Daily spiritual practice is about taking the time to acknowledge who you are.  This alone encourages growth and the flow of life. 

Your mind, like a garden, needs to be tended daily otherwise it will become overgrown with weeds.


Yes, it takes effort, an obligation if you like for you to fertilize your own consciousness.  You are the only person that can feed your vibrational soul.

There is no easy button, and in fact, if you are reading this article assuming this is it, stop reading now, click off and keep searching.  Yes, you will spend a lifetime searching but will you take a few moments every day to actually make the change that is needed within?

Hmmm yikes, it is up to me!  No one can fix or alter who I am and if they did, would I be happy with what they made me do?  Of course not!  But for those of you who are too lazy, yes, you are, because it is your inability to shift and work on you.  In essence, you are no different to the person who wants to lose weight, so will buy the pills or program but still keep feeding themselves junk food and then complain afterward that it didn’t work.  Harsh truths? Yes, and just so you know I am not in perfection.  I too have been guilty of slipping into those patterns, so have to work on me daily.


Daily Meditation


But in the end, it is up to me whether or not I want to create a deep and spiritual vibrational connection.  I need to put in the time and effort!

There are many answers that are all there in our heart center.  They have always been there, and ready for us to experience WHEN we are ready to commit to our “self”.

It is about raising our vibration daily with spiritual and inspirational practices.  Yes, the expectation is EVERY day we need to feed our soul frequency.  We are of energy.  Every cell within our physical and our spiritual body is linked.  The outside of you and the inside of you- in your existence, in this world, right here right now. We are connected to everything now, before and in the future.


Energy responds to what we are producing, releasing, and what we engage in.  It is a vibration,  a frequency that is continually rising and falling around us, reflecting back to us in our actions, deeds, thoughts… our inner and outer being are united, as one.  So yes, be careful what you think, say and do because it all comes back to us in whatever way we transmit it.

If you want to make a conscious decision to take your life to the next level … for you… in fulfillment… you have to ask yourself this question.  Do I believe I am worthy?  Do I believe it is possible? 

You need to choose to trust in you and raise our vibration and our external existence, until it adapts and accepts this frequency, your vibration.  As I shared earlier, this is not a one pill cures all solution.

Here are just three steps to achieve a daily spiritual practice.  You can add as many others as you like, but if this is your first time doing this, take baby steps so you don’t sabotage your “self”.


1. Feel and be the vibe that you want to be in your life. 

What I mean by that is when something goes wrong, don’t stay in that frequency.  It has happened, yes, it is natural to feel sad or respond to the energy in a negative way.  But to stay there, wallowing in that frequency is not a good place to be, even if you feel that there is no way forward.  Think happy thoughts, see the situation changed to what you want the outcome to be, however wild and imaginative that seems to you.


2. Set yourself a positive affirmation daily.

What this means is you are affirming or supporting that something exists or is true.  It is like an oath to your “self”.  A belief that is not just wishful thinking, but more a statement based on higher truths, beliefs, and of course, your intention.   Use an affirmation deck or create your own affirmation by writing on a piece of paper what you want.  Then sit in quiet contemplation for a few minutes allowing yourself to repeat it over and over again.  This form of mantra drowns out any doubts that might try to enter your brain.  This is heart-centered, so don’t allow the monkey mind chatter to override what you are intentionally saying to yourself.  Afterward, take your affirmation and place it where you will see it.  Each day say the same affirmation or create a new one.  Before long you will be surrounded by positive steps that you see and read all the time.


3. Practice a form of meditation daily.

The dictionary defines meditation as “an act of giving your attention to only one thing, either as a religious activity or as a way of becoming calm and relaxed”.  I am not expecting anyone, including myself to sit for hours and hours in the Zen position in order to achieve Nirvana.  Instead to take a few moments out each day to either sit and read something inspirational,  go for a walk in nature, or listen to a short meditation or inspiring soothing music.  What this is doing is allowing the mind and soul to become tranquil and serene throughout.

I have just shared three simple and easy steps you can take.  This, in time, will invite you to connect and receive internal guidance from within.  This happens because you are connecting with your inner guru.

Every day we have the opportunity to sow the seeds based on our intention.  Your garden, like your life, can be filled with whatever you plant and grow there, based on purpose.  Your purpose!  Your wants, needs, and desires fulfilled by you because of you.  Absolutely vibrational!