Here’s a little secret: It is, in fact, NOT quality you’re after, it is quantity.


I know that sounds weird, but let me explain.


First, Happy New Year everyone. I found myself up early this morning feeling extremely grateful for a new year and more success to be had in 2018, as well as all of the great people I have come across these past couple years.


It also has me thinking about when I used to feel extremely stuck. I would sit around for hours creating webinar slides and funnel pages in February of 2015, hustling to try and make just $1,000 per month so that I could cover my rent, my internet bill, and my $97 Clickfunnels payment.


I would spend entire days creating a webinar, just to have “go to webinar” crash in the middle of the presentation. Sometimes nobody would even show up to the webinar and I would end up wasting all my money on ads that didn’t even work.


Myke Metzger


So how did I get unstuck?

How did I get over the hurdle of figuring out this industry and which skills I actually needed? How did I actually separate who to truly listen to, and who is just full of bullshit?


Well, the truth is, it’s not easy, but here’s the absolute best advice I can give you as you sprint head first into 2018:

The quantity of the work you do will free your success. When you increase the volume of your work, you will increase the quality. There is no other way to create quality work or results.


Only by building something over hours and hours of your life, will you create something of true quality. Being too “precious” about the one or two funnels you’ve built, or the ad you launched, is hindering your chance of success. The more pressure you put on the small volume of work you’ve done to be successful, the more frustrated you will be when it falls short of what you hoped would happen.


I cannot tell you how many people message me and ask for advice on their “failing” Facebook ads…


And the crazy thing is, half of the screenshots people send me are of ads that aren’t even half bad. The reoccurring problem I always find is that the ad has only $12.00 spent on it.


So, what’s it missing? VOLUME.

These are the same people that I see when I’m scrolling through Facebook, who waste hours typing up stupid statuses about “hustling” and “social media” and “investing”.


Just stop, and put in the volume. The sooner you get started with this, and you increase the volume you put out, the sooner you will find success. Because, you will finally let go of the “hope” mentality, and you will care less about each individual small act of work.


As you increase volume, your chances of success are larger. You have room to make mistakes, and it becomes easier to forgive yourself and stay focused when you fall short.


Stop obsessing over the quality, and start building volume. Make sacrifices, empty your bank account on ads and get uncomfortable. Get scared. Put in so much volume that something has to happen. It’s the only way.


This is getting long-winded and I’m sure you get the point by now…


So here’s what I’ll leave you with going into the new year:

1. Understand that “hope” is bullshit. Faith is one thing, but do not sit around hoping for success, it won’t happen unless you decide to be successful.


2. Commit to measurably increasing your quantity. Write down exactly what you want to complete. For example, you may commit to launching a new ad campaign once per week and doing that for 12 weeks. At the end of those 12 weeks guess what you’ll have?…


A lot more quality in your life, that’s what. You are virtually guaranteed to get more results, the more you do something. I promise.


Get started. Happy new year!


P.S. – You are tomorrow, what you establish today.