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25 Effective Calendar & Schedule Management Tips

Calendar management might seem simple but it is not, especially if your business is going through irregularities in productivity and lapses.  You might be a small business with consistent meetings and appointments to make along with various tasks, projects and procedures to fulfil on time.  And it is evident that you need an effective calendar…

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Are You Ready For Your Next Trade Show?

by Per Ohstrom, CMO with Chief Outsiders A year after the pandemic really started to bite, we’ve all gotten used to Zoom meetings and conference calls. In the past, many saw trade shows as a necessary evil. They were costly, took time away from projects and required both planning and follow-up. What we’ve forgotten is that shows…

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The Easiest Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

We have all read or learnt about healthy living to some extent. In this information age we are all acutely aware of how balanced and nutritionally-rich our diets ought to be, how much sleep we should be getting and how exercise can keep us in shape. But when we go to work, whether that be…

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30 Things to Do When You Need a Break at Work

If you are hunched over your computer all day, and tiring yourself out. It’s important for you to take short breaks to refresh yourself. Working for long hours is not good for health, but it also affects productivity. The human brain has its limitations when it comes to information retention, So you need short breaks…

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12 Best Skype Alternatives For Your Business ( In 2021)

Are you ready to get over Skype?  Well, it seems like the good old days when Skype was prominent in personal usage. Sitting in dorm rooms and contacting your friends across the country.  Afer so much time, technology has evolved and so the internet and the working of the business as well.  But apparently, Skype…

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An Ultimate Guide For Creating Amazing Digital Presentations

Presentations are essential for businesses whether you are making a sales pitch, bringing more clients to your business, or working on product research.  There are just too many applications and purposes of a business presentation.  And if you are also looking forward to creating one and furthermore for your businesses in 2021, you’ve come to…

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20 Signs You Need Break From Your Work

Everyone needs a break! It has to be periodically or at least every once in a while.  It can be a very short break from the ongoing task or even a vacation after working a few good months.  A break is taking some time off from your work, even sometime from your day-to-day lifestyle or…

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30 Online Games To Take A Break At Work

There has been enough research to prove how beneficial it is to encourage your employees to play online games during office break time.  It is a part of larger involvement of online and offline games played in workspaces to promote team building, communication and reduce stress.  Some browser games make the concept of playing games…

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A Perfect Guide to Take a Break From Studying

Reviewing the lessons,  finishing the homework and assignments, taking tests, etc requires time, dedication, energy, and effort from the student. When all of the hard work is going on, it’s important for you to take breaks from time to time.   Taking breaks can help the student to learn better along with taking care of…

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A Perfect Guide to Take A Break From Social Media

Social media is no doubt one of the best things that happened to humans. However, it’s also become the source of lots of negative effects. Between loads of tension, pandemic, and misinformation, social media becomes too controlling for the people. According to the survey done by The Harris Poll that happened on behalf American Psychological …

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