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112 Bob Ross Quotes about Life’s Happy Accidents

Do you enjoy getting swept away to a land of pure joy whenever you watch Bob Ross create one of his artworks? To celebrate the legacy of the legend himself, we have dug up some of the most mesmerizing Bob Ross quotes. PS: You may also like our list of beautifully inspirational art quotes.If you’ve…

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100 Legendary Rapper Quotes from Hip-Hop’s Hall Of Fame

If you can’t get enough of rap music’s hypnotizing beats and its lyrical rhymes, we’ve got something special for you. How about a fine selection of some of the most legendary rapper quotes of all time? Enjoy reading! And if you can’t get enough, be sure to also have a look at these profound Tupac…

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107 Toni Morrison Quotes to Inspire Your Life

Are you captivated by the works of one of the greatest literary voices of our present-day and age? As a Pulitzer and Nobel prize winner, Toni Morrison has written countless groundbreaking works during her lifetime. To celebrate the towering novelist, we have created this list of Toni Morrison quotes with some of her most powerful…

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102 Sad Love Quotes [Full of Melancholy]

With love comes pain. Both go hand-in-hand and they always will. If you’re struggling with lovesickness, we have something for you. This list of sad love quotes will encourage you to move on with your life so that you can find your new true love. And for more about this subject, have a look at…

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86 Funny Sayings [Guaranteed to Make You Laugh]

Are you in need of a good laugh? Do you want to cheer someone up? We’ve got you covered with our list of funny sayings and quotes. And for more ridiculously funny material, be sure to check out our list of epic senior quotes as well.There’s nothing more miraculous to ease the tension than a…

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101 Mesmerizing Sunset Quotes [on the Beauty of Nature]

Sitting at the beach, listening to the rushing of the waves, and enjoying the wonderful scenery of the sun slowly going down is one of the highlights of most vacations. But you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the magnificent beauty of a sundown. To celebrate this wonderful spectacle of nature, we have collected…

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155 Life-Changing Dr. Seuss Quotes [Full of Wisdom]

Are you fascinated by the writer and cartoonist who published more than 60 books including beloved bestsellers such as Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat? If you want to learn more about Theodor Seuss Geisel, you will like the following selection of the most inspirational Dr. Seuss quotes. And for even…

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150 Famous Movie Quotes & Iconic Lines [Ultimate Collection]

Do you remember the one particular movie that changed your entire life? In every decade, there are a handful of movies that profoundly impact how you see the world around you. To celebrate those transformative works of art, we have created this hand-picked selection of the best movie quotes of all time. And for even…

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155 Heart Touching Sad Quotes [Ultimate Selection]

Are you sometimes overwhelmed with feelings of sadness? Even though we all experience moments of sadness, not all of us know how to deal with sadness in a healthy way. To help you in overcoming feelings of hopelessness and melancholy, we have created this hand-picked selection of heartbreaking but also heartwarming sad quotes.The following quotes…

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111 Loving I Miss You Quotes to Soothe the Pain [Definitive List]

Are you missing your significant other? Being separated from your loved one is, unfortunately, a part of many relationships. To help you in shortening the days until you finally see each other again, we’ve created this fine selection of uplifting and heartfelt I miss you quotes. And why not surprise your sweetheart with a loving…

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