Most people have FRIENDS in their top 5 sitcoms watched show of all time, and the reason for it is in the name itself if you haven’t watched it already. Deep down, we all are one of the characters, or we know somebody in our friend’s circle who is. 

No matter how much you watch the show, it’s never enough as you already know it. Do you think you learn more about the show than everyone else? Are you joining a F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trivia with your friends? 

Don’t worry about the team’s name because we got you with excellent, catchy, best, amazing FRIENDS Trivia team names to match your winning squad. Scroll down below:

Cool FRIENDS Trivia team names

We’ve all watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S at some point in our lives, and the characters are unforgettable and very relatable to some of us. That’s why we’ve some as cool as Ross, FRIENDS Trivia team names for you to pick from the list below. 

The Smelly Cats

Ursula’s Sisterhood

The Quizzard of Oz

Orange Sofa Squad

A Chick and a Duck

We Are Shooting With Althea

We Run Like Phoebe

Moving to Yemen

Red Ross

Squatternut Bosh

We Bet Our Apartment On This

This Chat Will Never Be On A Break

We Are Fiiiine

Joey’s Meat Sweats

How you doin’

We’re Having our Brothers’ Babies

The One With All the Trivia

Princess Consuela’s Kin

Chandlers in a Box

We Don’t Share Food!

Chandler’s Thanksgiving Toes

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

OhhhMyy Gawd

Lavish Display of Ignorance

Mischief Management

Rachel’s Assistants

Thanksgiving Pants Alliance

The One Where We Knew All Answers

Smelly cats

Let’s get bamboozled

Rachel, Use Your Head

I Hate Rachel Green Club

Joey’s Jellyfish

Big Fat Goalies

Monica’s Thunder

Chandler Is A Girl

Rhymes with Orange

We Go Together Like Joey And Pizza

I Refuse to Say This Name

The Hermaphrodite Cheerleaders from Long Island

Bing’s Battalion

Could We Be Anymore Trivial?

Friends with benefits

Danger is my middle name

We’re on a Break

Trebek’s Rejects

Pivot Pivot! 

The One Where We Win Trivia

We Got Off The Plane

Catchy FRIENDS Trivia Team Names

Remember all those lines from your favorite episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S of your favorite character? Just like that, down below are some catchy FRIENDS Trivia team names that, once heard, it’ll stick around in the head for a long time.

Weekly Estimate Net Usage System (WENUS)

Al Pacino’s Stunt Butt

Dumb and Dumber

It’s a Moo Point

The One Where Two People Was Not Enough

We’ll Be There For You

Anytime You Need Me, Bing Me

Could We Be Wearing Any More Clothes?

Divorce Force

I’ll Pee On Any One Of You

Ross and His Monkeys


The Salmon Skin Rolls

The Inappropriate Sisters


Paleontologist Posse

Mac and CHEESE

I’ll Be Your Moist Maker

The Nubbins

Joey Triviani

This Quiz Is The Central Perk Of Being Your Friend

We’re Doctors Not Mathematicians

Gunther’s Group

The Evil Orthodontists

Warning: Chat May Cause Janice-Level Laughter

We’d rather be on Jeopardy!

Butt Doubles

They Don’t Know That We Know

Sorry I thought I had more

Emma’s Mannies

Could We Be Any More Trivial?

Man, this is hard


Apartment 20

My Sandwich

Victorious Secret

Epic Failures

The Central Perk Crew

Ross’s Thanksgiving Sandwiches

The Chanandler Bongs

Courtney’s Cox

The Transponster Is Texting

Mmm, Noodle Soup


Barbados Hair Crew

The Blackout Bunch

The Moist Makers

The I-Hate-Rachel-Green-Club

If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you

Al Pacino’s Butt Doubles

Best FRIENDS Trivia Team Names

Can anyone have a best F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode? We surely can’t. So many moments can’t be chosen over any other. That’s how we know you’re a true fan. And you deserve the best FRIENDS Trivia Team name for your team, so scroll down and pick the best if you can.

