Danny Singson, otherwise known as the Financial First Responder in San Francisco Bay, is on a mission to provide world-class education and evolved strategies on all matters financial. Singson stated that “Time is of the essence during this time of certainty during this global pandemic.  The markets are volatile and people are losing real money and watching their retirement accounts disappear before their eyes.” Singson explained, “People need to urgently protect their funds and permanently safeguard their money so that they’re never this vulnerable again in the future.”  He states, “You must know how to have guarantees to your principal and stop gambling with money you can’t afford to lose.”  The former sergeant has a passion for helping his clients achieve their business goals. Borrowing from 19 years working in law enforcement, Singson’s discipline and committed work ethic has earned his agency, Xtreme 1 Financial, the #1 Financial Brokerage in San Francisco Bay Area title. 

Singson evolved from being a police officer to a passionate entrepreneur in the finance space. I talked to him about what he does and how his agency is helping transform the financial status of citizens in this country and here is what I gathered.

Xtreme 1 Financial-Danny Singson’s 7-Year Old Brainchild

Xtreme 1 Financial is a fast growing financial brokerage company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The agency prides itself in serving Middle-Class Americans as well as individuals who have a high net worth and helping them cover a broad scope of financial hurdles, from tax management to investment, debt recovery, and retirement planning. Danny Singson, the company’s founder has been featured in several entrepreneur magazines as a top performer among his peers. 

Diagnosing and Treating Financial Issues

“My specialty is helping clients work out their finances,” Singson says. He achieves this by working with the client to diagnose issues with their current financial habits. The second step is empowering clients with relevant education on financial services that shifts them from the “sheep herding” mentality. “The majority of Americans are subjected to the sheep herding mentality at their respective workplaces, and I’m on a mission to change that,” he maintains. According to Singson, “What you do not know will hurt you when it comes to personal finance.” 

Adding Value to Existing Financial Solutions

When Singson discovered the extent of financial ignorance in this country, the idea of creating a long term solution would not leave his mind. So he founded Xtreme1 Financial with a vision of imparting the skills and expertise needed to earn money, save money, protect wealth, while at the same time creating a legacy for the client’s family through strategic financial planning. While these may be the same skills and expertise that other professionals promise to impart, Singson’s interventions have stood the test of time since 2013. Seven years on, Singson has managed to expand his operations in the region successfully.   

Why Xtreme 1 Financial? 

According to Singson, there are three major factors that separate his agency from all other financial firms. First, the agency shields your investments from market volatility. While the majority of agencies will attach fees to their clients’ investments, Singson’s company doesn’t. Singson says  that fees compound and erode your investments and over the span of 20-25 years of that, people lose as much as 10 years of their retirement funds just to fees.  He explains that the “majority of people blindy subject their hard-earned money to market volatility.” Instead of going that way, Xtreme 1 Finanancial equips you with strategies that will help you protect your investments while you reap a good return on investments. 

According to Singson, “Most people are not aware that they are in stage 3 or stage 4 of financial cancer”. That is why he has invested heavily in the education of clients on the changes in the legislature on matters of healthcare and finance. He says, “This information protects the clients from the financial devastation that may result from a medical issue.” Consequently, clients have the right awareness to help them protect themselves in the event of a medical health risk.  

By engaging in such interventions, Singson’s company is able to not only provide education to families and institutions across the country, but also helps to prioritize financial education so that people can enjoy a secure financial future. To personalize each experience, the agency offers tailor made solutions unique to the needs of each of their clients. 

Finally, Xtreme 1 Financial is founded on the values of transparency and empowerment. I asked Singson about this and he reiterated that “Xtreme 1 Financial is dedicated to educating clients on how they can earn significant gains in the market while also receiving guarantees in their principal. This approach safeguards its funds from risks in the market.” 

Most people need to be properly guided without bias or fees being attached to your funds, but they don’t have the right people to turn to. If you are in such a position, trust Xtreme 1 Financial to help you out. They have also adapted to virtual appointments and interaction to provide the most convenient and efficient services for your needs.  This adaptation has truly been a game changer in the industry making accessibility a true strength of their culture.