Have you ever suffered from something that you were out of control? Or have you ever been inconvenienced, harmed, or lost some significant elements through no actions of your own? Unfortunately, this reality is partly the fate of Malacka Reed El. 

Malacka was born and raised in Baltimore City. Her mother sold drugs, and she was raised in a housing project. She faced many troubles in her early life revolving around violence. She could be bullied, and sometimes she was the one who was the bully. At the age of 14, Malackawas was brutally raped. She became a mother at 15 and got her second-born when she was nineteen. 

However, her mother was very supportive, an action that made her determined despite suffering a divorce. 

At a tender age, even before social media came, Malacka was popular. People referred to her as Baltimore’s first lady. She overcame all odds to live a life of passion, power, and purpose. She turned all her negatives into positives and became an entrepreneur making six figures and teaching other women how to make six to seven figures. 

This visionary woman is today among Amazon’s best sellers list ten weeks in a row after writing her book, “I’m Ready For My Close Up.” She will be releasing her next book soon, one that you cannot afford to miss. She has since gained much traffic on her website and up to 200,000 views on social media. When you check on her comment section, you will see how people are grateful for how Malacka changed them. And to her, she continues enjoying the moments and remaining super young.

Malacka learned to deal with all his challenges and not to run away from them. For instance, she was with two partners. Her marriage lasted for 13 years, while her second relationship lasted for 12 years. That situation was very controversial. However, she dealt with them head-on. 

After coping with much negativity in her life Malacka told herself, “I can overcome anything from abuse, insecurities, hateful rumors,… get to know my higher self, and let my light guide me through my storms.” She always knew the greatness that lived in her. 

Today, Malacka Reed El is the founder and CEO of the Malacka Showroom, a trendsetting Women’s Clothing store, offering first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their homes. In addition, Malacka runs a very successful seven-figure cosmetic business. She owns the Skai Ryan Cosmetics & Beau Boutique MUA located at Security Square Mall, which she named after her third child that she got when she was 31. 

Malacka is also a stylist and has a showroom in Los Angeles. She also has an online boutique that is very popular and big. In addition, she works online selling his clothes. 

Additionally, Malacka is a motivational speaker who speaks everywhere, wherever she is hired. This visionary woman is also an influencer and a host in big shows and concerts. Why? Because of her influence and popularity. Malacka is also a consultant who helps people set up their business and teaches them how to set up an online clothing boutique business and make it successful. She also teaches how to draw people to your Instagram page and help them with vendors in all of it. Malacka has her cosmetic line of makeup. 

For more information on how you can scale your business, you can connect to Malacka here.