Countless articles tell about how the greatest companies got their start. To be honest, it often seems like an overrated topic in the business world at this time. However, this story is very different. The origin story of the company called Heights brings a new taste to the whole idea. Its story speaks to the transformative company’s greatest strengths in being built on a solid foundation of trust and personal inspiration. Read on, because the story will truly speak for itself. 

The Beginnings of Heights

To begin, Heights was created out of one man’s struggles in overcoming great challenges. This man is Heights’ co-founder Dan Murray-Serter. He endured countless mental health challenges but was able to create something positive from these difficult circumstances. Although Dan began this journey without any prior expertise in the industry or neuroscience or nutritionist credentials, he was able to make himself a leading figure. 

Rather than dwell on negativity due to his mental health challenges, Dan instead decided to make something of it. His goal was to not only better himself but others as well. Thus, in eventually finding healing, Dan founded Heights, along with his co-founder serial entrepreneur Joel Freeman. But how exactly did Dan find this healing, and how did it lead to such a promising business venture? 

The Life Experiences That Gave Birth to Heights

Before Heights came to be, in Dan’s life everything was going perfectly. Everything was running smoothly in his company and personal life. At least on the surface this might have seemed to be the case. Little did people know, the entrepreneur started suffering from mental illnesses. Dan endured severe burnouts, which even left him confined to a bed for two months. He also experienced chronic anxiety and insomnia, making it difficult for him to sleep at all. He tried curing this in any way he could. He tried meditation, abstaining from alcohol, going to sleep therapy and many other methods. All were failed attempts.

After six months, Dan was advised to see a dietitian. He would soon find his health take a turn in the right direction. He was recommended to take supplements such as Omega 3s, B vitamin complex, and blueberry extract. At first, he was more than skeptical. Yet, the dietitian explained to him that the brain was an organ, and that just like any other it needed the right kind of nutrients to maintain normal healthy functioning. It was clear that Dan was missing these vital nutrients, hence the constant malfunctioning. This was especially exacerbated by his plant-based diet, making him deficient in Omega 3s, especially DHA. Long story short, after taking the vital supplements and berry extracts, Dan started sleeping like a baby. And from there, everything else also started to fall into place as well.

As a result of this whole experience, Dan was inspired to research more and share with other entrepreneurs the importance of brain health. With his Co-Founder Joel Freeman, Dan started drawing upon scientific sources to write newsletters on brain health and mental performance for busy professionals. They would read science journals from neuroscience or psychology and rewrite them in common terms for people to better understand, along with adding some jokes and a good tone of voice. Over 100 of these newsletters later, it helped them create a community of over 10,000 readers organically. They extended the work beyond writing to investigate the types of products they could make. This is when they also teamed up with a world-leading neuroscientist, Dr. Tara Swart. Together they started producing the world’s smartest natural supplements, combining everything science says the brain needs to thrive.

Dan’s Successes leading to Heights

Before Heights, Dan gained several accomplishments. He won the ‘young entrepreneur of the year’ and his last company, Grabble won the best mobile startup in Europe by Techcrunch, despite its eventual inability to continue. Dan was the winner of the esteemed ‘Pitch at Palace’ competition hosted in Buckingham Palace, which cemented an impression with the Royal Family who continued to invite him back year after year, which culminated in an invitation to personally meet the Queen. 

At Grabble, which was nicknamed the “Tinder for fashion,” Dan, along with Co Founder Joel, helped the company gain millions in monthly revenue quite quickly. As a successful businessman, Dan has also been able to get high profile customers choosing to start every day with Heights’ smart supplement, ranging from Stephen Fry and the founders of Planet Organic, Calm, WeTransfer to Photobox, and many more. And to top it off, he is also the host of ‘Secret Leaders’ – the UK’s number 1 podcast. 

Considering all of Dan’s successes leading up to Heights, it is clear to see that this serial entrepreneur means business. He works hard in all he does and pours himself into his work. It is this type of inspiration and dedication that a company needs to be built upon in order to thrive. Whilst he and Joel have set ambitious goals in the company, they understand that team wellness can sometimes feels like a paradox – and the progressive Co Founders pride themselves on having one of the most comprehensive employee benefits scheme for their wellness so they look after their brains too! 

With the past experience of burnout but the pure passion and ambition to make Heights the world’s number 1 consumer brand in brain health & mental wellness, Dan has his work cut out for him but believes this balance in knowledge will ensure long-term gains, and allow his business to soar to great heights.