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Why Growth Mindset is the Key to Building Back Better

Whatever you believe about the role of government in day-to-day life, we can all agree that the public sector needs to adapt faster to changes such as shifting demographics, advancing technology, or a sudden global pandemic. Simply put, our public institutions need to move faster. There’s an important body of research that can help. It…

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Our Leadership Moonshot: Key Insights to Embrace and Act Upon Now

People started talking about “moonshots” back in 1949. Back then, the phrase quite literally meant to shoot for the moon—with a spacecraft, that is (eg. the Apollo missions). Since then, the term has become shorthand for an audacious vision paired with an ambitious goal. This type of thinking in the organizational context, popularized by pioneering…

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The 3 Critical Habits of Allyship

We know that a sense of belonging is a strong indicator of performance and well-being, but we know it doesn’t always work out well in organizations: one recent study found that 25% employees didn’t feel like they belonged at their organizations, and that these feelings translated into a 25% loss in productivity. Yet here’s a…

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EPISODE 8: Busting Gender Myths and Fixing Gender Parity

EPISODE S4E8 [INTRODUCTION] [00:00:06] GB: Last December, 156,000 people lost jobs due to the pandemic and all of them were women. Not a high percentage of them, not even most of them, all of them. And it comes as no surprise that black and Latino women have been disproportionately affected. This could be the biggest…

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EPISODE 7: How Capital One, Akamai, and Freddie Mac Are Lifting Inclusion During a Pandemic

[INTRODUCTION]   [00:00:07] GB: Every organization’s DE&I challenges and goals are unique. They vary by region, by industry, by maturity and dozens of other factors. The variables are enumerable, the complexities dizzying. All this makes launching an effective DE&I strategy daunting even in the most stable conditions, let alone during a pandemic, but three organizations…

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Why A “Full Life” Isn’t The Key To Fulfillment

Post Updated on February 5, 2021I think you’ll agree that we’re all seeking a fulfilling life. Those late nights searching for your life’s purpose? We’ve all been there. We want to wake up happy and spend our days feeling satisfied, yet that’s rarely the case. It’s hard to feel fulfilled sometimes.The funny thing is that…

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EPISODE 6: The Storytelling Machine

EPISODE S4E6   [INTRODUCTION]   [00:00:06] GB: Shhh! Quiet. Quiet. Listen. Do you hear that? Your brain is telling you a story right now. It’s dark and quiet up there, but your brain is receiving everything you see, feel, and hear including my voice through electrical activity and chemical signals. It’s taking those bits of…

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One Simple Tweak That Can Make Learning Seven Times More Impactful

What if we told you that one simple tweak to your learning programs could increase their impact by seven hundred percent? And that tweak had negligible effect on cost, and could be done quickly and easily? You probably wouldn’t believe us, but it’s true. By understanding and employing the science of spacing—the introduction of concepts…

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