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When you are responsible for all who work within your business, you need to make sure that your employees’ health always comes first. Not only can this help them to feel happier in the workplace, and reduce the likelihood of staff turnover from poor care, but it also means that your tasks can be achieved more successfully, and potentially quicker, due to each individual being in good health.

Eyecare is something in particular that should be a priority, as eyes can often be at risk in the workplace, whether the employee in question is working in an office or a factory.

Keeping vision intact and healthy is so vital, so here we have compiled a list of considerations for your employees’ eye health.


Swelling on the eyes is not something that should be deemed as normal, or left alone. If you notice a member of your team has lower or upper eyelid swelling, it is important that you notify them of this. While there could be a reasonable explanation, such as an eye infection that they already have antibiotics for, this could also be a sign of an allergic reaction, which will need to be attended to. Even if the swelling is caused by crying, as a good employer you will want to find out the cause for your employee’s distress, and take steps to try and support them.


Cuts near the eye can cause real problems if left unattended. When injuries occur in the workplace, it is important that you put light pressure on the cut itself, but not on the eyeball. It may also be necessary to take your employee to the emergency room, especially if the cut is deep. Do what you can to stop blood from entering the eye, as this could cause more pain. Some cuts may also cause damage to the tear duct, so it is vital that any are looked at properly to assess the level of damage.

Your Duty as a Responsible Employer.

As an employer who wants to meet the requirements set out by US guidelines, and to show your employees that you genuinely care about their health and wellbeing, there are a number of duties that you should adhere to. Having several members of staff trained in first aid can help you to better look after your employees, and also ensure that at least one trained person is present in spite of absences. Making sure that your first aid kit is regularly checked, and any expired products are removed and replaced, is also essential. Keeping distilled water and saline solution in this kit can be a great way of preparing for any potential eye injuries. It is far better to be prepared and not need these items, than for eye injuries to occur and you to be unable to effectively help your employee.

Looking after the safety of your employees’ eyes is something that should be taken seriously at all times. When jobs occur that require the use of hazardous materials, you should also make sure that proper equipment is provided to help maximise the safety of your team.