plural noun: baubles
  1. 1.
    a small, showy trinket or decoration that temporarily catches your attention.
    synonyms: trinketknickknackornamentfripperygewgawgimcrackbibelotkickshawtchotchke


There are so many marketing platforms and ways to get the attention of your target market, that many small business owners feel overwhelmed with the distraction of online marketing methods.


This usually leads to acting for the sake of just “doing something“. The problem with this knee-jerk approach is that it isn’t always the best approach for getting more customers.

Online Marketing Distractions


It seems that every day there is a new “must-try” platform or opportunity that is ‘blowing up’ and becoming ‘the’ way to get an avalanche of business. It reminds me of the glory days of gold mining. Any new sighting of customer ‘gold’ is like a magnet for all other would be gold miners. The problem is that few small businesses have the resources or expertise to take advantage of these discoveries.


The reality is those small businesses do not need to be innovators when it comes to finding new platforms to market through.


They are better to focus on being innovative with how they communicate or the products or services they offer rather than the medium they communicate through.


What do I mean? Let’s take Periscope, a video service that hit its peak in 2015, operates in real time to enable users to access live broadcasts so they can ‘explore the world through someone else’s eyes’. This innovative platform for reaching audiences has grown quickly since it was established in 2014 and in August 2015 had over 10 million accounts.


It presents many exciting opportunities to get closer to potential and existing customers, if (and here’s the rub) they know about it and already hang out there. If they don’t know about it then you need to spend time building an audience on that platform, encouraging your prospective customers to open an account on this site they’ve never heard of and then viewing your offerings.


This is asking a lot, particularly if you aren’t a well-known brand amongst your prospective audience. It’s a double challenge, firstly they haven’t heard of you and secondly they haven’t heard of this hot new site that ‘they just have to join’ to learn more about you.


If you’re trying to do this with a small business budget why put yourself or your business through that kind of promotional origami?


For many businesses, this focus on the next shiny platform over and above a focus on who their target market is, and where they hang out, leads to all kinds of costly and wasteful decisions.


What should a small business or self-employed entrepreneur do instead?


  • Focus on the platforms that you can consistently service and keep up-to-date with. If Twitter is a platform you enjoy and your audience is engaged with then do that. If it’s Facebook, then be there.
  • Be creative with the content you provide – review what your competitors are doing and try something different.
  • Adopt a testing mindset – try different approaches and measure the results to see what works, this iterative approach will teach you a lot about your target market and improve your results.

Taking a conservative approach to where you promote your business allows you to focus on the key platforms that matter to your customers and ultimately your results.


What platforms or methods are you currently using to promote your online or offline business? Comment below!