Did You Know These 5 Jobs Can Pose Risks of Developing Cancer

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It’s been known for centuries that some professions or occupations involve risks of individual exposure to various substances, resulting in developing chronic diseases. You may not have noticed, but the job you love may be making you sick.

Even though companies and industries have taken countless measures to make the work environment hazard-free; still, some kinds of jobs negatively affect human health. It might be due to a person’s direct or indirect exposure to several toxins or harmful substances.

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), individual exposure to carcinogens in the workplace is a significant factor in causing approximately 3-6% of all cancers.

While, the most common types of occupational cancers include lung cancer, bladder cancer, and mesothelioma. So, if you are about to choose an occupation for yourself or already working somewhere, then you better take a look at some of these jobs to ensure your health safety.

1. Construction Worker

In comparison with other industries, construction workers have been at more significant risks of developing cancer due to their exposure to various hazardous substances.

Some of these include wood dust, silica substances, cement, insulation, and drywall products. However, the real culprit is asbestos exposure. People exposed to asbestos experience negative consequences on their health. It is further identified as one of the significant causes of death among construction workers.

Long-term exposure to this deadly carcinogen may result in developing various types of mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Apart from asbestos, construction workers have exposure to different hazardous chemicals and fumes released from solvents and acids, industrial cleaners, paints, flammable materials, gasoline, etc., which can cause breathing problems.

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2. Rubber and Plastic Manufacturer

Plastic is a threat to the planet and its inhabitants, especially those who work at plastic manufacturing companies. Most of these workers are exposed to vinyl chloride, trichloroethylene, cadmium, arsenic, and other substances.

Did You Know These 5 Jobs Can Pose Risks of Developing CancerMoreover, studies suggested that women working in plastic manufacturing companies have their hormones disrupted due to frequent exposure to carcinogens and are more likely to develop breast cancer.

In contrast, factories that manufacture rubber gloves, tires, rubber bands, etc., pose high risks of developing lymphatic, stomach, bladder, blood, and other types of cancers among workers.

3. Mining

Apart from working in extreme conditions, mineworkers also experience frequent health-related problems, which further develop different types of cancers. For instance, those working in uranium or iron mining have relatively long-term exposure to various radiations that resultantly cause lung cancer.

Moreover, workers in the coal mines are exposed to the coal dust that enroots different chronic diseases related to the stomach. The statistics get even worse for those working with drilling equipment as they are exposed to diesel exhaust. However, acute effects of prolonged exposure to diesel shafts include irritation in the nose and eyes, nausea, fatigue, headache, respiratory changes, etc.

According to a recent report, miners regularly exposed to exhaust fumes are more likely to develop lung cancer. That is why it is imperative to know about the workplace environment before committing to a profession.

4. Flight Attendant

From the outside, it may seem like a dream job to travel around the world but being in the airline business comes with its risks. According to health experts, flight attendants and pilots may have twice the risk than the general population of contracting melanoma – a deadly form of skin cancer.

It is due to the increased exposure to more ionizing radiation present at high altitudes. With a 15% increase in the intensity of UV radiation at higher altitudes, other types of cancers commonly developed among flight attendants are associated with the stomach, cervix, breast, colon, pancreas, and thyroid.

What is more alarming is that female flight attendants have a 50% more chance of developing breast cancer than those not in this profession.

5. Welding

Around 111 million people worldwide are exposed to welding fumes, which develop as a result of heating metal at a relatively high temperature. These fumes consist of inhalable fine particles that include carcinogens such as fluorides, metallic oxides, and silicate.

Other hazardous substances like asbestos and radiation pose risks for developing melanoma, kidney, and lung cancer. Welding has also been identified as the major cause of ocular melanoma and eye burns. According to health experts, welding workers experience various health problems after a few years of exposure to these hazardous substances.


Even though strict measures have been taken worldwide to ban the use of hazardous, there can be instances where you are involuntarily exposed.

Therefore, before starting any of the above-mentioned jobs, you should check on the necessary measures taken by the company for your health safety.

If you are already a part of any such job, we recommend you to have timely checkups with your doctor to ensure health safety.

Did You Know? These 5 Jobs Can Pose Risks of Developing Cancer