If you’ve been in business, you know that companies in 2018 are going the online route.


From websites to social media – there is seemingly no end to ways you can get your business’s name out there online and in front of paying clients. We know that companies who haven’t jumped on the “online train” will have a shorter lifespan compared to those who have taken advantage of this thriving online landscape we’re seeing in 2018. Studies show that 90% of online searches start with mobile phones and that most people start their purchase process with online searches to verify product details, company reviews, and compare prices. We want to share with you a specific Northern Virginia cleaning company we work with and how they’re taking advantage of the online world to grow their offline business.


Quote Free Pricing

In years past, a customer would have to call a cleaning company to set up a time to get a quote for their cleaning based on the size of their home, number of rooms, etc. A real pain point for consumers. The company would send someone out, and the homeowner would have to take time out of their day to be there – all for just an estimate before services were even performed! Time wasted equals money wasted and the structure of quoted pricing cost cleaning companies some serious cash. Well, the future is now.

We have been able to take Radiant Home Cleaning Services, a local cleaning company in Fairfax, Virginia, from old-school phone-tag to a streamlined, online booking process where customers can get a quote right from the comfort of their own living room using a sliding scale pricing model. Their website is a one-stop-shop that not only covers everything from commonly asked questions to package pricing, and online payments making the first click as close as possible to the pay now button – completely online.


Top of Mind Through Digital

In addition, the cleaning company takes tech in the offline world further by incorporating text reminders and updates as the cleaning cycle completes. Email confirmations and follow-ups are a necessity in staying top of mind as well as an easy, unintrusive way to upsell cleaning options like monthly packages and add-ons.


Facebook and Instagram for Cleaning Companies


Cleaning Up on Facebook and Instagram

Another way the residential cleaning company has been able to get their name out there to those in the community is through the powerhouse that is social media. Online ads through powerful platforms as Facebook and Instagram have allowed the cleaning company to skip the untrackable newspaper ad and reach directly to their target demographic meaning more reach for less cost.

The team at Radiant Home Cleaning Services also uses Facebook to hire new technicians for its growing company. In the world of cleaning, consistency and reliability are hot commodities. Running online ads that linked to their application account where potential applicants could fill out an online questionnaire and send in their resume all from the comfort of their own home has allowed RHCS to reach top cleaning techs before their competition does. In addition, the ease of online payments has allowed Radiant to offer higher hourly wages and nearly every other local competitor further proving that online is the way to go for an industry stuck in the dark ages.


Email is the Most Powerful Tool

Another way the team is utilizing the ever-growing online world is through email outreach. Email is the number one converting outreach method when it comes to cleaning companies. Their team is able to create a list of past clients and keep Radiant’s name top of mind with changing promotions and updates to the industry that they might not have been able to get before. The best referral source is a past lead and using email marketing bi-monthly has been able to keep business coming in from those that loved it the most further blurring the line between the busy and slow seasons.

No matter what you choose to do with your company or those companies you are helping to grow – make sure that you are using every facet the internet offers. From the daily active users on Pinterest to the picture hungry people on Instagram, there is no end to how you can reach clients cost-effectively. Just remember to not put your eggs all in one basket. The constantly changing algorithms and updates can change overnight. By planning ahead and spreading your strategy over multiple digital platforms, you will be able to adapt to the changes and grow through them as well.