Have you been to a workshop or a talk where the facilitator claims to have achieved the ultimate success without talking about being in the trenches?

I love the authenticity of a robust health coach, a confidence expert who is still working on self-esteem issues and the spiritual leader who has more human experiences than most people can process in a lifetime.

The vulnerability of exposing the truth of where you are on the journey can give you credibility when framed as a teaching tool. Perfection is overrated because sooner or later the facade comes crashing down. Everyone has a “moment” from time to time.


What separates the authentic teachers/coaches from the fast talkers?

The expediency in which they process the challenge and come out the other side to teach from what just happened. Anyone can sweep a problem under the rug and pretend all is well but would you want that kind of person to be your advisor or coach? The higher caliber work you step into, the bigger the opportunity to deal with your stuff hiding in the back of the closet and under the bed.

How To Become More Self Aware

If anyone told you the journey was going to be easy (and you believed them), you’ve probably discovered by now that wasn’t true. You may have thoughts of quitting and going back to a 9-5 or becoming a coach for someone else. Before you bail on all the progress you’ve made consider asking the following questions:


1. How long would it have taken for me to unearth everything I’ve just gone through had I not chosen this path?
2. How badly do I want to live an authentic, spiritual or happy life?
3. Why must I remain so guarded?
4. When did I stop believing in doing the work for my highest good?


In the spiritual realms, you must walk the talk at all costs. Refusal to actively participate in personal transformation is a disservice to self and clients. Believing one can skirt by continuing “the work” is akin to walking outside in a thunder and lightning storm while yelling at the heavens to bring it on and expecting not to get struck by lightning. Ain’t happening.

Practitioners cannot expect their clients to go where they will not tread. Vulnerability used in the right manner creates credibility.

To all of my spiritual sisters and brothers out there who have made an obnoxious commitment to stay on the path when life keeps trying to knock you off – THANK YOU!

There are probably more of us out there than we think. Some of you may be weaving the surreal backstory of your lives into your talks, the books your writing or the workshops you’re facilitating. Cheers to you for staying the course.
Perfection is an illusion; progress is the juicy reality your clients need to hear.