Having the right conference signage is key, whether you’re attending a virtual event or an in-person one. Organizing all of the different signage can be a major headache if you don’t have the right system or know what signs you need beforehand to get everything ready in time. Conference signage can be simple and necessary, such as standard bathroom signs, or more creative, giving you a chance to spread brand awareness. 

What to Consider

The planning phase of organizing a corporate conference is the time to decide what you need, along with the timeline and budget. You need to know exactly what to tell your printer and give them enough time to place the order.

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  • Size: You will need to tell your printer exactly what size you need for each different type of signage.
  • Material: Will your signage be used indoors or outdoors? There are many different options for signage material (consider the specific thickness and finish).
  • Copy: What does your signage need to say?
  • Sponsor logos: Do you need to have sponsor logos? Make sure you ask them with plenty of notice in case you end up with logos that aren’t the right size or resolution.
  • Quantity: How many of each sign do you need? 

Pre-Event Brainstorming

There are three aspects to event signage: marketing (letting attendees know about the event), the actual event itself, and the post-event call-to-action. You need to give yourself and your company enough time to plan out your signage and create a timeline for deliverables, providing extra time in case of any errors or slow-downs. One of the best ways to stay organized is a shared spreadsheet, where you can collaborate as a team and keep track of assigned tasks. Creating an event signage checklist is also helpful.

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How are you marketing the event? The marketing plan determines what sales and marketing assets you need before the event starts. If it’s a well-known event someone else is hosting, you may just need a few social media graphics, but if it’s up to you to lock in attendees, you may need mailers, posters, and flyers. Is your event going to be in-person, virtual, or hybrid? Hosting a virtual event requires more digital assets and promotion, using graphics and videos for presentations.

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Signage during an event helps to keep it organized (and can even be a legal must-have, such as COVID signs informing attendees that masks are required). Think about the purpose of each type of signage – is it for marketing, attendee safety, or organization? Starting with the goal of conference signage helps to create an order of importance and decide the layout. Safety signs should be bold, large, and easy to read, while a marketing sign should match the company’s logo and branding.

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Once the event ends, what do you want the attendees to do? Having signage with a clear call-to-action can improve sales and help with lead generation. You could have a limited-time offer or a digital fundraiser sign showing how much money is being raised in real-time. Attendees could leave with coupons or branded merchandise to keep your business top-of-mind and encourage them to take action.

When planning a conference, having the right signage is important for marketing, organization during the event, and encouraging the attendees to take action. It’s important to give yourself enough time to prepare artwork and graphics for the signage. Coordinating the conference signage can be difficult, so be ready to collaborate internally and externally (such as with your print partner). Ironmark has experts that can help you every step of the way, from design, to print production, and even event coordination – so don’t be scared to reach out and get help from one or more of our departments of experts! And for more help getting ready, download our handbook on modular and portable displays!

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