Catch Your Problems Before They Start with At-Home Lab Tests

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A lot of people use to-do lists so they can make sure that the important stuff gets done. People want to remember to run to the grocery store, fix the drain in the bathroom sink, and get regular oil changes in their car. These are all great things for you to stay on top of, but what about your own health?

At-Home Lab Tests

That’s something that gets overlooked a lot more than keeping the kitchen stocked, and honestly, that’s understandable (even if it isn’t that smart).

Say, for instance, that you’ve been dealing with some health issues that affect your day-to-day life, but aren’t really worth the hassle of a visit to the doctor. It could be difficulty waking up each morning, low energy levels, or brain fog.

None of these things sound terribly serious; after all, most people deal with this type of thing all the time. However, any of these issues (and more) could be symptoms of an underlying imbalance that’ll probably get worse over time.

If you don’t feel like going to the doctor is the best choice, but you still want to figure out what the deal is, there’s another option. Base offers at-home lab tests (using either saliva or finger-prick samples) that let you get to the bottom of whatever health issues you’ve been experiencing.

Even better, they give you personalized recommendations based on your results, so you can take control of your own health with the help of expert advice.

Health Detective

Digging deep into your own state of health can sound intimidating, and there are plenty of options for doing it…some more effective than others. Fortunately, you can do better than internet-searching your symptoms for mysterious cleanses, and you can do it more easily than trying to get a busy doctor to delve into the nuances of your daily brain fog patterns.

Look at it this way. What kinds of people really try to understand how their body works? Sometimes it’s the people who chug shots of pungent herbal mixes and think that’ll prevent them from getting cancer, probably after reading a poorly-researched online article. Other times it’s the people with serious health conditions, who have to work with specialists in order to nail down the issue and formulate the appropriate response.

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Catch Your Problems Before They Start with At-Home Lab TestsLess common, but much more effective for the average person, is to take charge of their own health issues with the help of expert guidance, like the kind you can get from at-home lab tests.

You may have heard cautionary tales of people taking their health into their own hands, but that really only applies to the ones who think that drinking a liter of soy sauce will give them a total health reset.

Instead of far-fetched miracle cleanses, Base will give you realistic recommendations for dietary or lifestyle changes, or for supplements that can help optimize key nutrient levels.

Getting the Best Answers

Sometimes it’s necessary for a doctor to see you in person, but that one visit will only give them a close-up snapshot of your health. In order to see the bigger picture, they’ll have to spend more time and resources…and a simple complaint of poor sleep quality, for example, doesn’t really inspire a doctor to pull out all the stops.

Another issue that people frequently run into is that most doctors prefer to give prescriptions or generic supplement recommendations, rather than telling people how they could fix issues themselves.

Things like high cholesterol, imbalanced hormones, unreliable sleep patterns, and much more can be fixed with pills, but that doesn’t mean they always should be – and that’s where Base’s lab tests can help you actually fix the problem, instead of just slapping a band-aid on and calling it a day.

Take Charge of Your Health

Even though you aren’t the one actually performing the lab tests, you’ll probably still have some questions, and Base is ready to give you the answers.

You can take advantage of an introductory consultation in order to get your bearings, and you can even have an actual person to help you step-by-step while you’re doing the saliva or finger-prick test.

After the testing has been completed, all the information you need can be found in the Base app. Your results, explanations, and recommendations will all be at your fingertips, along with a community of experts and active Base members.

Here’s How It Works

Damien is a pretty normal guy, and he never spent that much time worrying about his health – until he started noticing symptoms like hair loss, sensitivity to cold, and constant fatigue.

For a while, he blamed it on job-related stress, but the symptoms continued even after finding a new workplace that was a lot more relaxed.

Rather than assuming that these were all inevitable signs of aging, 33-year-old Damien decided to see if he could figure out what was behind the symptoms. With the help of Base’s at-home tests, he discovered that the main cause was low levels of thyroid hormones.

His recommendations from the Base app included supplementing with iodine and vitamin D, and dietary changes that focused on cutting out caffeine and processed foods. His thyroid hormone levels improved after the first month; he wanted to keep seeing improvements, so he decided to keep monitoring his levels with periodic tests.


You don’t have to devote your life to doctor’s visits in order to pinpoint your health problems.

A doctor might wait until he sees evidence of a serious health condition before ordering a lab test, but thanks to Base, you don’t have to go through a doctor in order to get accurate information on key hormone and vitamin levels.

With the help of data scientists, AI, doctors, and certified labs, you’ll have everything you need in your quest for better health.

Catch Your Problems Before They Start with At-Home Lab Tests