The London League

Moo Point

The Pivot Patrol

Frankie Says Relax

We Majored In Lightning Rounds

Nap Partners

Donald Trump Wants His Blue Blazer Black

The Lobsters

Princess Consuela Has Entered The Chat

Ross’s Prehistoric History Guild

Viva Las Gayges

Matt FillInLeBlanc

The Nubbins

We’d Rather Be on Cash Cab

Ultimate Fighting Champions

Luck has nothing to do with it

Uterus Opinions Only

The Ridiculous Dull Bobbies

Les Quizerables

Miss Chanandler Bongs

We’ve Been Bamboozled

The Divorce Forces

Way, No Way

Ugly Naked Team

Joey Triviani

Gellar Cup United

The Moo Points

Chandler Hotline Bing

We have no “Friends,” we have trivia


I Thought I Was Speed Dating

Chandler’s Pink Bunnies

You’ve Been Bamboozled!

How You Doin’?

I Hate Rachel Green Club

The Buffay Brigade

Drake Ramoray’s Patients

The Holiday Armadillos

Chaos from Order

Janice’s Laugh

Could We Be Wearing Anymore Clothes

E = MC Hammer

Apartment 19

Callin’ out like a foghorn!

Not Here To Make Friends

Hey Wendy! Nice Bagina!

NYU Nation

The I Hate Rachel Green Club

Could This Trivia BE Any Funnier?

The Bracelet Buddies

Amazing FRIENDS Trivia Team Names

If a person has watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S multiple times from start to end, we already know that person is amazing, maybe not amazing as Monica or Rachal. Hopefully, you’ve someone just like them in your team, and to complete the amazing team, down below are listed some Amazing FRIENDS Trivia team names.

Mommas Little Bakery

Mac & C H E E S E

We Don’t Share Food

Yellow Frame Friends

The Brewsual Suspects

Ugly Dog Statues


Low Expectations

Central Perk Peeps

Chandler’s Sarcasm Society

Could This Be A Better Team Name?

The Moo Points

Fountain Fellowship

This Chat Is Unagi AF

Hand Twins Troupe

A Who’s Who of Human Crap

Our Eyes! Our Eyes!

Guessing isn’t Trivia

The Underdogs

Master Minds

The Big Fat Goalies

Banana Hammock People

How You Doin?


West Village Squad

Monica’s Cleaning Crew

I’d Never Throw Your Leg In A Fire

The Smelly Cats

Say That We Are Unagi

Team Redundancy Team

The Marcel To My Ross Geller

Bing’s Besties

Team Red Ross

Seven Seven Seven! 

Gladys and Glynnis Buffay

Alternative Facts

Ducks And Chicks

Way, No Way

Department of Redundancy Department

The Spanish In-quiz-ition

The Purple Doors

Phoebe’s Scientist Guys

The Central Perk Coffee Mugs

Joey Doesn’t Share Food!

Ramoray’s Rebels

Team Gunther


We Were On A Break

The One Where We Win

Green’s Guild

Awesome FRIENDS Trivia Team Names

Do you consider yourself to be more like Joey or Chandler? Regardless you’re awesome for even being here looking for names for your Trivia team, especially Friends-themed. Scroll down below for awesome FRIENDS Trivia team names, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Low Slearners

Miss Chanandler Bong’s Allstars

The One Where We Lost

The Rat Babies

Ross’s Rugby Club

The Thanksgiving Flashbacks

It’s Like the Easter Bunny’s Funeral In Here

Ithering Blidiots

Just A Bunch Of Turkey Heads

Princess Consuela and the Banana Hammocks

The Real Nestle Toulouse

The Left Phalanges

A win for us will come down to a coin flip

Geology Rocks

The one with… three girls and santa fe rollz

Dr. Drake Ramorays’ Patients


They Don’t Know That We Know They Know We Know The Tea

Hugsy’s Herd

Fun Bobbies

Dr. Drake and the Ramorays

Marcel’s Matrix

My Lobsters

24/7 Ugly Naked Guy Updates

The Holiday Armadillos

Way, No Way!!

Know Eye Deer

Caterers for Hire

John Trivialta

The Puh Earls

We Knew It

Tribbiani’s Trifle Tribe

Bracelet Buddies

Phoebes and Pheebos

Give Us Your Money Punks

We Bet Our Apartment On This


The Ones With Unagi

Heaving Beasts

Chicks And Ducks

We’re Rubber You’re Glue!

Space Cowboys

The Pink Bike Band


Could We Be Any Worse At Trivia?

Fat Monica can suck my Courtney Cox

Chimpanzees Love Finger Food

The IHateRachelGreenClub

Ross’s Wedding Guests

The Monanas

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