The digital space presents many business opportunities. Since the outbreak of COVID, it is clear that digital transformation is rapidly shaping many sectors. As the founder of Alibaba noted, “The ability to leverage digital tools has become a must for businesses to survive the ongoing crisis.” With more focus on digital-based solutions, it will help people and businesses thrive in the long-term. 

Salim Elhila, an engineer turned digital marketing and e-learning expert, has achieved great success in new territories.  In 2017, Salim started a more traditional 9-5 job in Australia which came with fabulous experiences; however, the businessman wanted more freedom. He quit his job and ventured into e-commerce, where he found greater fulfillment. Salim taught himself everything he needed to know to understand the new industry. Within a short period, he was successfully selling trendy products online. Salim continued to run multiple successful online businesses, and the rest is history. 

The entrepreneur shares five strategies below that have enabled him to reach the level of success he has today. 

Evaluating the market

The majority of online businesses require some basic understanding of the market. You have to understand the product, how the supply chain functions, and the margins. Salim believes you have to start with knowing your potential customer. You can then map out all the processes and find the necessary strategies. Some of the following is a good idea to research beforehand, such as customer demographics, preferences, and buying habits. According to Salim, a crucial area is the market trends and supply chain models, so get to know the costs that are involved and check out what other people in the same sector are doing. Salim believes that taking time to understand the market will help position your online products or service better. Market analysis will further help you in picking the right product and establish a niche area. 

Master your marketing channels

Despite the competition in the digital space, the entrepreneur highly recommends investing in some form of marketing to convert leads. First, you have to develop a digital marketing strategy to understand your target audience in mind. With this information, you will be in an excellent position to know which digital platforms will help you reach, engage, and convert potential customers more efficiently. Secondly, you can leverage different platforms to personalize your messaging to your target client hence carter for their needs better and improve overall customer experience. With these measures in place, it can move people along the buyer journey faster and improve your bottom line.   

Learn as much as you can

Salim trained as a Mathematical and Statistical Modelling Engineer, but he decided to leave that profession behind and train in e-commerce and digital marketing. To make it in the industry, Salim dived into the world of self-help and developed his skills. He read as many books as he could find on the subject, watched every conference, and met with people who would provide insight into the sectors. Salim explored all the opportunities available and developed new skills. The digital marketing expert believes that with the basics, you can develop your skills in any field that you are passionate about. 

Dedication is key

Every entrepreneur faces challenges, yet success is not really for the faint-hearted. If you are dedicated to the profession and focused on seeing results, you will have the energy and the right mindset to overcome challenges along the way. Salim has always been interested and set on connecting with people and helping others grow. No matter the circumstances, he always finds ways to pivot and get on track with his mission, to help individuals grow their online businesses. When you make it less about the money and more about why you started the business in the first place, you will find it easier to navigate everyday hurdles along the way. 

Putting your customer first 

Salim suggests one final strategy for success which is to find solutions to problems by understanding the customer’s pinpoints. This is a vital factor to success. Many entrepreneurs are excited by the slightest chance of making some quick bucks. Focusing on the customer experience is more critical for the growth and sustainability of the business as it is better to secure a lifetime customer rather than a one-time customer. The starting point should always be to understand the problem the business is set to solve.Success means different things to different people. In Salim’s case, he finds fulfillment in helping others reach their full potential. Contact him today to reap the benefits of the services he offers, and you too can claim success.