Enough Sleep

Brian Goldstein shares that stress and hormone dysregulation that comes from losing sleep is largely linked to other problems, including things like gaining weight, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, inflammation, depression, stroke and heart disease.

You should be aiming for between seven and nine hours per night for adults is a great rule of thumb.

Overall, take care of yourself. Your future self will thank you. What are some of the practices you use to help you live a more fulfilled life? Be sure to comment below!