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CVS Health Harnesses the Power of Companywide Inclusion

We’ve all experienced walking into a room and feeling like we don’t belong. Maybe it’s because we’re a different race, gender, or age than everyone else or because we don’t share the same beliefs, personality traits, or interests. And maybe nobody bothered to reach out to make us feel welcome and included. Whatever the reason,…

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How to Be the ‘Change Architect’ Your Organization Needs

Just like a house can’t be built without the right blueprints, your culture can’t come together without a detailed set of plans. Selecting culture principles on a whim, without considering how they fit together, will only lead to instability and inconsistency. On the other hand, if you rely on tested principles of how successful cultures…

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Despite Detractors, Corporate DEI Is Here to Stay

Key Points: Florida’s Stop WOKE Act, which restricted workplace DEI training programs, was recently struck down. Although legal challenges to DEI initiatives will likely continue, most corporate leaders remain committed to the work. Leaders should stay informed on legally sound DEI practices while understanding different levels of DEI initiatives and tracking their business impact. Florida…

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3 Insights on Inclusion

The decision to dissolve the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is a setback to a more inclusive society, with implications for both the public and private sectors. But there's one big difference: Business can do something about it. Source

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