Caleb Breakey holds traditional publishing in high regard. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best approach to publishing.

For a decade, Breakey poured his blood, sweat, and tears into a system that left him broke and exhausted. Did he land an agent? Yes. Did he get book deals? Yes. In fiction and non-fiction, in fact. But at what cost?

Traditional publishing has been accepted for centuries in spite of glaring flaws. Flaws that aspiring writers overlook because they have to. What other choice do they have?

Breakey used to be like the hundreds of aspiring writers he got used to meeting at conferences. Desperate for one thing—to become an author. And like them, he endured ruthless publishing requirements so long as it meant the chance to see his book at B&N.

But then something inside of him awakened. He stood up to the system that left him—the writer—feeling like an employee. With hands-tied. Little ownership. Unable to change the price of his book, look of his cover, or try marketing strategies without big delays.

He was ready to forge a new path. To put the power into the hands of the writer. And if a way didn’t exist, he was going to create one. Not just for himself, but for writers everywhere drowning in their own tears. Stuck in slush-pile wasteland with nothing to show but curt rejections … from the editors who bothered sending rejections at all. He hopes that writers everywhere will one day look back and say, “What in the world were we thinking?”

Closing Doors and Inventing New Ones

Breakey only sold 20,000 books through traditional publishing—from which he didn’t see a dime. That’s when he came to a raw truth: he knew how to write well, but he didn’t know how to reach his readers. And if he didn’t know how to reach his readers, what was the point?

So he vowed to stop writing until he learned the secrets of building a readership.

There were a ton of GREAT books that would never be read and a ton of AWFUL books that would be read widely. And the difference between the two came down to building a readership.

If you can learn how to build a readership, Breakey says, then you can become a successful author.

This mindset shift changes everything.

A New Way for Writers

Once Breakey embraced that he needed to learn how to grow a readership, things started to change for him.

Instead of hoping his next book would sell, he sketched out a 6-part plan to make that happen.

This plan ended up holding the key to reaching his readers and making a steady income as a writer.

Think of these 6 steps like a funnel, with your book at the top:

  • STEP ONE: You must write something worth reading (otherwise you’ll just be a well-read author without any substance).
  • STEP TWO: You must run an ad that your ideal readers see every day (and no—it’s not difficult to set up).
  • STEP THREE: You must collect the information of those readers who let you know they want to read your book (yes, they will do this every single day).
  • STEP FOUR: You must build a relationship with these new readers via email (believe it or not, you can automate this).
  • STEP FIVE: You must treat your growing fanbase as your biggest asset (which you can leverage into landing an agent and book deal, if you so choose).
  • STEP SIX: You must take your readers on a journey that includes more books, a video series, coaching, online seminars, or some combination of these (this is where you start making a steady income).

Once you install these 6 steps into your writing plan, incredible things happen.

Breakey has used these 6 steps to help aspiring writers:

  • Land the literary agent of their choice
  • Secure traditional book deals
  • Keynote to 100,000 people in 2 years
  • Get featured in Entrepreneurs on Fire, Forbes, and Inc.
  • Create coaching programs and enroll readers into 90-day workshops and weekend retreats
  • Grow email lists by the thousands
  • Earn $30,000 during a 30-day speaking tour
  • Win high-paying consulting jobs

His client list has hit all the big lists: New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and even the #1 book on all of Amazon.

Traditional publishing is an iron gate that requires a decade to break through. But Breakey has shown writers a better way to accomplish what they’ve always dreamed of—in a fraction of the time.

Speak It To Book and Sermon To Book Are Born

Most people have brilliant book ideas, piles of research, or half-finished manuscripts. Only a handful get to experience the accomplishment of a published book. That is why Breakey made publication possible even for those who don’t have the time or energy to write their book.

Breakey’s team at Speak It To Book and Sermon To Book is a group of skilled writers and marketers. They guide writers from blank page to best-selling published author in 12 months or less. And it doesn’t stop there. Breakey’s companies do cover design, editing, proofreading, sales copy, publication, platform-building—everything. Best of all, the writer owns their full book rights and earns 100% of their royalties.

Breakey says making a living as a writer is finally accessible to writers. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It’s no longer a hope and a prayer. There is a strategy. A plan.

Working with Breakey shifts your focus to the bigger picture. If books create profitable opportunities, he’s mastered the art of making those opportunities happen.